All Emoji Meanings That Matter

All Emoji Meanings

Emojies are a precious part of your conversation. It can enhance the impact of your statement. If you have a short time to write down complete statement you can replace your words with a suitable emoji. It can elaborate better then you speak or write. You can make your message more convincing and appealing by adding them. There are more than 1500 emojis are available at this time, all are very cute and more convincing than words. It is very rare to now about all the emojis. Emojis are created with a particular message. You should know about what it actually say to you. For this reason, I am going to discuss all the emojis. You can use them in a better way after reading this article.


All Emoji Meanings That Matter:

Here is a list of emojis you should know to enhance the influence of your words,

  • Face Emoji
  • Hand Gestures & Leg Emojis
  • The Astrological Emojis
  • Religious Emojis
  • Phases of Moon Emojis
  • Animal Emojis
  • Flags of countries, Islands, and much more


Face Emojis :

Winkey Wink:

This emoji is used for your mutual crush or a better half for something cheesy. But don’t try to send it to a stranger or a people with a formal relationship.

winkey wink

Content Face:

If something gives you a complete and natural happiness like puppy roll on the ground this emoji describe best about your feelings.

content face

Goofy Delicious Food:

You always want to update your activities with your friends, if you are enjoying your favourite dish then you can poke your buddies using this emoji. This can fill water in their mouths for a delicious meal.

goofy delicious food


For a decent and lively moment for which you are thankful and grateful, you can use this emoji.


Blow a Kiss:

When you want to show your love and gratitude for someone then you can use this Emoji. This is so cute emoji with winked eye and a kiss, can be shoe your emotions very beautifully but it should be for married men or women.

blow a kiss

Heart Eyes:

When you are unable to stop your self by falling in love with a beautiful smile or something adorable you should use this.

heart eyes


This Emoji is used to describe happiness, it is smiling with broad open mouth and spacious cheeks.


Laughing with Tears:

This smiley can express your intimate laughter that makes your stomach hurt and eyes stuff up with tears.

laughing with tears


When you want to elaborate your pleasure with your buddies this emoji is best to express it.


Smiling with big Eyes:

This emoji is used to describe your amusing emotions for a particular moment. It shows your appreciative attitude towards someone’s greatness.

smile with big eyes

Big Grin:

When you see something funny or your friend crack a joke or watch a funny clip you can’t stop yourself to laugh just use this emoji. this will elaborate your state in a better way.

big grin

 Sweaty Laugh:

For a situation when you need to depict an uncontrollable giggle or you felt hard to laugh completely then this sweaty laugh helps you to describe.

sweaty laugh

Grinning with closed eyes:

This dusky smile becomes the best option when you want to avoid to snub a friend or try to control your laugh over something sensitive.

grinning with closed eyes

Rolling on the Floor Laughing:

Sometimes you get something very funny it becomes difficult to control and you rolled over the floor with laughter, this situation is described very well by this emoji.

rolling on the floor laughing

Smiling in Love:

Blushed cheeks and four hearts floating in the air this romantic emoji can express your feelings to your true love very beautifully in a lovely way.

smilling in love

Duck Kissing Face:

This is a versatile emoji, with an innocent pout, a beautiful kiss or a whistle. To express your love or deep emotions send it with a music note.

duck kissing face

Kissing with Smiling Eyes:

Again this smiley is used to show gratitude and love for your love with signs of happiness in eyes. You can also use this for whistling with pleasure.

kissing with smiley eyes

Kiss of Love:

This emoji is more expressive and you can send it to your loved one. You can use it in your morning texts. This elaborates your love more awesomely.

kiss of love


This blush emoji with a gorgeous smile seems innocent and twinkle the happiness and joy.


Controlled Smiling:

This complete smile show kindness and sweetness you can use it to screw a good and kind reaction.

controlled smile

Hugging Face:

This hugging face is used for inviting someone with your open arms. This emoji is confused with the famous Neil deGrasse reaction meme. This is a good emoji to show your gratitude.

hugging face

Starry Eyes:

You can use this emoji to show compliment or amazement for your loved one for their dressing charm.

starry eyes


If there is a situation where you need to think deeply or you pretend to be. This type of situation is depicted impressively by using this emoji. You can also add thought cloud or a bulb to make your statement more attention-grabbing.



For doubtful, distrust or anything that lift your eyebrows, this emoji is the soundest choice. You can also use this option for feeling like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).


