List Of Best Free Fitness Android Apps

Best Free Fitness Android Apps

Fitness in this era is a crucial problem. Our schedules are hectic, working environments are not healthy. our diet more specifically is the root cause of all issues related to health and fitness. We are eating unhealthy food, artificially grown vegetables, and fruits. even though we don’t know about the source of our several daily meals. in this way to make ourselves fit and healthy is not easy. We have limited time with the bundle of gadgets to keep out of those is too difficult. With all this, I am here with the list of Top best fitness Apps.

As we are using different gadgets to fulfill our daily tasks. They guide you in many ways. So here I decided to let you go with your own fitness trainer. Yeah! I am talking about your electronic devices, by using different Apps you can do best for your fitness. It is just a matter of time. You just need to take out some time rest of things are settled down by Apps I am going to share with you. let have a look!

List Of Best Free Fitness Android Apps:

Following are some best Fitness Apps for you, you can choose them according to your convenience and comfort.

Home Workout:

Home work out is one of the most popular Android App when you go around. As the name suggests this workout is based on exercises which can be performed at home without machines or instructor. This App is the best option for those who want to have perfect Abs without spending much time at the Gym.

This App comprises of exercises for your Abs, Chest, Legs, and Butts. you can have a full body package with this Android App. These exercises are completely home based and you don’t need any instructor or equipment to perform. Most important fact about this App is that it is not time-consuming, rather you just need a few minutes to complete your target.

All workouts in this package are designed by experts and by spending a few minutes you can tone your muscles and you can get perfect six pack Abs at home. Here warm-up and stretching exercises are composed for you to exercise perfectly. Also, this App avails you with animation and video guidance for all exercises. Some more features regarding this are, it records your daily performance, can make a chart for your weight trends and customize your workout reminders. So you can go with secured and healthy exercise towards the way of fit and healthy body.

30-day Fitness challenge-Workout at Home:

work out at home ! it seems quite attractive to do your work out home without spending the extra time. you can do it any time of your own choice. The 30 Day Fitness challenge brings a bundle of exercises by professional fitness trainers. All these workouts are scientifically approved for health and fitness.

This App can be synchronized with burned calorie data on Google Fit, you can see the astonishing output buy getting in touch with it. This App consists of 30 days workout schedule. You can increase your exercise intensity day by day according to a programmed schedule. you just need your own body weight and few minutes a day to lose your calories.

Important features for this App are, it tracks your progress automatically, reminds you about exercise, increase workout stepwise, fully video assistance etc. It gives you full body 30-day challenge including Abs and Buts particularly.

30 Tage Fitness Challenge
30 Tage Fitness Challenge

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Abs Workout-Burn Belly Fat with No Equipment:

Abs are one of the difficult parts of a body to flatten. General basic crunches cant work properly on belly fat. you need something under scientific and professional core to tone belly muscles.

This App is again a 30-day challenge consist of belly workout. These professional exercises help you to trim your waistline and tone your muscles.  By doing these exercises daily you can regain your self-confidence with a slimmer beautiful body tone.

This app again doesn’t need any equipment and instructor you can do it at home at any time. Videos and animations help you to get proper idea about exercise. Other important features are, it gives you different workouts daily, record weight loss progress in the graph, constantly increase exercise intensity, record burned calories, trainer suggestions help in exercise and much more. This workout plan is suitable for all ie beginners and experts.

Female Fitness-women Workout:

This App is specially designed for women fitness and health. By giving seven minutes a day you can get a perfect Abs, toned buts, slimmer legs, and trimmed waistline. Hence it is a complete package for the whole body. you can do it at home without instructor and machinery very easily.

Main features for having this app are, it consists of effective exercises which can lead you to maximum weight loss, all the exercises are scientifically approved and professionally tested, warm up and stretching routines, video and animation orientation to get a quick idea about how to do  steps, coach advice at each exercise, follow your weight loss improvement etc. This App is completely free for women and it doesn’t contain any locking feature. Equally friendly for beginners and pros.

Home workout for Men-Body building:

Home workout for Men offers you aerobic routines for weight loss and bodybuilding. You can do it at home without any equipment and coach. It consists of 21 levels for each body part. This App focuses on five major muscle groups, for instance, Chest, Arm, Abs, Shoulder & back and Legs workouts. Similarly, each category comprises different workouts like Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, Plank, Jumping Jacks, Crunches and Lunges.

All exercises are professionally and scientifically proven for a perfect and healthy body. It is just like your personal trainer to help you to do exercise in a perfect way. This App suggests you do exercise at least 3 days a week for better output. By doing these exercises a few minutes can tone your body in a way you desired.

