Anime Streaming Free and Legal Websites

Are you an anime lover? Want to have free online stuff? Yeah, you reached at best place. I have a lot about Anime world for you. Now you can enjoy your favorite anime movie very easily. You might have trouble in reaching exact site or you are scared of legality, but don’t worry I am here to sort out all of your hardships I this article.

If you are new to the Anime world, you loved to see the stuff and looking for the right platform then you should see this list. Here I am introducing some best sites regarding anime stuff for free and also you will not suffer any issue regarding legality. Which is awesome!

List of Anime Streaming Free and Legal Websites:

I am not going to take you more time. Here I am sharing some site best of my knowledge,

Yahoo View:

Yahoo view is one of the best channels to view anime-related content. This site is online, free and legal. It consists of a wide range of anime series and anime movies. Is streaming speed is amazing and resolution is also high. Yahoo view provides you with all kind of stuff ranges from most to less famous. You can entertain here by content without advertisement which is a great factor in fact!

As the content is available without ads so people like this very much. Most popular series on this site are Death Note to One Punch Man and Attack on Titan to Cowboy Bebop. Again there is a well-managed section. You can go to your favorite category through an index where it is listed. Here you can enjoy a lot with a vast range of high-quality stuff.

Yahoo view anime

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Crackle is a well-known site. It is TV like site owned by Sony. It has several channels through which you can search for your own choice. It is a totally free site having Anime content. Although content on this site is less in quantity, the picture quality is superb. Crackle is a Well streaming site without advertisement.

Along with anime movies you can also enjoy Tv shows, movies, Play and a lot. This site is not available in all countries. If you are one of those then no issue you can use VPN for that. Which is a safe and approachable way to get this. You can watch stuff of several kinds with high video quality and streaming speed for free and legal too.

Crackle anime


Crunchyroll is an amazing website that provides you with thousands of anime movies for free. Although for this website you need to get a membership which is paid. But also you can avail an option where you can enjoy a lot of stuff for free and no membership is required for that. For watching this free stuff you need to bear Ads and video quality of 480p.

If you are ready to see ads during your episode then it can be a good opportunity for you. There are three ads per episode and picture quality is also low but you can enjoy the whole series of your favorite with no lag. This is a well streaming site with no lagging. So along with ads and low resolution, its good server can benefit you. It has a vast collection of drama, different genres and much more. There is a facility of a filter by using it you can go with your most wanted stuff easily.

Crunchyroll anime

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Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is actually famous for TV shows and movies for free. But it also provides you with dubbed and subbed animes series. This collection is limited and also might be you didn’t find some latest related stuff. Tubi TV is famous for shows and movies but you can even enjoy this limited stuff because of its high streaming speed and good video quality.

As Tubi TV is a free streaming website, you don’t need to sign up for this. This site is legal so you can search for stuff safely. There are categories of content on this site and you can go for it easily. Different sections include thrill, comedy, horror, anime etc.


Viewster is a free online website for watching anime. This site is popular for movie streaming but along with movies it also has a good collection of anime series. Sometimes it seems disappointing to see some old versions here. Here you can also avail English subtitles for movies. Content on this website is free from an advertisement which is definitely a good feature.

If you are fond of classic anime series than you might be entertained here well. The interesting aspect of this site is that they have different collection for various countries. The anime collection from Us is taken as best one. If it is not working in your country due to some server restrictions than you can avail the facility of VPN. It can provide you with safe and legal content. Mobile App for this site is also available.

Viewster anime

Final Verdict

That’s it for the List of Anime Streaming Free and Legal Websites. Stay tuned for similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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