Best Freemium Apps To Hide Messages On Android

Apps To Hide Messages On Android

Android industry has started to act like a magical world. You make a wish, move your wand and you are good to go. Likely, there are millions of users who want to hide their private messages so no other could see them. As a matter of fact, none of us would ever like others to see our private conversations. But sometimes we have to give our cellular devices to others, so they could make a call or for some other reasons. So if you want your messages to stay private and protective always. I have come up with a list of Best Freemium Apps To Hide Messages On Android. Let’s Begin!

List of Best Freemium Apps To Hide Messages On Android

There are tons of apps which make you feel like the boss of your device. You ask them to perform an operation for you and they will start to deliver without a hassle. For instance, there are tons of Apps To Hide Messages On Android. But I have shortened the list for you and delivered you with the Best 5 Apps To Hide Messages On Android. Though, such apps will help prevent your device from being invaded by intruders. Also, it will help you to save your private data from hackers as well. So without any further delay, let us get to the main part:


As the name suggests, Vault is a fascinating app to provide you with the service of hiding SMS & Calls as well. It serves the best intrust of users who want to create a totally private environment in their Android devices. Apart from hiding SMS in Vault, users can also hide videos, photos, and even installed apps. Though, users need to upload the things in the app to protect them. If you are willing to you use the services of this app, then you will have to set a passcode so no other user could access what you have saved in the app.

Vault on Android

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Go SMS Pro serves well for users who want to hide messages on Android. It helps them a lot by providing with a number of messaging services like no other. For instance, if you do not like your official messenger app to send messages, you can use Go SMS Pro messenger to perform this particular task. In order to hide text messages, users need to upload the contacts in the app. After that, the app will start to hide the conversations of such contacts. To properly work with it, users need to set a strong PIN code to no others could invade their privacy.

Go SMS Pro on Android

Message Locker

Message Locker is not just an ordinary SMS locker but its a tool to hide total apps. It will allow you to hide different sort of apps and also will suggest on which apps to hide for your own privacy. However, if you are unable to find apps which you want to hide, you can tap on the + icon to add it. Moreover, to protect private apps, you can set a strong pattern/passcode as well.

Message Locker on Android

Private Message Box

Private Message Box is another app which also comes with a messenger. After the installation of the app, users need to set a strong passcode and then upload the contacts which they want to hide. The conversations of the uploaded contacts will only appear in Private Message Box app. So if you are looking for an app specifically to hide messages, this app is the right choice for you.

Private Message Box on Android

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Calc Vault

Calc Vault is the best and favorable app to hide messages & calls on Android. It helps users to hide their photos, videos, apps, and even contacts. The astonsihing part about this app is that its interface looks like a calculator. So the privacy invaders do not know where to look out for your private stuff. To start acquiring privacy services,  users need to set a PIN code within the calculator interface. However, if you want total privacy for your Android device, Calc Vault is the right choice for you.

Hide Messages On Android

Stay Private

Here comes to end to our list of Best Freemium Apps To Hide Messages On Android. Try the apps by yourself and give us an honest feedback as if you liked them or not. Share it with your friends & foe on social media and stay tuned with TechPCApps for further guides. Thank you.

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