Attractive features for this App are, consist of 21 level workout, can lose weight, get toned and build muscles, customized your workout routine, Follow your weight trends with charts, video and animation direction with instructions, customized your workout reminders and also all your training progress is automatically recorded.

Six Packs in 30 Days- Abs Workout:

Belly fat is a challenging issue for all, especially when you have a shortage of time. This Android App is user-friendly anybody can do his anywhere anytime. This is a 30-day workout routine with three levels of workout plans Lose Belly Fat, Rock Hard Abs, and then Six Pack Abs. you can find out exercises that are suitable for you.

This 30 days workout package give you daily exercises so you can have whatever you want. It depends on your goal and by following instructions you will be amazed by results. All exercises help you to tone you Abs and trim your waistline. Exercise intensity will increase gradually so you can get a perfect result.

All exercises are professionally designed so actually you are availing a personal coach at home. Main features for this app are, animations and videos help you to strengthen your abdominal muscles and guide you with useful tips, customize workout reminders, suitable for all, automatically recorded daily progress, gradually increase the intensity of exercise and amazing workout for perfect Abs and stronger body.

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Workout App for Women at Home for Weight loss:

This is 30 days flat stomach challenge App. It is completely home-based and doesn’t require a coach or equipment. This program consists of full body workouts, gym workouts, intense women works out cardio to full body. This 30 days program is actually the training about how to shape the body and tone the muscles at home.

Women are normally more conscious about weight loss, slimmed and toned body. So women most wanted and good exercises are weightloss workouts, squats, pushups, and lunge. This Android App helps you first warm-up session and then go to the main exercise. Most important fact I know about the workout is that basic exercise cant flattens your Abs, Abdominal fat should need some proper workout which can trim your waistline.

Prominent features for this App are, this Android App is totally free no any hidden or locked features, Gym workout for Belly Fat, daily But workout, Workout leggings, Bicep exercises. Body weight exercises, Furthermore this is equally useful for all users.

Abs Workout -21 Day Fitness challenge:

This application consists of 20 different Abs exercises to tone your body and flatten stomach with small time and without an instructor at home. Here Abs workout is  elaborated by professionals with two sets of levels:

Beginner- for people who are new to physical exercises.
Advanced-for experienced.
People with good eating habits can go through this challenge with 21 days. As each program consists of training to give you effective output by some physical activity but this can be effective if and only if you follow proper workout along with a good diet.

Prominent key features for this Application are, the only thing you need is your weight, it tracks your program daily, home base works out for both men and women, can be used while offline, daily workout reminders, two hard levels, twenty different Abs workout and strength training at home.

90 Tagesabsolvent-Training
90 Tagesabsolvent-Training
Developer: M Jack
Price: Free

Lose Weight in 30 Days:

Lose weight in 30 days is developed for you to lose weight instantly with a safe and easy way. An interesting feature in this App is that it not only provide you set of exercises but also provides diet plans. It is scientifically approved to improve your health and fitness. Again interesting feature in this App your workout and calorie data is synchronized with Google Fit. You just need to be punctual and stick with the program and you have a fantastic body.

This workout consists of Butt, Arms, Abdominal and legs exercises to lose your extra fat and tone your body beautifully. You can make yourself an expert in exercises by animations and videos provided by this App. As no equipment required for these exercises so you can perform these any time anywhere.

You can also track your calories and weight loss program by using graphs. It also allows you to set different targets for self-encouragement. Take a break after three days because the intensity of exercise gradually increases and your body needs to adjust with that. So the main features for this App are, its tracking weight loss and burned calories routine, low-calorie diet plan, video, and animated direction etc. This can be a good chance to tone your body.

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FitRate Fitness:

Fitrate Fitness is the best App to get trimmed and toned body. It motivates you to get the best results for your workout at home with your own personal fitness trainer.

With this App, you just need to select proper workout for your body and the rest of things are set by App itself. It will provide you content related to your setting, all the videos are led by trainers. They demonstrate all the exercises in your workout. your work out is recorded on daily basis. Calorie burn by doing a workout is elaborated by graphs and charts. Systematic exercises according to your choice are introduced so you can go easier to difficult workout and can tone your body in a safe and healthy way.

In this App, you can rate the videos for a level of difficulty, Accuracy of explanation, motivational value and even you can see how other people rate the same video. You can also replace the App suggested exercise if you don’t like it according to your choice of easy or difficult level. You can get points on completing your target and then convert those points into a discount on cool fitness clothes and equipment. You can also interact with the community of FitRate and get tips. you can personalize your workout to get more efficient results. More you are concerned about your workout more you can go ahead. This makes you fit and healthy which is moto of this App.

FitRate Fitness
FitRate Fitness
Developer: Eli Swed
Price: Free

Final Verdict

That’s it on the List Of Best Free Fitness Android Apps. Stay tuned for similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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