Best Android, iOS & Windows Music Players For PC

Best Android iOS & Windows Music Players For PC

People are always in search of great things. Things that would make each part of their life special for them. Just like the music fans, they always want to take their experience to the next level. As for the Android and PC users, they can listen to their favorite music tracks with the help of music players on their device. That’s why users are delivered with some of the default players. But nowadays, there are a lot of music player apps and software, which are made for a better experience.

So today, we will provide you with the Best Android, iOS & Windows Music Players For PC. Which you can use to help yourself in order to make your listening to music experience good. Follow the Guide Below:

 Best Android Music Players

Android devices are mostly ruled by the Google Play Music app.  One reason for its vast use is because mostly it is installed on every Android device by default. So most of the users do not even bother to get another app or music player. Also, some of us do not even know that there are so many music player apps in the Play Store. So, we will provide you with the Best Android Music Players. These apps will help you listen to your favorite tracks in a better way. Follow the guide below:

1. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer For AndroidBlackPlayer is a simple designed compatible music player app. As you have guessed from the name, its free version provides you with a black themed music player. Users can listen to their desired tracks by setting the tabs. Because of this feature, it becomes very easy for the users to save their time and effort. Also, it has a built-in equalizer and IDE editor.

2. jetAudio HD

jetAudio HD For AndroidjetAudio HD is the most loveable music player app by the users. It has millions of fans around the globe. The most loving part of this app is that it comes with lots of features to change the sound quality of your music tracks. The equalizer comes with the complete 32 presets. The bass boost feature and even the MIDI playback is supported by the app. However, the only difference in the paid and free version is just of online ads.

3. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player For AndroidMusicolet Music Player comes with a free and no ads version. So now it does not matter if the users are listening to music online or offline. You can also say that its an app with a total package to listen to music. There are of unique features in it. Like the multiple queues are allowed, lots of tools like equalizer, folder browsing, embedded lyrics etc.

4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey For AndroidMediaMonkey is kind of a unique music player app. Instead of music tracks, users can also access their favorite audiobooks, lots of podcasting channels are also available in it. The most astonishing feature about this app is that it lets you sync your favorite tracks between your Android & PC. Moreover, it has all the tools to edit the music quality of your tracks.

5. Phonograph

Phonograph For AndroidPhonograph comes with simple design UI. Its lightweight so it can be accessed on every kind of Android devices. Basically, it is made for the users who want to listen to the tracks without being disturbed. Also, there are lots of themes for you but the default one works the best. Tools like equalizer, integration are available in it.

6. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player For AndroidNeutron Music Player is kind of an elite music player app. According to the features in it, this app is not much famous as it should be. Mostly, it is loved by the ones who are on go. Because it does not disturbs you at all. Also, it comes with a 64-bit rendering engine which helps the users to make the sound quality even more better. Usually, all kinds of audio files are supported by this app.

7. PlayerPro

PlayerPro For AndroidPlayerPro is a one of a kind music player app. Its basic feature is to improve the quality of soundtracks. It comes with an Android auto, ten band equalizer, Chromecast support and more. The astounding thing is that it also supports some sorts of video files. Variety of themes of this app is awesome. You can even customize the themes if you want to.

8. Shuttle+

Shuttle+ For AndroidShuttle+ comes for the users who like to experience more n more. This app features lots of tools like support, Chromecast, 6 band equalizer, lots of themes and many more. All of these tools are very easy to access in the app. Users find this player as an amusing one. Because it also helps them search for some great tracks.

9. Poweramp

Poweramp For AndroidPoweramp is a powerful music player app. The number of fans for this app is getting bigger from time to time. It is a very old one music player. But it’s being updated if any bad things come up. There are lots of themes for the users which they can download according to their desire. Also, it comes with lots of powerful tools like EQ, playback supports etc.

10. Pulsar

Pulsar For AndroidPulsar is one the best music player apps on Google Play Store. Featuring the embedded lyrics, Google Voice, scrobbling, Crossfade etc. Users can add LRC files to their soundtracks, as it supports embedded lyrics. There are lots of widgets it in, which makes this player even more awesome. You can get the search results of music rapidly.

11. Lark Player

Lark Player For AndroidLark Player comes with a free audio and video platform. It helps you find your favorite media files from a fast music search engine. Also, there are lots of playlists and recommendations for you in the app. Its design is really simple and also it comes with lots of great app themes for you.


TIDAL For AndroidTIDAL comes with a vast variety of music tracks. You can get your desired tracks from a collection of millions. Also, it provides you with the tools to make your listening experience even better. The video formats are also allowed by the app and you can also search for them. Moreover, it comes free and it can be accessed while offline.

13. Pandora

Pandora For AndroidPandora is a music app that is called the best one while your device is not connected to the internet. It provides you with a lot of music station with lots of tracks. But there is a catch in it, this app comes with a limited stock of music tracks. You are going to find each and every track in it. However, it comes with a feature of an alarm clock.