Poker Face:

Feeling not expressed or not get a good reaction you can use this emoji for unsatisfactory conditions.

poker face


If you got irritated, disgusted and have no words to describe your situation just use this emoji.



If there create an awkward situation when you get some surprising or ill response for which you are not prepared and you can’t turn or quit the conversation better to use this Emoji.


Rolling Eyes:

Dissatisfaction, Displeasure or dull response, don’t want to spoil conversation by giving negative reaction just throw this emoji.

rolling eyes


Don’t want to show arrogance or hurt someone by your words just use this it will convey your message but still in a good manner.



Feeling tortured, annoyed or distress, this emoji can reveal your emotions very well.



Life always comes up with ups and downs it brings some trouble to you use this emoji to share your feelings.



Did something surprise or amazed you? You cannot stop yourself to say ‘WoW’. It is ideal to throw this emoji to make it more attractive.


Zip It:

This can be used to make a promise for keeping secret. You can also use this to tease a friend during gossip for what you took a promise to retain a secret.

zip it


It is also like astonishing or amazing but with the feelings of acceptance.



This emoji is a bit confused between tears and snot bubble. Emojipedia clearly describes that this emoji is use for tiredness and sleepiness rather than sorrow.



For the situation when you are physically and mentally exhausted and want to calm down by sharing it with buddies get the help of this emoji.


Peacefully Sleeping:

It is a good habit to tell people when you are sleeping so no one can disturb you when you are sleeping. Also if you are too tired to type night greetings you can avail this Emoji.

peacefully sleeping


This is a sign of a calm state where you are feeling excited but not astounded by pleasure.



If you made a cheeky statement during the conversation and you are not sure about the response because not all people like this so you can use this to tell them that you are kidding or just joking.



This Winky smiley with tongue gives the impression of naughty behaviour, you can use it when you like to sound offensive or exceptionally ridiculous.


Tongue Out Laugh:

This emoji belongs to extreme joy and humour. This can be used to complement odd or gross jokes.

tonue out laugh


If you are fond of good food you may relate this with food craving. It actually represents the delight of something you desire. It can be anything you want not only food. So you can use it where you desire for something.



This face is used to express your reaction for an unpleasant moment. If your feelings are not entertained then you can also use as an ill response.



This is related to your bad mood or discouraged condition. So try to use for those who can make cheer you up.



If you are feeling sad or guilty this is accurate to describe your situation.



When you are a puzzle over something and facing something uncertain than use this emoji to express your feelings.


Smiling Upside Down:

This upside down face of controlled smiling makes irony more bitter and bit difficult to get in some situations. It can also be used with fantasy for which you are assured it will never come true.

upside down


If you want to show your pocket full or ask for treat anything related with cash can be expressed using this.



This is more intense than the astonishment face, this can hold the situation where you are shocked badly, unpleasant or confusing surprise etc. This can be fit in any situation that makes your jaw drop to the floor.



When you are unsatisfied, disappointed and grieved because of some situation use this expression to share your condition with your friends so they can get you out of the situation.


Feeling stressed, disappointed or displeased, want to discuss with buddies. This emoji is a better choice to attain attention.



Just give up! Just scattered.. do you want someone? Throw this emoji it will gather your friends around you.



Completely broken down? Couldn’t express your feelings? All around you are sorrows and your world is going to end. You are feeling hopeless and couldn’t find the way to get out of this. Your emotions and stressed is a bit more strength to use Emoji but it will definitely work for you.



Something is going wrong? You can’t stop yourself getting tense, overthinking make you upset communicate through this emoji. It will express your feelings in a better way.



It is better to control your words when you are hyper or angry, your words may put all things to end. Emoji is the better replacement, no one can target the Emoji so whenever you are infuriated just slide this Face.



Are you feeling hurt or helpless? Let try to find who actually care for you by using this emoji.


Crying Out Loud:

If you couldn’t control your emotions, your sadness is streaming out of your eyes as tears, this face with flood teary eyes can do rest of things for you.

crying out loud


Are you amazed, frightened or startled by some event which is completely unexpected and upsetting just slide this emoji it will help you to calm down?



Something strange happened to you, it amazed and shocked you badly that your brows tend to lift up. You can use this to grab more attention than the last one.



This emoji has symbolically represented a situation when you are about to be hit in the face. When you are scared of being hit by something horrible you can use this. This can be a slide with your picture showing your condition, it gets more likes.



