Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android

Best Home Screen Widgets for Android Widgets for Android

Widgets come in handy for Android users to lessen their work for themselves. People use to get the right widgets, so they do not have to go through lengthy steps every time they are willing to perform them. Though, according to our topic today, we are going to talk about Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android. Such widgets are the best way to make your phone compatible as you demand. So without any further delay, let’s get to the list of Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android.

List of Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android

Home Screen Widgets for Android serves well intrust of users to get what they want in no time. Fortunately, not all of the Android devices come with widgets that can make their phone’s UI look cool and more compatible. Though, I have listed 5 Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android. Head below to know about them:


In the current era, all of us are so busy in the daily routines that we forget about the things and the people who matter the most to us. So here now, TickTick widget has come forward to help Android users remember what they are missing and they have in the future. Basically, it’s a reminder widget which also comes with a day planner. The amazing part about this tool is that it has nine more widgets in-store for you. Another thing about TickTick is that it also helps its users to exchange stuff, so they can formally discuss each other’s projects as well.

TickTick for Android

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Google Widget

Do not be so amazed, Google Widget was first introduced for pixel 2-XL smartphones. But for now, users with different sort of Android devices can access it and use it according to their perspective. It pretty much filled every demand of a user willing to have shortcut way to perform their simpler tasks through Google. However, most of the Google supported framework mobile devices have it pre-installed in them as well.

Google Widget for Android

Calendar Widget: Month

Calendar Widget: Month help users get a colorful themed calender widget on the homescreen of their mobile device. It also helps them to connect this particular widget with Google calendar. However, this only widget comes with more than eighty-nine themes which you may very attractive as well. Though, it serves well intrust of users who are willing to sechulde their whole month activities and also want to know about them without a hassle.

Calendar Widget Month for Android

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Overdrop Weather

Overdrop Weather helps you make your phone out of this world. With the weather widget like you have never seen before. This animated widget comes with astonsihing themes which presents the idea of the nature. With more than thirty different widgets, it makes this tool the best one and you may never wanna miss giving it a try. However, this is a full weather forecast app which comes with variant home screen widgets.

Overdrop Weather for Android


Chronus also comes with weather widgets but also with an add of Clock. Another good thing about this widget is that it also supports Google services. This widget comes with variant customizable options which users can set according to their prespective. However, if also provides its users with the Always on Display feature as well. Like showing clock on the stand-by screen, displaying climate temparature and so on.

Chronus for Android

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Time Is Money!

Found the right widgets to reduce human time and effort? Hopefully, you got what you came for. Because it is the end of our guide on the list of Best Free Home Screen Widgets for Android. Feel free to feedback via the comments box below and do not forget to share our articles with your friends on social media. Stay tuned to TechPCApps for further articles as well. Thanks.

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