15+ Best Free Data Recovery Softwares

Best Free Data Recovery Softwares

Mistakes are done by all of us. But it does not mean that we must pay for our mistakes. Similarly, when users delete some of the important files accidentally, they try searching for the third party software in order to recover those files. As for such kinds of users, we have come up with a List of  15+ Best Free Data Recovery Softwares which will help them get their specific job done in a matter of easy steps.

It’s not like these problems are made by the users who do not delete their important files carefully. But also because of so many insecurities and bugs on the internet, their files get corrupted and they are not able to access them after that. Our main point here is to let the users know that the below software will also help them to recover their corrupted files.

Furthermore, it becomes a chaotic situation for the users whom OS gets corrupted. They want to recover their data but being able to so. They need to install their desired operating system or else how they are gonna start operating their PCs or Laptops. Yeah! the given software will also help such kinds of users. So without any further delay, let us take you to the List:

List of 15+ Best Free Data Recovery Softwares:

There are lots of third party Data Recovery software in the market. Users even have the privilege to choose a free or paid software for them. Even some of these OS applications work in a very convenient way that a user with the basic knowledge of an operating system can work with them.  Now, let us start the list:


Stellar work best for the users if they are willing to spend less time in data recovery operations. Also, it provides the GUI, which makes it really simple for the users to get their job done. It has all the good features like a data recovery software. There are no kinds of risks for the users while processing the software. Even they can easily choose to recover the data from the other pen and flash drives. It also comes in both consumers and business version. However, this software is compatible with Microsoft and macOS.

Stellar data recovery


Recuva is one of the best free data recovery software in the market. Because it provides you with the easiest steps to make your operations done for you.  It supports both NTFS and FAT files, so there is no need for the users to worry about the data formats. With this OS applications, users do not have to worry about their the process of Data Recovery. Because it also works accordingly to the GUI. The only reason for this software’s low ranking is because it only runs on all of the versions of Windows OS. However, this software focuses on the recovery of files deleted from external and hard drives.

Recuva data recovery


Here comes another fascinating data recovery software, TestDisk is a great app which helps users get their subjected jobs done. As it does not have a GUI but still its really simple to use it. A person with a little knowledge of command line interface can easily make it work. However, users may consider why to use this such kind of interface for their particular job. The reason for its design is because it provides recovery of the deleted files from a very long period, it may work as a last hope for the users. This Data recovery software works with Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS. Not to worry, users just need to click on their desired options, they do not have to create commands for their specific operation.

Testdisk data recovery


Another CUI data recovery software. Well, it is a strong one because it delivers you with all of the details on the deleted files. As it also works well for all kinds of formats FAT and NTFS etc as well. Users can recover every extension files like videos, documents, pictures etc. Furthermore, it is available for almost every kind of operating systems. See, that’s the most benefit of a CUI, it’s availability has no limits. However, it is recommended for the beginners to use this software because it may lead in some complications during the process.

PhotoRec data recovery

Undelete 360:

Undelete 360 comes with a friendly interface. It works just like other GUI data recovery software. Users get to recover their media files easily from their hard drives and from the external ones. As well as, it also supports all the superior versions of Windows OS. A reason for its availability on Microsoft’s OS is because it is also designed like their default applications.

Its unique feature is of delivering the users with the history of their deleted files. They can even see the deleted files before starting the recovering process. Also, this OS application comes in handy when users are willing to destroy all the possibilities of Data recovery.

Undelete 360 data recovery

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MiniTool Solutions:

MiniTool Solutions is one of the top data recovery software for operating systems. It delivers A user with a hope to fulfill their desired recovery operations. The reason why it’s being placed on the list is that it has all good features within it. Like it provides the recovery the partitions, users can easily backup data in order to avoid future insecurities, and a powerful tool to help consumers get their desired files which were disrupted or deleted recently. It supports all the versions of Microsoft OS.

MiniTool Solutions data recovery

Pandora Recovery:

Pandora Recovery is the most powerful and secure data recovery software. Because it even recovers the files which are encrypted, hidden or somehow locked in your device. It supports all kinds of media and documentary files deleted from the pen and Hard drives. Users are allowed to install and access this OS application on all the official versions of Microsoft OS. As it also supports FAT and NTFS file formats for recovery purpose. Furthermore, Consumers are allowed to view the list of recently deleted files just with a number of clicks.