When you want to show your panic situation especially for those who always try to exaggerate the situation, this emoji can be a good choice.


Mind Blown:

Get tired of over thinking? Did you read or hear something related to an event happened in your past? All the time you are relating and thinking this makes your brain blown out just throw this Emoji to quiet the continuous thinking.

mind blown


Have you committed a mistake? Little nervous about someone message? Or curious what will happen in response to your text.. all these situations can be explained by using this emoji.



Are you feeling blue over some event hanging by the rope? your Thoughts are trying to pull you down? Don’t do this just slip this Emoji it will help you.



You are not feeling healthy and get isolated from a friend. You are feeling lonely want to tell your chums to gather prayer and wishes. These emoji do its best.



Have you suffered from fever? Getting down your energy? Tell your friends about your discomfort to get some energy.



Got some accident, definitely, it’s a part of life. It makes you isolated from social activities so you can take rest well and back with positive energy. Send this Emoji to your friends so they don’t disturb you for any party or event for which you are not in a condition to attend.



This face shows your internal health. If you are suffering from hiccups, disturbing weather or an upset stomach. You can throw this emoji.



This is related with last one if you couldn’t get control over your disturbed stomach because of bad food or anything related. Now time start when things get to swear and you start vomiting. You are not in a condition to type the text you can use this.



Flu season is the most welcomed one without any invitation, unfortunately! Heavy flue, sour throat and burdened eyes make to so lazy and sick to type a text I recommend you to slip this emoji.



If someone appreciates you for your kind behaviour you can use this angelic beautiful face. In my opinion, you can also use this in context if you want to show someone else as a blessed companion.


Cowboy with Hat:

A yellow face with a smile a wide-brimmed, brown cowboy hat is the symbolic representation of pleasure by doing something special. It conveys a message of cheerfulness, adventure, confidence etc.

cowboy hat

Clown Face:

A clown face is normally used to make a party or something cheerful. You can use it to make somebody happy along with a beautiful quote or an innocent joke.



If you caught someone lying you can use this. But it is not a good idea to use it to confront your partner or better half.


Shushing Face:

This is a cute and innocent face to make someone quite in a very sensible manner. You are in a meeting or busy with some if you are getting disturbed by messages you can slip this to make him quite.


Hand Over Mouth:

This is a versatile emoji and looks very nice. It can be used if someone is trying to hide the smile or control not to laugh. Also if you said something and feeling regret then can be used.

hand over mouth


This Emoji is best to describe your feelings when you are horrified or frightened of something. If you saw a horror movie or something scary happened to you use this emoji along with a picture. It will capture the interest of other people.



This face with big opened eyes and blush cheeks actually define the embarrassing situation and a sour surprise. You might send a wrong message or did something shameful to your partner throw this face and hope that other people understand you.


Crazy-In a Good Way:

Excitement rolls on yeah!. These emoji describe best about your pleasure and you have no boundary to enjoy. But don’t send it to strangers or with formal contacts.

crazy ina good way


Dis You enjoy a bluffing ride or spun your head by strong alcohol. You are now feeling dizzy and your senses are not in control you can use this face to express your condition.



Anger and aggression are natural emotions and we all experience these moments. When you are hyper or angry at someone it is difficult to control over words and emotion. It may hurt someone so this emoji is a good option to realize about your mood.



This inward facing eyebrows and frowning mouth express anger or annoyance at a particular situation especially when people around you irritates you and want to understand your opinion.



Are you unable to explain your frustration and annoyance to other just use this emoji it says more about your thoughts?


Face With Monocle:

If you want to feel like an expert and honoured for some topic, subject or opinion then go for this Emoji.

face with monocole

Nerd Face:

You can use this face to express your interest over different topics like games, movies, knowledge of science etc.

nerd face

Boiling Face:

You are suffering extreme heat, an air conditioner is not working properly or temperature is too high to work in a field all these conditions can be described by this Emoji.

boilling face

Chilly Face:

For freezing cold weather, you are going to freeze this can express well about you.

chilly face


WoW! Beautiful face confetti flowing around, a party hat on head, a paper horn a complete description for inviting you for a party or to show your mood for a party.


