5 Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games For PC

Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games For PC
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People are always in search of some good gaming platforms. In the modern era, there seems to be more affection on the Battle Royale or survival games concept.  It seems like gamers like to have more competing fun then of solving some puzzles or to have any kind of epic gaming platforms for them. That’s why there seems to be an enormous amount of variety on Battle Royale games in the industry. Another reason for that is publicity of these kinds of platforms. Like when the gamers search for their desired Battle Royale game, they are recommended with another.

So on gamer’s demand to remove this irritating experience in perpetuity.  We are going to provide you with the 5 Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games For PC. Without any further delay, let us get to the main part. Follow the guide below:

5 Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games

Moving on to the part of 5 Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games. These games are the best ones and they are just provided to save human effort and time. You may know that PUBG was the first ones to introduce the idea of Battle Royale.  Rumors are that a number of organizations got sued by Tencent Games, just because they thought the others stole their gaming idea. There is also a news on Fortnite, that they sued Fortcraft because of the copyright issues. Well, these are just news, why we should care about them😜. Come on, let us get to the list:



PUBG is so-called the legend in the Battle Royale category. Because of its awesome game mechs, gamers are so much addicted to it. Not just in Battle Royale but in all game genres, it is ruling all the gaming industry. The founders of this game are PUBG Corporation, Bluehole Studio Inc., and Tencent Games. This game is the 4th most played game in the Android gaming history.

The gameplay seems to be really simple. Like as a survival game you are going to land with the help of a parachute. You land on the ground empty handed, so for your survival collect the means. Means like guns, food, things for a shelter etc. Everything you found on the ground is just to help you but beware of the traps. Because your rivals may set some for the newcomers. So here comes a tip for the new players, do not ever act like a boss when you hit the ground. Because sometimes being extra smart can get you killed.

The astonishing thing about the game is of its availability mechs. Like when some players hide in some abandoned buildings and they never come. So because of the game mechs, the players are responded in different locations from time to time. So there is no chance or boredom during gameplay. Just hit the ground and start killing & making strategies.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite For PC

Fortnite comes on second as in the Battle Royale Genre. This platform comes with an epic survival ground. Where gamers are allowed to have a variety of unique weapons. Just like others, gamers land on the ground through parachute. They land without a single bean in their hands. But its a survival arena, so its fair enough for all the players.

This game is the production of Epic games inc. The reason for its popularity is because this game was introduced for all kinds of devices.  First, it was introduced for iOS, then the Xbox One and PS4. Now, the pre-registration of Fortnite is available on Google Play Store. Also, you can Download it on PC. So now, users do not have to worry about what kind of device you have. You can just start your epic journey anytime.

3. Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival For PC

Rules of Survival comes at third. It is introduced by Netease. There was a time when this game has more than 150 million fans. But after PUBG sued Netease because of copyright issues. Its downloading and rankings fell to the ground. But still, there are some fans who do not like to go to other survival platforms. It is because of its realistic visual graphics and effects. The variety of weapons and so on.

On iOS, it has more than 150 million fans and on Android, it has 100 million fans. Fans come because of its good for them also. Because it helps them see the true colors of survival ground. where every person is after another. The astonishing thing about this game is that more than two hundred and ninety-nine players enter the same battle arena.

4. H1Z1

H1Z1 For PC

H1Z1 is first of the kind in Battle Royale Genre. This game’s only drawback is that it’s only available for PC and PS4. That’s it is not famous. In this game, 150 players hit the ground. Including you, every player is after another. They are willing to do whatever it takes for their survival. The amazing thing is that your battle starts from the moment you hit the ground. You are all that you have. So you will do your best in order to become the best.

5. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction For PC

As the name provokes, Create Destruction comes with a creative Battle Royale platform. As it is in human nature, to be creative all the time. The reason for this game entry in this list is because of its range of downloads. Just within 2months, this platform is being loved by more than 11 million gamers. The game theme is just like the other survival games. But is visual graphics and the variety of epic weapons is what makes this game more intrusting for the players. The way the characters act after each attack, the way they strike, everything is loveable by the players.

In The End:

It may get really hard for you to even decide one from this list. But still, experiencing 5 platforms is better than trying hundreds of lame platforms. If you are still willing to experience more than there is another short list for you.

If you are willing to experience Android or iOS game on your PC, visit: Best iOS & Android Emulators For PC (Windows-Mac).

That’s it for the 5 Best Free Battle Royale Survival Games For PC. Stay tuned for more articles like this one and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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