How To Use Android Without Google Services In 2020

Android Without Google Services

Nowadays users have plenty of choices to operate their systems. It’s very natural phenomena that human nature always welcomes change and comfort but along with this they also demand safety and security. When we are talking about Android you are limited to some applications to execute your system.

Google faces a tremendous amount of fine two times for security concerns. One for web browsing and other for Android. European Union acknowledged about this fine to Google. They also provide a reason for the submission of this tremendous amount.

Reasons to say No to Google:

The most important reason to say to Google use is its privacy concern. They always claim that they secured user information and data but reality id different they track your ids and personal data. Cambridge Analytical Scandal. Gmail privacy issues and google location tracking are some most important and raised issues with the use of Google.

The most important feature of Google is its Gmail, which is used frequently. When you are sending some emails and receiving too it definitely has some useful data and Google happily hoovers up. Similarly, web browsing through Google chrome is not safe they take your passwords and other information kept as a history tab. Google location tracking is also made people disappointed to use it more.

Reasons to say Yes to Google Use

There are a group of people who actually either do not know about these issues related to privacy and others or they damn care about it.

People are still using Google Chrome and with all these factors it still has a large selling OS market. It means people are frightened of sharing data but they are doing so. As people are using Google for so long, they are habitual and doing their tasks as it is with their fears. Facebook is taken as a risk social media browser because if its security issues. So many people affected their personal data due to this. A group of people tries to search for Facebook alternatives but also there are people who do not care about this and still using app fearlessly.

Google always claims about its high and safe security for user’s data. But if you are not satisfied by google anymore and confused about alternatives especially for Android user then here I am compiling some services which can benefit you and make your phone in a safe hand.

Alternatives to Google for Android Devices:

Android is a major profit source for Google and obviously, they never want to lose you as a user. They always trying to satisfy their users by making different things. Now if you want to get rid of Google just take the decision and remove all Google services from your Android phone. Don’t lose your heart in doing so here I am stating what services you use as an alternative to Google.

Eradicate Google out of your Android Device:

To remove Google and its services from your Android device you can follow any of the following methods

·      Remove the Google Account

  • Reset the whole device
  • Pause Google services
  • Installing a custom ROM

Let discuss these methods in detail,

Remove the Google Account:

If you want to use your Android device without google you can remove your google account. For this, you need to go to account settingsàTap on your GoogleàRemove account. Here you go!

It is important to note that by removing your account will log out you from most of its services. Some apps required to remove accounts manually like Google Pay or Google Chrome.

Reset the Whole Device:

If you are thinking of flush google completely than you can take a decision of resetting your device completely. It will remove you all information and accounts your android device has. When you have done with it you have to ignore requests from google like “improve your device” or “google diagnostic. By using this way you are in a safe hand now you are safe from the google tracking system.

Pause Google services:

For this method, you need to pause all google services. Following steps can be followed

  • Pause the Location and Web tracking
  • Review your Google Account activity controls
  • Turn off Google Assistant
  • Pause the Google account sync
  • Uninstall or Disable all Google Apps

Keep in mind that Google still can track you by using some other services or Apps. It is important to know about Third-party permission preference for Google account. Alternatively, you can log in with facebook or yahoo instead. So be safe!

Installing a Custom ROM

Customized Rom can also save you from Google tracking. These Roms are perfectly operated without Google account. When you are downloading Custom Roms it is recommended that you try to download Gapps.  If you don’t want to avail Gapps and want to have google free Rom than ignore the GApp package during downloading custom Rom. Installing a custom ROM or external Rom method is a bit complex to users. Although it’s a more appropriate way to eradicate Google from your device and use Android without googling its complexity is a bit issue.

 Google Chrome Web Browser Alternatives:

When you are searching for alternatives to Google Chrome it is quite difficult because you are leaving a complete browser so to search for a good, compatible and secure browser is not an easy task. But there are few browsers that provide you comfort and security too. One of these browsers is Brave Browser.