Puppy Eyes:

This face with watery eyes is best to represent your sad mood. Something happened bad to you are missing someone on a special occasion can be expressed with this face.

puppy eyes

Smiling Devil:

This devil smiley face is a good combo that shows the other side of your personality which is not good and you have no issue to expose it.

smilling devil

Angry Devil:

Oh your devil plan fails, you want to show your anger just slip this to give a message about your anger and revenging power.

angry devil


This monster with crooked teeth, horns and hair all around should make your gossips more interesting. This is inspired by Japanese folklore called Namahage.



Are you planning for a horror movie or trying to frighten your chum it is a good option to slip over.



Your story horror movie is going well but it is more humorous than a horrible this emoji goes well.



This emoji present the Robot influence in our lives. It is the fear of robot dominance over humans. It describes the fear of being enslaved. If someone is dominating over you or control you then use this emoji.



This emoji is used as a bonfire in a story before you go to the next level. This shiny silvery alien increase curiosity about some event.



Very careful while using this angry face, as a person who receives this Emoji might be annoyed at you. Try to make it friendly.


Pile of Poo:

This emoji is the best option if you want to insult your friend. This can also be used to irritate your best friend by pairing it with ice cream.

pile of poo

Female/Male Mechanic:

Have you fixed something troublesome? Spent your time in a garage to repair old washing machine or juicer tell your friends about your achievement by this emoji.

female male mechanic

Female/Male Technician:

Are you an engineering student? Trying to complete a project?? Or you are trying to mould a machine of your choice it’s really a fun and should be shared with friends. This emoji can do the best.

female male technition

Female/Male Technologist:

Enough talent to work for technology? Feeling proud for writing a blog on technology update your chums with these faces.

female male technologist

Female/Male Scientist:

You are going to complete your science project, leading a science exhibition or trying to defeat your buddy in science discussion you can avail this scientist emoji.

female male scientist

Pop/Rock Star:

You are performing in college or university function as a rock star ask your friends to join you by slipping this. This emoji is inspired by David Bowie. You can also insert guitar or other musical instruments to make your statement more interesting.

female male pop/rockstar


This emoji is available in all skin types. This red hair is specially developed for those having red colour hair. Also, you can tease someone for funky hair dye. You can use it for sharing new hair dye.

ginger/red head

Woman/Man with Curly Hair:

A Woman and Man character with curly hair describe those who want to show wavy or curly hair.

woman/man curly hair

Blad Woman/Man:

Nowadays blad becomes a style for both woman and man. But it is also linked with cancer patients for therapies. So be careful while sharing this.

blad woman/man

Woman/Man with White Hair:

The people with white colour hair also a part of our society although they are less in numbers as compared to darker shades they are. So this emoji is a part and available in different skin tones you can pick up favourite one.

woman/man white hair


This emoji is developed to catch the attention for people who want to control over other. This is not a symbolic representation of any superhero so there are three heroes for satisfying all available in different skin tones.



Like superheroes supervillains also represent three different faces of criminals or super thugs. First one is gender neutral, second is particularly female and the last one is male. You can use with the skin colour of your choice to show your devil side.


Female/Male Painter:

Are you passionate about painting? Just tell your friends by using this about your activity. You can also use this to appreciate someone for painting. You can elaborate your text by adding a beautiful pallet tray or brush along with this.

female/male painter

Female/Male Pilot:

If you are ambitious to be a pilot and trying hard for that. Somewhere to boost yourself or to share success in current field use this emoji. Also if you control some pathetic or difficult situation with your skills you can use this leading emoji.

female male pilot

Female/Male Astronaut:

You want to go farther than clouds. To explore moon onward with NASA or SpaceX. Also, this astronaut emoji show your high ambitions and high goals for life.

female/male astronaut

Female/Male Firefighter:

If someone fought the fire for you and you want to show gratitude then use this emoji. Also if you faced a crucial situation and rescue other people then by hitting this share your thrill and kindness to your friends.

female/male fire fighter

Female/Male Cop:

When you are leading a mission to protect the law like a good officer. You are done with consignment and want to share your success with buddies this emoji is a good option.

female/male cop

Female/Male Detective:

Have you solve a mystery or done with crime reporting this is the better way to express your success.

female/male detective

Female/Male Guard:

If you are feeling proud to prevent the house from catching fire or babysitting with your sibling. Tell your buddies by throwing this emoji.

female/male gaurd

Female/Male Construction Worker:

Are you busy at work? Constructing something new? Share with buddies. Also, you can use this emoji for constructors or labours for their appreciation.

female/male constructor


Got something heroic? Got your prince or princess? Or feeling like royal stardom just sends this beautiful emoji.