Pandora Recovery data recovery

Wise Data Recovery:

There are many products introduced by Wise industries. Such as Performance products, Utility tools, and Data&security tools. Wise Data recovery is one the main product of this industry because it is the most reliable data recovery software in the market. Well, it works well for the users who are willing to get the job done easily. As it supports all the files recently deleted from the internal and external storage devices. But it works really fast, so it saves lots of human effort and time. This software is compatible with all the older and newer versions of Windows.

Wise Data recovery

PC Inspector:

PC Inspector comes in handy for the employees. Because if they delete some files accidentally, they can recover it without letting them acknowledging the facts. As it provides the services of recovering the full drive partitions and the files saved in them. It charades your operating systems by recovering the files with the same time and date of their modification. Else, all the good features are also available inside this OS application.  Like its services are available for all Microsoft’s OS consumers and it supports every kind of file formats.

PC Inspector data recovery

Puran File Recovery:

Puran Software comes with a bunch of helping tools for the users. As one of its amazing product is Puran File Recovery, it helps users to get deleted files first by scanning into their PC/Laptop. Basically, this OS application works on three different modules. Users can choose the scanning modules according to their desire for operations. As one is for scanning for the most recently deleted files, second to see if there is much space left in the device for recovery purpose and the third module to discover all of the free space on the storage devices. It works well on all of the official Windows versions.

Puran File Recovery

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DMDE as well as being a data recovery software comes with a disk editor. So its features become limitless. As it read, edit and even write raw data on their internal and external storage devices. It also provides the facilities of scanning the whole drive and it relocates the dark deep secrets hidden inside of it. Even if the users are willing to search for some lost files, then this OS application is recommended for them. It runs on mostly all kinds of operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, DOS etc.

DMDE data recovery


Restoration, does the name ring a bell? Yeah! as the name provokes, this OS application is made to help users get their deleted stuff in a matter of minutes. This software focuses on its performance and compatibility. As there are no complications made inside the software to make it a chaotic atmosphere for the users to recover their important files. It also supports all of the official versions of Microsoft Windows OS and works well for recovering files from the storage devices.

Restoration data recovery

SoftPerfect File Recovery:

SoftPerfect File Recovery comes in handy for the users who wish to save their time. As because it is a portable software, so the users do not have to install it in order to do their particular operations. It runs on all the official versions of Windows and MacOS. Its interface is available in more than thirty-two famous languages. It’s really easy to access it because this OS application is designed to work with the basic learners of computer science.

SoftPerfect File Recovery


FreeUndelete is another fascinating OS application to help users recover their recently deleted files. It supports the famous file formats such as FAT and NTFS. Nonetheless, it increases the accountability of security while recovering the files. Because it is not portable, users need to download and install it in order to start their processing. As well as, it works best for the Microsoft OS consumers and it’s really easy & simple to get the job done in this portal.

FreeUndelete data recovery

Exif Untrasher:

Exif Untrasher comes with a limited package introduced only for macOS consumers. It is only made to recover the recently deleted photos. No other kinds of media files and documents are allowed to be recovered by this software. However, it works best for the people who are willing to restore their files for any other iOS devices. The deleted files can easily be recovered from any kind of iOS supported storage drives or devices.

Exif Untrasher data recovery

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Glary Undelete:

Glary Undelete is kind of similar to Recuva. Because it also comes with a graphical user interface and it has lesser number of complications in it. It focuses on the memories of its users, there is a default search bar designed in it. The search bar helps users to search for their desired files accordingly to their modification details, they can also search them by their name. Does tells either if the wanted file is corrupted or it was being deleted recently. Moreover, it runs on all of the older and newer versions of Windows OS. It supports formats like NTFS+ETS, FAT, and NTFS. Users can conveniently recover their media and documentary files from the internal and external storage devices.

Glary Undelete data recovery

Final Verdict

At last, we have completed our List of 15+ Best Free Data Recovery Softwares. It may get frustrating for an individual to choose a specific software for themselves. As for such kind of users, we would recommend users to try to stick to the OS applications with the Graphic User Interface. Because all of them comes with lesser complications and by accessing any of them, users get to easily do their desired operations. Also, they support many of the famous operating systems and file formats like FAT, NTFS etc. So your money should be always on them.

As to consider the possibilities of recovering a long-term deleted files, users should be aware of that files can only be recovered if they are not overwritten. Meaning, if another file has taken their place on the same storage device, it will become impossible for consumers to get them back. So for your own security, try to recover them as soon as possible. Another precautionary step for the users, try to always have a backup of your important files in order to stay away from future problems.

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