List of 15+ Top Android 9.0 Pie Features

Android 9 Pie Features

Android Pie, the mystery has been revealed now and you can enjoy a bundle of exciting and lovely characteristics of Andriod version 9.0. The company try to focus on making smartphones more efficient and under control by the user. There are many new features and company refurbish it very well.

Google is trying to make the digital world more adorable for users. Smartphones become well managed, organized and docile. Initially, this update was unveiled for pixel devices and other will be on the way very soon. You will observe more advancement in artificial intelligence and also Google assistant will operate more efficiently. This will definitely please all of you to grab such a captivating feature of Android Pie.

List of 15+ Top Android 9.0 Pie Features

I am going to tell you what exciting features Android 9.0 Pie constitutes,

Gesture Navigation:

Gesture Navigation in Android Pie is similar to iPhone X. This redesigned feature is to navigate the OS. In this version home screen is reviewed by omitting three buttons by an option to use the solo home button. you can swipe up to view recent Apps and also a user interface which intimates different Apps you might want. You can slide left or right across the device it will let you display recent Apps. These recent Apps can be located quickly.

Gesture Navigation


The dashboard is a useful advancement in Android 9. When we are using Apps like youtube, social media or playing games on our smartphones we just dive into the stuff for hours and don’t even feel about how much time we have spent. Google hosted a new feature so you can control your time of usage.

There is how Dashboard works, it will show you,

  • The total time you spent on a phone in hours per day.
  • The number of times you unlock your cell phone.
  • A pie chart consists of time consumed by each App per day and also per hour.
  • The total number of notification received by you.

Indoor Navigation with WIFI RTT:

Indoor Navigation with Wifi is a very useful tool and I think most demanded feature it is. Android P now supports WiFi protocol (IEEE 802.11mc) also names as RTT which is stands for Round-Trip-Time.

This feature is actually GPS style track which is capable of finding your location in buildings, malls etc. it will give you turn by turn instructions to support you navigate indoors. By using this now you are facilitated with an indoor navigation system where you can find your way very easily within buildings and malls etc.

App Timer:

App Timer is another advancement in Android 9. This will improve your time usage on a specific App. There is an App timer feature which allows you to set the specific time for an App to limit your time.

When you reached the customized time for App a notification appears to inform you about the time and App pauses. This feature allows you to customize your time for a particular App.

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Wind Down:

Wind down feature will help you to sleep on time. As we all spent much time with our cell phones before fall asleep on daily basis in spite of out early morning daily routines. Wind Down help you to control on this habit. Your smartphone tells you to go to sleep by turning night mode on automatically.

For this feature you need to select your bedtime and when this set time reached Android P will turn cell phone screen to grayscale which helps you to recall about sleep time.

Ambient Display:

Ambient Display was actually developed to show the current time and notifications on phone directly rather open the home screen. Android P has a battery charge percentage option on the Ambient Display. It is the most wanted feature by a user.

Do Not Disturb:

Do not Disturb is a feature which makes you uninterrupted during meetings or when you are spending time with your family. Android 9 Pie introduces this feature to make you undisturbed while you are busy. It is not only about to make your phone silent it but also make disappear the notifications which continuously pop up on the screen.

‘Shush’ is also a gesture-based Android feature that makes you customize yourself from notifications and calls by enabling Do Not Disturb mode. To activate this, put your cell phone face down on the table this will make your cell on Do Not Disturb mode.

Lockdown Mode:

Lockdown mode is a useful feature by this version. It can enhance the security of your cell phone. When you turn on this mode your fingerprint unlocking option will disable. This will secure you from attackers who can use your fingerprints anyway. To unlock your phone with this mode requires your PIN, Pattern or passwords. This mode can make your phone safe more.

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App Actions:

App Action is really a great feature in Android 9. This feature will help you to give a suggestion based on your actions. Again your smartphone technology understands you like a human. It will instantly pick your next action according to the current one.

These actions illustrate all over the OS such as the Play store, the Google search App, Launcher, Smart Text Selection and the Assistant. For example, If you connect your headphones, App Action asked or suggest you about your next step like it will ask do you want to listen to songs, this will reduce the number of steps for any action.


‘Slice’ is a quite useful App in Android P, It helps you to perform basic activities outside App. For example, your search for ‘Lyft’ in Google search, slice comes into action display on the screen with information about fair, ride time so you can easily book your ride.

It is a fully functional feature which is available to provide several suggestions and information to a user. This feature also analyses your activities and for the most used App, it gives you suggestion about the best part. I found this App much useful.

Smarter Notification Channel:

The Smarter Notification Channel is developed in such a way that you can block the particular type of notifications to appear on the screen. Here is an option followed by a red minus sign while you dismiss the notification, tapping on It, it will ask you about whether you “Stop notifications” or “Keep showing” them. This customization makes your notification as you desired.

Zoom in Text:

Using this feature you can improve your mistakes by selecting inappropriate text. Android P provides you Zoom lens feature. When you press bit long a text it will magnify automatically. This will help you to read small phrase and words more accurately.

An easier way to take a Screenshot and edit them:

There is a screenshot editor in Androids P. It is a very useful feature and convenient to use. There is an option you can edit and share your screenshots instantly after taking them. Another interesting feature regarding the screenshot is the insertion of the screenshot button to the power menu. Now, this is very easy to take the screenshot rather use volume buttons which sometimes become unmanageable.

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Improvement in Messaging App:

Android developers always try to improve Messaging App to catch the user’s attention. This feature provides you with an image viewable now in the notification shade for all incoming text messages. It also offers a smart reply which allows you to respond instantly through notification bar. It also recommends you reply on the basis of incoming messages. This development is literally very impressive as it worth a lot when you’re busy in a meeting or during driving.

Pair up to Five Bluetooth Devices:

Bluetooth is a necessary feature for smartphones. In Android 8.1 you were allowed to connect two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. In Pie, this number of connecting devices is increased up to five. Now you can simultaneously connect with five devices. Which is a great offer instead. But this feature is not applicable to simultaneous playback. New media Panel is supported adequately with this feature.

Adaptive Brightness:

Google objective is to enhance the artificial intelligence of the smartphone so it can learn well from your habits and can pick your priorities and likes. Android 9 P introduces a new feature named “Adaptive Brightness”. It can perceive your desired level of brightness in different environments. By getting a clue from user adjusted brightness this feature automatically set the brightness level.

In The End

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