Best LiteWeight Android Games Under 25MB in 2020

Best Android Games Under 25MB

In the era of smartphones, Android is the most favorable industry. There are more than seventy-five percent of mobile phone users who prefer to use Android OS instead of others. A reason for that much love is because this only industry has the real power to satisfy every need of its users. For instance, there are Android-based devices that have 1TB of storage space. Like the Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus but there also are phones like Galaxy M10 & M20. Not every smartphone with infinity display & facial recognition comes with huge storage space. But it does not mean that we should not be allowed to enjoy fully on our Android devices. Likely, some gamers want to have offline games Under 25MB. So today, I will provide a list of Best lightweight Android Games Under 25MB in 2020. Let’s Begin!

List of Best lightweight Android Games Under 25MB in 2020

Google Play Store is filled with millions of games & apps. All the provided games are developed to be played on different sorts of devices. For example, PUBG mobile, Clash of Clans & Brawl Stars, such games are famous but cannot be played on slower devices. As mentioned before, if you are an Android user, you make a wish and see it coming true in a matter of seconds. My point being here is that if there are high-end games requiring Giga-bytes of storage. There also are some games under 25MB, 30MB & 50MB. But today we are only going to talk about the Best lightweight Android Games Under 25MB. Head below to know about them:

Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a brilliant game to be played which is under 25MB. It’s being downloaded on more than ten million devices and still has managed to win the hearts of many players. This is a puzzle game in which players will have to complete numerous puzzles. Players can also call it a drawing application because the provided puzzles are of drawing lines to never let colorful dots hit the ground. Furtherly, it’s free to play and you can also play it offline.

Brain Dots for Android

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The twist is yet another lightweight game developed by the arcade kings named Ketchapp. In the game, players need to protect their ball from falling to the ground. In case they failed to do so, their gameplay will end instantly. However, the colors of the obstacle and the UI of the game is what makes it addicting and intrusting. You may find it very challenging but it’s hard to avoid attention from the game because of the amazing colorful levels.

Twist for Android serves as the best Android game under 25MB. Only from the Play Store, it is been installed on more than a hundred million devices. In the gameplay, players have to compete with other players and eat them out to become successful. It is a little hard to defeat other players because to defeat them, find a way to make them touch you’re slithering body. If they do so, only then they are killed and you get to eat their remains to become a bigger one. for Android


Minecraft is the only paid game that is famous around the globe. Players love to explore the crafting world in Minecraft. They love it because of the facility and tools they get which no other crafting game has to deliver them. Also, this game is bieng updated on a weekly or monthly basis. So the gamers are delivered with amazing new things and levels which allows them to keep enjoying their gameplay.

Minecraft for Android

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a free to play simulation game which also does not comes with online ads. If you are playing in the solo mode, you have the choice to play the game online or offline. Though, in the gameplay, players enter an apocalyptic world in which they have to colonize underground. They must try to build mean to survive because if they are unable to do so, they will have to leave their bunkers and go out in search of food & other supplies.

Fallout Shelter for Android

Stick Hero

Stick Hero is yet another aracde platform delivered by Ketchapp industries. In the gamethrough, a player is provided with a black stick through which he has to move around different obstacles and let his in-game avatar fall. There are vaiant challenging levels provided to the players which comes with different tasks to be fulfilled. However, you can understand the game easily but it a little hard to play it after 20th level.

Stick Hero for Android

Zombie Frontier

Zombie Frontier is a fascinating FPS game which allows you to kill tons of headious monsters. In such a game, players have to complete shooting missions with the help of the provided guns and tools. There is a variety of guns available for the players, machine guns, shot guns and also there are some sniper levels as well. Though, it is the best offline action game for Android under 25MB.

best offline action game for Android under 25MB

Call of Mini Infinity

Call of Mini Infinity is a TPS arcade game under 25MB. This is an online game in which players have to complete numerous missions to make their colony in space. They will have to face and defeat variant enemies in order to have a successful gameplay. Though, what i like the most is the in-game avatars, they move fast but act like an infinite giants.

Best Arcade Game Under 25MB

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is an RPG portal delivered by the creator of the series available on AMC. If you are a fan of the Walking Dead TV show, then this is the right Android game under 25MB for you. Though the game missions are similar to the original series, only they look epic in the game. You need to face and kill a number of zombies as well as find means that would help you survive. It is your choice either to become a leader or a follower in the game.

The Walking Dead Road To Survival For Android

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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an arcade game which needs no introduction. As in this platform, players will have to pop bubbles in order to complete the level. Once they become successful in it, they are provided with the other bubble-pop level. There are different colored bubbles available in the gameplay and also the one there are dotted lines to lead the way to strike your target.

Bubble Shooter for Android

You’re Welcome

Here comes an end to our list of Best LiteWeight Android Games Under 25MB. In case we missed some games which are also under 25MB, feel free to tell us about them via comments box. Do share our posts on social media with your friends & foe. Stay tuned to TechPCApps for further guides. Thank you.

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