13 Best Root Apps For Android in 2020

Best Root Apps for Android

Rooting an Android device is a process that requires lots of attention from a user. But it works very well for an individual to get the right processing environment. Rooting works are similar to wishing for a thing to happen and see your demands happening right in front of your eyes. Fortunately, a user has to perform all of the lengthy steps for rooting an Android device by himself. You can get help but that’s it, if you are willing to make your dreams come true, you will have to work for it. Though after rooting a device, a user may feel like in need of Best Root apps for Android. Its because such apps are made to help a user get the right facilities for which he rooted his device.

List of 13 Best Root Apps for Android

Android industry is full of free apps that are made to help individuals get the right services as they desire. As for the users who rooted their device, they are desperately in need of such which can help them make the most out of their rooted device.  I have enlisted several best Root apps for Android which will help you enhance your mobile device experience. So without any further delay, let’s start our guide:


The reason I have enlisted Greenify is that this app is also used for stock Android devices. Its basic purpose is to allow a user to set the app restrictions. Like which app he wants to allow to run always and which app he wishes to remove from the background processing. For instance, Facebook and Whatsapp are something that every user wants to stay tuned with. You can allow such compulsory apps to run always and remove all the unnecessary apps from background processing.

Greenify for Android

Adblock Plus

As the name suggests, Adblock Plus is delivered to help users avoid being a victim of irritating online ads. It’s a very useful app for users who surf the internet a lot on their mobile devices.There are several customization options provided for users. A user only needs to make the right selection according to his preferences. Further, such an amazing app comes for free.

Adblock Plus for Android

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Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an app made specifically for Rooted Android devices. Its main service is to allow one to create a backup of his ROM. Users can create a full backup of their saved files with the help of this astounding app. Either they are media or system files, users can save any sort of files without any trouble. If needed, users can also set a time for backup files and stop some apps from working in a particular piece of time.

Titanium Backup for Android


Many of the Android devices come with less internal storage. For such devices, App2SD comes handy. Because it allows users to transfer app data from internal to external storage. Users can transfer any extension files. As well as, this app comes with terminal emulators, allowing one to execute shell commands on his Android device. Further, there are many facilities in it for rooted mobile devices. So if you have rooted your device, it works as a must-have app for you.

App2SD for Android

ROM Manager

ROM Manager app comes handy in allowing a user to customize his device ROM to the fullest. As he prefers to save ROMs either on his internet or external device, this app will facilitate you for both ways. In case, a user accidentally deleted ROMs from his mobile device, this app will help recover them as well. Though, the freemium version of this app is available on the Play Store.

ROM Manager for Android

JRummy Apps

JRummy Apps is not a single app but is an organization available on the Play Store. This only app development industry has provided several root apps for Android users. Seems like a user has rooted his smartphone recently and looking to find a way to make the most out of his device, he must head to the app delivered by this organization. All of the necessary apps are available which users can install according to their needs.

JRummy Apps for Android

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RAM Booster

RAM Booster comes as a cleaner app for mobile devices. It provides the service of clearing the RAM from the malicious app data. Users can trust this app for a better and reliable root experience. However, its main purpose is to clear the data of apps that you recently accessed. Increase your battery life and duration time as well.

RAM Booster for Android

Root Firewall Pro

Root Firewall Pro is made to deliver ease to internet users. Users can use this app to take full control of their internet bandwidth, create a firewall of their own to save tons of mobile data. Freeze apps which you are not using, for the time being, access only the apps which you find helpful. Further, select your internet connectivity as you prefer, either its 2G or 4G, choose anyone you like to.

Root Firewall Pro for Android

GL to SD

GL to SD focuses on providing the facilities to gamers. It is used to transfer specifically game data from internal to external storage. Not just the game data, but you can also even install your favorite games in external storage. Further, it also comes with many other facilities like mounting and unmounting game data, etc. Users can play their favorite games directly from the app but for updating purposes, they will have to visit the game store.

GL to SD for Android

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SoftKeyZ Root

Consider SoftKeyZ Root as a launcher app. It delivers you with tons of appearance customizations. Users are allowed to access tons of icons and buttons as they prefer to. Create folders and customize menus as well. Well, it’s a worthy app if you have rooted your Android device. Further, it’s safe and does not damage your default device settings.

SoftKeyZ Root for Android


Magisk comes as a necessary tool for rooted Android devices. It helps its users to use their rooted devices just like to use them in the stock firmware. Access every sort of official apps like Netflix or Pokemon Go, do as you like. Further, more than fifty million Android users trust this app for the rooting services. A user can also use Magisk for rooting his device. A pleasant interface is delivered and anyone can perform all the rooting processes easily.

Magisk for Android


Viper4Android provides the services of customizing the sound effects of your favorite music tracks. It is a sound equalizer that comes with so many customization options. Users are delivered with options for every audio device they wish to connect with their rooted Android device. Further, some settings are made by default for users who do not know much about audio customizations.

Viper4Android for Android

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Last by not least, KingRoot comes handy in rooting an Android device. It’s loved and trusted by millions of Android users to root their smartphones. To start working with this astounding app, a user has to install the app on his PC and as well on his Android device. After that, connect both of the devices with each other via USB cable. Now tap once on the root button and you are on the go.

KingRoot for Android

In The End

Here comes the end of the List of 13 Best Root Apps for Android in 2019. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below and stay tuned to TechPCApps for similar guides. In case you find our guide helpful for you, do not forget to share it with your friends on social media. Thanks.

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