14. Shazam

Shazam For AndroidShazam is the growing star of the music industry. It is considered as the most loveable app which people used to access their favorite music tracks. Rather than the features of a music player, this app has the ability to provide you with the biography of the soundtracks. Like when you are listening to them, you just need to open the app and the app will deliver you with its information in a glimpse of seconds. If you are listening to music on other devices, you just need to put your microphone close to the speakers of your device. Then this app will work in seconds and provide you with the results.

15. Apple Music

Apple Music For AndroidApple Music features lots of great things as a music player. There are millions of music tracks from you can choose your desired ones. Well, its something like iTunes. So the users will have to subscribe for their favorite music channels and tracks. Moreover, you can access the tracks when you are on go or you do not have an available internet connection.

Note: Most of the Android music & Audio apps are available on both Android & iOS platforms.

Best iOS Music Players

Here comes a list of Best iOS Music Players. Follow the guide below:

1. Guvera Music

Guvera Music For iOSGuvera Music app comes with a package for all kinds of music lovers. Because this is the platform where you can find the right music genre according to your taste. You are allowed to listen to your favorite music tracks both in online and offline mode. As for offline mode, you can only listen to the ones which are saved in your device. It also comes with both paid and free version.

2. Evermusic

Evermusic For iOSEvermusic is a music app which you can run on all of your iOS devices. The main difference in this application is that it allows you to choose from which kind of network you wish to download the music tracks. Like you have a choice to download them through Wifi or by a cellular data network. It supports only four kinds of cloud storage providers.

3. MusicSense

MusicSense For iOSMusicSense works best for you if you wish to experience more in the music industry. It automatically accesses your account and delivers you with most heard same compositions. It collects your music data and provides you with its results in a matter of seconds. Moreover, radio platform is also supported by the application.

Note: The above Music Player applications are only available for the iOS platforms.

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Best Windows Music Players

Windows is an OS used by many. There are lots of users who listen to music tracks while at work. As such there are lesser users who wish to experience other music players on Windows. One reason for this is because of the default players provided to them when they install the OS on their device. Most of the users are not aware of the other music player software which they can use for a better experience. So without any delay, let us get to the list of Best Windows Music Players. Follow the guide below:

1. MusicBee

MusicBee For WindowsMusicBee is kind of an old music player. It is supported on OS including window 7, 8 and 10. Users find this player as a civilized one. Its best feature is that it supports synchronization through lots of other devices. Like iOS, Android and through USB. It also allows you to access iTunes in the player. All kinds of audio formats are supported in it.

2. Clementine

Clementine For WindowsClementine is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It comes with a simple design but with a quality to manage music tracks in the library. It has a built-in file manager which comes updates automatically. To have more tracks in the library, users can allow the player to access files from the cloud storage.


AIMP For WindowsAIMP is introduced to make things easier for you. Rather than just getting the files from the storage of your PC. It supports almost every popular audio format. It is very easy to access your favorite tracks because this player allows you to set custom playlists. Also, it comes with an alarm and sleep timer feature.

4. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey For WindowsMediaMonkey is an All in one music player. Rather than listen to the music saved in your device. It helps you to sync tracks from one device to another. With it, you can also burn music to CDs and DVDs. Convert your audio files into your desired formats. Also, it comes with a jukebox which helps you to fully customize your favorite music tracks.

5. foobar2000

foobar2000 For Windowsfoobar2000 was introduced in 2002. It is compatible with Windows XP and other later on versions of Microsoft OS. This player is designed with the simplest platform you can find in the market. Lots of audio formats are supported by it. Users can set their desired keyboard shortcuts inside the player. Moreover, it can compress archives like ZIP, 7z etc.

6. Dopamine

Dopamine For WindowsDopamine comes with an awesome interface. Once you install it, you will see the lushing platform appearing in front of your eyes. This player is famous because of its compatible icons. You will see each and every important tool’s icon at the front interface. All kinds of audio files are supported by the player. But there is a catch, some of the features of this player may not work on OS versions older than Windows 10.

7. iTunes

iTunes For WindowsiTunes is so-called the player of the modern era. It is used to listen and search for your favorite music tracks. Basically, it is made for the iOS devices but now it can also be accessible through the windows OS. You can import the saved tracks from your device or buy some from the iTunes store. To have some free music tracks, you will have to register on the Apple music player app.

8. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic For WindowsMedia Player Classic is made for the classical music lovers. Because its old and classical design, there are still fans who do not shift to the other players. Well, there are some improvements made in it from time to time. Most of these improvements or updates were made to put more features in this player. As it supports all kinds of audio and video files. Also, it comes with a number of icons which makes it easier and awesome for you to listen to music.

9. VLC

VLC is a music player which is used vastly in the whole world. The main reason behind its success is because it is available on almost every kind of Operating Systems. The other reason is that of its lightweight and easy to access media player. All famous kinds of audio and video formats are supported by it. Moreover, its free on all platforms.

That’s it for Best Free Android & Windows Music Player For PC. Stay tuned for future articles like this one. Do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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