5 Quick ways to restart iPhone – iPhone won’t turn on

iPhone won't turn on

Apple is famous for making luxurious phenomenal gadgets. Probably iPhone is the only smartphone which is more status symbol in smartphones world. There manufacturing, assembling and finishing everything is perfect. Every aspect either related to software or hardware is praisable and impeccable. But still, a machine can’t be perfect, sometimes it starts arising issue which becomes a source of a headache for you. Other than accidental spoilation, no other issue will be more panic than iPhone won’t turn on. First of all, this issue confuses users. They can’t understand it is due to a software glitch or hardware mess. Today we are here with a detailed guide for our viewers who are iOS users. We will guide what should they do if iPhone won’t turn on.

Below we have mentioned 5 useful ways to restart iPhone. These methods will help you when your iPhone Won’t turn on. Not just only useful in this iPhone issue, these steps also facilitate you in many software related problems. Below you can see some major and minor issues, which can be fixed by this guide.

✔ iPhone stuck at Apple Logo and you can’t further proceed.

✔ You have restarted your iPhone and your iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo.

✔ iPhone BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

✔ Your iPhone is not turning on after you updated iOS.

✔ iPhone not turning on after jailbreak.

iPhone won’t turn on – 5 Quick ways to restart it:

Anyhow our current topic is iPhone Won’t turn on and 5 possible ways to restart iPhone Follow the below methods one by one. If each method fails to solve iPhone won’t turn on the issue than follow the next one.

First method: Connect Charger

The first possible reason for the iPhone not turning on is the empty battery. Maybe an app, flashlight keep running in your absence and your phone battery gets drained. To clarify this issue, you should connect charger with your iPhone. Wait for it, let it fuel up. After a few charges, press and hold the power button and check it turn on or not. Before connecting the charger, you should take care of 2 things. Your phone charger must be original, both adapter and cable.

iPhone won't turn on

2nd Method: Hard Reset

Hard Reset cleans all the bugs, glitched, Ram Chache and unnecessary junk files from your iPhone. It is quite possible that if any software glitch is a cause behind this issue, can be removed by Hard Reset. Don’t worry it doesn’t delete users data, only irrelevant files and cache junk will be cleaned. Hard Reset procedure is different for old and new iPhone models.

Hard reset iPhone 6 and below models:

Press the home button and power button together for 20 to 30 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Hard Reset iPhone 7 and latest models:

Press and hold the power and volume down button simultaneously. leave buttons when the Apple Logo appears.

3rd Method: Try to change Cable and Adapter

Maybe the charger, adapter or cable which you are using are not working fine. The nongenuine cable and adapter cause the spoilage of battery. Especially those lightning cables which looks like a toy are really harmful, we personally experience this. So if you are using Adapter or cable other than original, stop it. Use only the authorizes accessories of Apple.

iPhone won't turn on

4th Method: Restore it with iTunes

After factory reset, this solution is the most effective solution for any software related issue in iPhone. Follow the below steps to restore iPhone. If your problem is software related than this solution have a full capability to solve it.

  • Open iTunes Software on your Computer (Latest version compulsory)
  • Now connect your iPhone with a computer through cable (Original recommended).
  • Click Trust This Computer in order to connect with iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone from the top right corner of iTunes.
  • Click on Summary Tab and then select Restore iPhone.
  • Confirm by clicking Restore.

5th Method: Contact Apple Store:

If all solutions got failed to solve your device issue, then it is obvious that your phone has hardware issues. Hardware issues can only be solved by the expert technicians. Contact the Apple Support they can help you what you need to do. If your phone is under warranty, go to the nearest Apple franchise. They will solve your problem without any expense.

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