Woman/Man with Turban:

Turban is used to represent a spiritual and community service. Share your experience related to your kind and devoted work using this.

woman/man with turban

A man with Chinese Hat:

This emoji shows a man wearing Chinese traditional Hat known as “gua pi mao”. This is used to greet Chinese folks.

man with chineese hat

Woman with Headscarf:

A woman covering her head with a scarf is a symbolic representation of Islamic values. They used to take “hijab” as a sign of faith and is a bit sensitive to discuss it in a negative sense.

a woman with scarf

Blonde Woman/Man:

Blondes are well known if you are planning a new hairdo like this or you like this go for this emoji.

blonde woman/man

Breaded Man:

Beard is in style different forms of it are used by fashion icon to make it popular. But also it is related to the faith of some communities. You can use this if you are having a beard or someone else who look awesome in this new style.

breaded man

Man in Tuxedo:

Your look is incomplete without Tuxedo if you are going to attend a party or it is your own wedding ceremony. It is a good idea to take some selfies as a bachelor with this emoji.

a man with texudeo


To be a bride contains exciting feelings about looks and to start a new chapter of life with your loved one. You can take some clicks with your bride by putting this emoji.


Pregnant Women:

It is a great pleasure to bear a child. If you want to share your excitement with friends send it to double your joy and happiness.

pragnent woman


The joy of motherhood is something to share it will enhance your glee. You can promote the trend of breastfeeding using this emoji.


Family Emojis:

Feelings with family members are so precious. Love, attention and care for parents and siblings cant be expressed using words. There are total 26 emojis showing dad mom and siblings in a different combo like mom & dad, mom & kids, dad and kids, mom dad and kids etc. It is an awesome feeling to share.

family emoji

Baby Angel/Cupid:

Pleased to see a cute child just like a little angel. You can use this emoji to express your love. This angel face can be used along with a heart and a bow or an arrow to make it like Cupid(The son of the Greek goddess of love).

baby angel/cubid

Mrs and Mr Santa Claus:

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus are taken as a symbol of kindness and happiness. They bring joy and cheer across the world to children. But this symbol is not to keep for Christmas only rather you can use it to express love, care and kindness.

Mrs. Mr Santa clause


All the magic stories are based on an inspiring magician which make the story interesting. You can also make your story with your crush more joyful using this emoji.



If you are religiously conscious then turban emojis are best to represent your faith.

turban emoji

Female/Male Fairy:

I think this innocent emoji is used to relate your siblings or kids with these magical or dreamland icon. It feels a great love to relate somebody with a fairy. Also, this fanciful and artistic character makes your stories more interesting. This emoji actually told you how supernatural and incredible someone makes you feel.

female/msle fairy

Female/Male Vampire:

Do you like Vampire stories?? try to use vampire in your messages it will give you more response.

female/male vampire


There are imaginative creations you might get irritated with them but mermaids and merman always caught the attraction. You can use this emoji for your partner to express that no one in the world is like him.


Female/Male Elf:

Elves are famous for strikingly awesome and have magical powers according to ancient Norse methodology. If you consider fairies for kids you can also use Elves.

female/male Elf

Female/ Male Genie:

Genie is an amazing emoji for promising someone to fulfil their requirements and obey orders. This emoji can also be shot to boost up the moods of depressed dear ones.

female/male jin

Female/ Male Zombie:

This emoji is used to say someone lonely, detached and unresponsive. Zombie is also a source of calling someone who loves to stay at their home in all sorts of situations.

female/male zombie

Woman/ Man Frowning:

Frowning emoji is best to reflect a true and intense sensation of your sorrow. This gives a more pure realistic feel.

Woman/ Man Pouting:

To show uncertainty or dissimilarity to something or someone, pouting emoji for men and women can be considered as a perfect tool.

woman/man pouting

Couples with heart:

Such sort of emoji show cool couples having love and care between them.

Couples with heart

Couple kissing emoji:

If you feel couples with hearts emoji insufficient to convey your intense feelings of love, the alternative option is to use a couple kissing emoji for more physical feelings.