This is a Chromium-based browser. It is popular for its efficient speed and security. An interesting feature regarding this browser is its inbuilt adblocker. It eliminates advertisement which benefits you about data security and also makes your android smooth. Its security features offer pop-up blocker, third body cookie blocking, Https everywhere and much more.

Chrome Web Browser Alternatives

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Google Search Alternatives

Yeah! Till now you eradicate Google from your device and feel free to use your device safely. Now it’s time to search for alternatives. There are some other alternatives which can replace the google search engine successfully. Although you are not familiar or habitual to use them or might be you feel a bit difficulty in personalizing suggestions for content. But you are safe and it is not a big deal infect!

Here I am recommending you a search engine with name DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo well-known search engine and it is popular for its extreme privacy and security. You are free from tracking issues or target advertisement and more stuff. So you can go for this alternative.

Google Assistant Substitutes

If I am talking about google assistant, there is no assistant that will compete with Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a great app that competes with a well-known Siri and Samsung Bixby.

Fortunately, we found some other options which can be as useful as Google’s assistant. I am talking about Alexa and Cortana, and I hope very soon they will approach google assistant in many ways.

Cortana on Android works the same as Google’s assistant does. It will assist you in many ways but some of the features are not supported by Cortana like wake-up voice command is not supported by Cortana. But Microsoft is working on the efficiency of Cortana and its intelligence power.

Another one is Amazon Alexa, it is a popular one because of its rapid improvement. People strongly suggest this app over google. It has a lot of features, it can get your speech patterns, vocabulary and much more. Some other Android assistant apps are also on the way to catch up on Google assistant features. And they can be improved and upgraded if we support them by using their special features.

Google Play Store Substitutes

For so many years Google and its apps are used for Android devices. This makes a misconception that without Google, Android devices couldn’t operate and it is nothing left in an android device if you remove Google Apps.

But this is just a monopoly to win the game over technology. Otherwise, there are plenty of other App stores exist in the technology world which are secured and authentic than Google Play Store. You can get your required application successfully by using them.

F-droid is from one of google play store alternatives. This is popular among developers and has vast collections of different apps and content required to operate Android devices.

APKMirror is another such website it is an android app website. It encompasses thousands of apps on the Google Play Store. Without making an account you can download the latest version of apps of your choice. The only sideline for APKMirror is, Android App is not provided by them. You have to download apps from a website and then install it to your device on permission by a device.

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 Google Apps Alternatives

Every one of us well aware of this fact that when we open our Android device for the very first time some Google Apps are already installed like YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc. as these Apps are provided to the user so we normally take them as it is and ignore the option regarding disability of these Apps.

Actually, the fact is that the Android user is indirectly forced or habitual to these Apps. So we never think about offers and features from other same Apps. Here I am stating a few Google Apps substitutes:

Google Map:

As you decided to flush Google from your Android device, with this though it is obvious that you want a good alternative to Google Maps too. Definitely, you don’t want to allow Google to track your location all the time.

The perfect substitute for Google Maps is HereWeGo. It has a vast database and can also cover the internal mapping of buildings. Another interesting feature regarding this App is that you can download a map of a whole country and can be used offline.

Google Keyboard:

SwiftKey is probably a superb alternative to Google Keyboards. It is one of the most trusted Android keyboards with above“50 million downloads. It works like Gboard, It also uses Artificial intelligence i.e. if you are typing something it starts to predict and give you a better suggestion according to your writing style. If you are not comfortable with Swiftkey that you can go for other Android keyboards offered by different developers.

Google Gmail:

Astro Mail Intelligent Email and Calendar is the best alternative to Gmail. This email app has a built-in assistant for managing alarms inbox and much more. It can manage Slack messages for you itself. The only sideline associated with this is that it is only available for Gmail and Office 365. Proton email is another alternative to Google. You can go for more options by searching for different app stores.

Although it is difficult to break a dependency on Google. But now it’s high time to think about your privacy and account protection. So here I started my best about alternatives to Google. Definitely, I couldn’t cover all of the alternatives here but this is a good insight into a digital world without google.

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In The End

That’s it for How To Use Android Without Google Services. Stay tuned for further tips/tricks and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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