13 Unique Methods To Access Blocked Websites

Access Blocked Websites

It is has become very difficult for a user to fully explore the internet. Nowadays, there are so many blockades on the internet. A user feels so irritated and becomes a victim of frustration while not being able to access what he/she really wants to. Also, the VPNs, Network proxies etc are the born production of insecurities and surveillance on the internet. Most of the times, problems like that caused by the Government agents and different kind of agencies. No matter what the cause is but why should all the users pay the price.

So we will provide you with some easy ways to access the blocked content on the internet. Moreover, these ways will help you get a secure pathway to surf the internet. Follow the guide below to learn the ways:

How To Access Blocked Websites – 13 Unique Methods

No one likes to surf the internet like a prisoner. So follow the guide below to know about the amazing ways to get what you want on the internet:

1. VPN

A VPN also known as Virtual Private Network. Its basic purpose is to provide users with a secure pathway to surf the internet. It starts working by providing the users with a VPN tunnel. A VPN tunnel just works like a subway for internet users. It is a safe path and helps users to surf the internet in a stealth mode. Just like a brat, you get to sneak into most tin holes of the internet. No one can trace or chase you, because you stay anonymous all the time.  All the activities you do on the internet are totally encrypted step by step.

However, there is another use of a VPN. It gets a user what he/she wants on the internet world. All the websites or social media portals which are blocked by geographical restrictions stay no more blocked for the users. They can sneak into any kind of portal without any trouble. Moreover, there are some paid VPNs in the market but you can still find cheap/free ones.

Access Blocked Websites

Here’s a short list for some of the great VPNs:

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2. Proxy Websites

Proxy Websites serves best to access the blocked stuff in no time. Consider of them just like portals provided by the developers to help you access the blocked content. To access them, you need to enter the proxy website first, then enter your desired URL in the URL box. But these kinds of portal only work well when you have a good internet connection on your device. Also, they are not much secure. So if you do have an anti-virus installed in your device, then it will be really insecure of you to access such kind of portals.

Here’s a short of some popular proxy websites:

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3. Shift To IP Address From URL

Shift To IP Address From URL is the simplest way to access blocked websites. Ask yourself, what we do when we want to visit a website? Daah! we enter its URL in the address bar. So when a website gets blocked, there is a chance that its IP address is not entered in the blockade process. Well if not so, users can use the IP address of their desired apps to visit their favorite portals. For that, they just need to enter the IP address instead of URL in the website address bar.

To get an IP address of your desired app. First, you need to open a CMD (Command Prompt). Then just type “ping www.blockedwebsite.com”. The CMD will provide you with an IP address of the website you entered. But here comes a catch, some of the websites do not allow their IPs to be shown in public. So before you do this process, pray to God that its IP address is not hidden.

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4. Set Network Proxies Through Web Browsers

Another astounding way to get what you want on the internet. It is also very easy for all kinds of users. At first, you need to find the connection settings of your browser. Hit “no proxy“, that’s it. IF you are willing to improve your experience on the internet through your browser. Here you will find a number of other options to fill in. But all the other unfilled boxes are provided to help you set your internet connection manually. So if you really know how to do it, then it works best for you.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate is the best way for the students to access blocked websites and social media portals. Because this tool is used to teach students with the other languages on the internet. Users can enter into a website and then change its language in order to see all the subjects but in a different language. So when you are willing to visit a blocked website, you can change its language in order to fool the Internet Service Providers (ISP). Moreover, users can use the Bing translate tool to visit blocked portals while in the office or university.

Access Blocked Websites

6. Proxy Extensions

Proxy extensions serve as an alternative for the VPNs. There are so many of the VPNs and sometimes it gets a little annoying while installing a VPN. So with the help of Google services, you are allowed to add proxy extensions to your web browser. The process is really simple, just go to the extension’s settings of your browser. Search for Hola or proxmate, you will get them for installation. As well as, you will be provided with a number of proposals.

7. Messing With The Internet Protocols

Messing with the internet protocols can also get you to visit blocked websites. The reason for changing the internet protocols is because some sites are only entered in the government servers as “www.urlname.com”. But they forget to add HTTP or https with these URLs. So for your desired website try to type “https://www.urlname.com” or “http://www.urlname.com“. While you do this, your browser may ask you to leave it because of the security options. You can choose to click on the Continue button if you like so.

8. Change DNS Server

DNS stands for domain name system. Basically, a backend process is done each time you enter a URL. A URL is an address of the website. The DNS servers provide you with the websites by working on their IPs. Meaning, all your internet stuff is done through the DNS servers. So you better be careful while messing with your DNS settings. Well, it’s harmless but it may cause into some frustrating network problems but only if you do not know how to do it.

However, it is not very difficult. You just need to get the DNS address of some other region and then replace it with yours. Recently, a company in the US named as Cloudflare presented their DNS for the internet users. Moreover, this tool helps users to increase their internet speed.

Here a glimpse of how to do it:

  • Right click on your network’s icon placed in your taskbar.
  • Hit “Open Network & Internet Settings“.
  • Click on your connected network.
  • A new will appear, now click on the properties button.
  • Check on the “Internet Protocol Version“, now hit properties.
  • Here you will find two filled boxes named as “Preferred DNS server” & “Alternate DNS server“.
  • Change their codes manually as you wish to.

9. News Feed Readers

News Feed Readers also known as RSS readers help users to get connected with the internet world. But you can always have some unique and naughty fun from these portals. Search for your blocked websites in these kinds of readers and may end up by getting their blogs on these readers. There are many kinds of readers in the market like Feedly, inoreader, the old reader etc. Well, readers work best if you are willing to access the social media platforms.

10. Wayback Machine

As the name provokes, Wayback Machine is a portal which is used to access some previous versions of the websites. You can even access some old times versions of your desired websites. To start processing, you just need to visit the portal, enter your desired URL in it and let it get the job done for you. Moreover, you will come across lots of entertainment stuff on this portal.

11. PDF Creators

There are lots of portals which allow you to download blocked website’s contents without even accessing this. These portals work by changing the website’s script of HTML into PDF. The downloaded file on your PC/Laptop is of PDF. Videos, picture or any kinds of documents can be downloaded through these portals.

Here’s a short list of some PDF creators:

12. IP Anonymizer

You may find the name of IP Anonymizer a little bit complicated. So let me ease things for you. They are just the protocols used by the private browsers. Browsers which have built-in VPNs in them. There are many of them in the market. Even you can get them for your smartphones. Well, these browsers change your IP addresses, provides you with another one. Then secure your internet connection and provide you access to the blocked content.

Here’s a short list of IP Anonymizer:

13. Pen Drive

Pen Drive so-called USB drives are helpful when you want to visit blocked portals. This method can work in every situation you are in. Like when you are at the university or at work, there are some of the places which have installed restrictions for installing new extensions and software. For that, you need to install a portable browser on your Pen Drive. Be sure to install every kind of necessary extensions in it. Now go on, you rock.

In the End

That’s it for How To Access Blocked Websites – 13 Unique Methods. Stay tuned for further tips/tricks. Do not forget to subscribe and feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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