Couple kissing

Woman/Man Gesturing No:

In some circumstances, it becomes difficult to say yes, so NO can be voiced by this emoji.

woman/man gesturing no

Woman/Man Gesturing OK:

If you agree on something or some plan and want to show enthusiasm, Ok gestures are the best fit.

woman/man gesturig ok

Woman/Man Tipping Hand:

This emoji depict different meanings. If you are feeling grateful to cooperating helpdesk executive or a waiter for his courtesy you can use it according to your mode of satisfaction.

woman/man tiping hand

Woman/Man Raising Hand:

These emoji serve dual purposes of showing agreement or inquiry in a well-represented way.

woman/man raising hand

Woman/Man Bowing:

If you want to show your humbleness towards a supreme power or authority, bowing emoji best supports your thoughts of respectfulness, thankfulness and obedience.

woman/man bowing

Woman/Man Face palming:

Facepalming is used to show that you don’t have any more patience to deal with senseless conservations.

woman/man face palming

Woman/Man Shrugging:

Shrugging emoji is a multi-purpose emoji including the depictions “so what? “and “what can I do?” Also, this emoji is used to get rid of an undesired responsibility or to avoid clarifications.

woman/man shrugging

Woman/Man Getting Massage:

Massage reveals a feeling to get rid of anxiety and get relaxed. This emoji is also a way of conveying your thoughts to your life partner.

woman/man getting massage

Woman/Man Getting Haircut

For showing your new looks and beautification to dear ones and even on social media, haircut emoji is the best option.

woman/man getting haircut

Woman/Man Walking

Slowly walking is a symbol of being active, exercising, walking on a track or even towards a goal of your life. Such emoji is also a representation of leadership.

woman/man walking

Woman/Man Running

Running emoji is also a multi-functional emoji showing fitness, exercise, and in some situations, it’s an amusing way to run away from difficult situations and responsibilities.

woman/man running

Levitating Man:

Levitating man emoji seems to be an inspiration of 60’s famous musician “Rude Boy” Walt Jabsco and this emoji is a cool gesture.

leviating man

Woman/Man Dancing

Dancing is one of the best ways to express happiness and enjoyment. This emoji used as an invitation for couple dance and in some cases a proposal for marriage too.

woman/man dancing

Women/Men with Bunny Ears

Playboy bunny is actual inspiration for this emoji; bunnies show goodness and sensitivity and so these emoji too.

woman/man with bunny ears

Woman/Man in Steamy Room

This is a cool emoji to tease your friends by showing your enjoyment during relax time and lift up their curiosity.

woman/man in steamy room


Hand Gestures and Leg Emojis meanings:

Following are the gestures with their explanation,

Index Finger Pointing Upwards:

Index finger pointing upwards can be used to intrude someone for a query, doubt etc. this can also use to indicate number one.

index finger pointing upward

Backhand Finger Pointing Upwards:

This upwards pointing finger is used to point something in a comment or discussion and also as a symbol of agreement with a person you are communicating.

back hand finger pointing upward

Biceps Flex:

This is the symbol of strength used worldwide. When you want to show strength, gain or dominance over other this emoji can be used.

biceps flex

Backhand Fingers Pointing Left and Right:

This emoji is a better way of pointing towards something in a particular direction rather than arrows symbol. This is also used to focus on a point or statement. This emoji can make your description more noticeable.

backhand finger pointing left and right

Middle Finger:

The middle finger is a message related to swearing or rude reaction. This express differently if you follow Zeep Xanflorp from Rick and Morty, here it is taken as a symbol of “peace among the worlds”.

middle finger

Backhand Finger Pointing Downwards:

This is similar o upward pointing finger can be used to point something downward. This sign is also used as “right here” if you want to highlight something.

backhand finger pointing downward

Vulcan Salute:

Vulcan Salute is a modified version of victory sign. This can be used fairly in conversation about alien life and intergalactic journeys. But if you want to know about its origin, it’s from Jewish blessing.

vulcan salute

Devil Horns:

This Emoji express brotherhood and appreciation for people who do respect and live by philosophies of metal and rock music and culture associated with it. This symbol has several religious construals.

devil horns

Hand With All Fingers:

You may confuse this emoji with waving one, but this is used to show the number five.

hand with all fingers

Victory/Peace Symbol:

This is a symbol of peace and victory. Also, this gesture belongs to some prime moments in history. Its backhand version expresses result so try to use carefully.

victory/peace symbol

Fingers Crossed:

Crossed fingers are used as a symbol of good luck. This can be used for hopeful conditions too, where you don’t want to think about misfortune.

finger crossed

Raised Palm:

These fives fingers closely aligned but not completely fixed are used for high five or asking somebody to stop.

raised palm

OK Hand:

Ok hand as it shows usually used for appreciation or acceptance of something. This gesture is used in famous meme ‘circle game’ along with another use is as a racist joke against people of colour.

ok hand

Thumbs Up and Down:

We all are Facebook users and use this well-known gesture conveniently for liking and disliking something.

thumbs ups and down


The Fist is a gesture used to show defiance and resistance upon something. This is also known for a sign of conquest. Fist could also express zero number as there is a deficiency of fingers. So hide fingers can be symbolized as a zero.


Approaching Fist:

This emoji is used to express two kinds of meanings depending on the way you are talking or on your discussion. One interpretation is a brofist and another one is a flying punch.

approaching fist

Love You:

This gesture is often confused with pop and rock gesture but it actually comes from American Sign Language which indicates “I love you”. You send use this to express your love.

love you

Writing Hand:

Writing hand can be utilised when you won’t tell your buddy that you are hell busy in writing points and want to concentrate.

writting hand


This gesture is about capping hands and used to appreciate someone for a good performance or achievement. In another way, this slow clap can express the negative reaction as loathing and sarcasm.


Fist Facing Left and Right:

This gesture is the best expression to show resistance or agitation for something or it can be used as a fist bump.

fist facing left and right

Raised Backhand:

Raised backhand is used to depict a successful high five. It can also be used with a normal raised hand.

raised back hand

Waving Hand:

Waving hand can symbolise for a successful and pleasurable meeting. This can express both “hello” and “goodbye” according to context or kind of conversation.

waving hand

Open Hands:

Open hands are the signs of honesty and sincerity. It can also show swing hands which represent the accomplishment of stage act and a call for a hug.

open hands

Raised Hands:

This gesture is used for greeting a fabulous performance, Appreciating a heroic deed or also to celebrate an achievement.

raised hand


This is a common gesture for friendship and agreement. This emoji is equally favourable for greeting and affectionate relations between buddies.


Palms held up:

Palms held up are often uttered as a gesture while praying in some culture but also used to portray a book.

palms heldup

Folded Hands:

Folded hands have multiple meanings. It shows gratitude and praise towards others. In eastern culture, it is used for greetings and also it is used in offering prayers.

folded hands


There are so many emojis related with hands but only two for legs this one containing full leg.



This emoji depicts the foot and is the same for man and woman, it is usually used to quit the discussion or conversation and when you want to denote a kick this is best one.



There are two emojis for foot this one showcase of footprints. I think this one can be used if someone following you.



The Astrological Signs:

It is very interesting to know about astrological emoji. you can use them according to your desire.


To symbolize a Ram, Aries zodiac sign emoji is very useful.



A Bull is exemplified by zodiac sign emoji Taurus.



Gemini zodiac sign is used to show Twins.



A Crab is shown by zodiac sign emoji Cancer.



Leo zodiac sign emoji represents a lion.



To represent Maiden, Virgo zodiac sign emoji is best used.



Libra zodiac sign emoji is used as a sign of equality and balance and its symbol is weighing scales.



A Scorpion is represented by Scorpio zodiac sign emoji.



Sagittarius zodiac sign emoji is useful to show an Archer.



To represent a goat, Capricorn zodiac sign emoji is used.



A water-bearer is shown by Aquarius zodiac sign emoji.



Fish is used as a symbol of Pieces zodiac sign emoji.



Zodiac also contains the 13th symbol, that is called as Ophiuchus and used to show a Serpent Bearer.


Meaning of Religious Symbols:

Following are the meanings of the most common religious symbol used in emoji world,

Place of Worship:

This symbol belongs to all places of worships including mosques, temples and synagogues churches.

place of worship

Peace Symbol:

This symbol represents peace as the name depicts. It was designed by British artist Gerald Holtom for the popular campaign of Nuclear Disarmament in 1958.

peace symbol

Orthodox Cross:

Orthodox Cross is a variant version of Christain Cross well known from the 6th century in Byzantine Empire.

orthodox cross

Dotted Six-Pointed Star:

This is a star of David, a symbol used by people who are the followers of the religion of Judaism.

dotted six pointed star

Wheel of Dharma:

This wheel of dharma is a sign for Buddhism which shows the journey of Gautam Buddha’s to the way of enlightenment.

wheel of dharma

Yin Yang:

This symbol corresponds to Yin and Yang. A concept emerges from Chinese Philosophy which describes how opposite or diverging forces actually interconnected and correspond to each other. For instance, fire and water, light and dark etc.

yin yang

Star and Crescent:

The star and crescent is a famous symbol used throughout the history by several realms. This was made by gorgeous Ottoman empire. It is still used by many countries on their flags.

star and crescent

Star of David:

Star of David is used by followers of Judaism.

star of david


This symbol belongs to an ancient Hebrew lampstand which is made up of gold having several branches.


Latin Cross:

This Latin Cross is a religious symbol of Christianity.

latin cross


Om belongs to the Hinduism and is extremely sanctified. It represents the sound that is intoned before a mantra in Hinduism.


Phases of Moon:

The following Emoji are related to different phases of the moon we experience throughout the month,

Crescent Moon:

This is the emoji for crescent moon and it describes the period of the moon between the full moon and new moon.

crescent moon

Waning Crescent Moon:

It is the time when moon become like the crescent and crescent decrease its size day by day.

Waning Crescent Moon

Waning Gibbous Moon:

A waning gibbous moon arises when more the half of its bright portion can be visible and also it decreases its size day by day.

Waning Gibbous Moon

New Moon:

When a new moon occurs, we cannot see it because we are at the side of the unlit portion of the moon.

new moon

Waxing Crescent Moon:

This shape of the moon looks like a crescent and this crescent increase its size from one day to the next.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon:

A Waxing gibbous moon happens with more than half of its lit portion. Its shape increases in size day by day.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Full Moon:

A full moon belongs to the time when we see the whole lit portion of the moon. It shows its complete circular shape.

Full Moon

First Quarter Moon:

This phase comes after the waxing crescent phase. The first quarter moon is also called as half moon. It shows its half bright side in this stage.

first quarter moon

Last Quarter Moon:

The last quarter moon arises when a semi-lit portion becomes apparent to us after the waning gibbous phase.


Here is a list of all main animals, birds and insects emoji. You can use conveniently where you want,


This bird emoji is for Eagle.



The dove with an olive branch is one of the most ancient symbols used for peace. When you want to show peace slip this emoji.


T Rex:

This is an emoji for T Rex.

t rex


This sign is used for badger.



This is a male sheep known as Ram.



This symbol is used to represent leopard.



Here is a squid emoji.



This emoji represent the hedgehog.



This is a symbol used for female sheep called as Ewe.



This emoji belongs to Boar.



This animal emoji is for Zebra.



This emoji is for Scorpio.



This emoji is for Shark


The Three Monkeys:

These three monkeys depict speak no evil, see no evil and heal no evil.

The Three Monkey

Lady Beetle:

I found this Lady Beetle emoji so innocent.

Lady Beetle


This is an emoji for Rhinoceros.


Water Buffalo:

This emoji is for Water Buffalo.

Water Buffalo

Normal Whale:

This emoji is for a normal whale.

Normal Whale

Whale Spouting Water:

This emoji correspond to beautiful whale Spouting Water.

Whale Spouting Water


This emoji is used to represent Turtle.



This emoji is for innocent Swan.



This duck belongs to Emoji world.



Turkey is here for you as an emoji.



This is emoji for goat.



Wow! A wise emoji is here .. an Owl.



This is an emoji for crab.



This Butterfly is a member of the emoji world.



Bat emoji correspond to this emoji world



This emoji is used for Sauropod.



This is a parrot in the emoji world.



This emoji belongs to Raccoon.



This emoji is used for Lobster.



In emoji world, this is a mosquito.



This is a Lizard as emoji.



This is Gorilla in emoji world.



This is an emoji for Hippopotamus.



This is emoji for Giraffe.



This is a cricket emoji in emoji world.



This picture embodies the Kangaroo.



A beautiful emoji for Llama.


Two Hump Camel:

A two Hump Camel looks nice in this emoji.

Two Hump Camel

Single Hump Camel:

This emoji is for single hump camel.

Single Hump Camel


Tiger is here as a beautiful emoji.



Awww this is an awesome Poodle emoji.



Flags of Countries, Territories, Islands and More:







Vatican City:

Vatican City

Saint Barthelemy:

Saint Barthelemy:

U.S Virgin Islands: