List of 20+ Bing Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

Bing Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

Google is the most dominant search engine in the digital market, to make a stable position in front of it is a great task. Bingo takes this bold step and tries to make its place where millions of user prefer to use google. Bingo provides many advanced features that can be used to make your search better. It will offer you search Tips and tricks that help you to precise your search and search exactly you desired.

List of 20+ Bing Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

This article is all about the Bing search engine. How you narrow down your search, what are the main features and how it is compatible with Google search engine? Here I am going to explain all possible answers to these questions. Let have a look at its main features,

Text Transcription:

Text Transcription is the latest part of Bing Visual Search. This feature can help you to discover text or object trough picture. For this you need to take the picture of object or text and Bing will search it for you.

This Visual Transcription also helps you to save emails or contact by taking pictures. You can make a call by taking a picture of phone number similarly by clicking on email ID, it will directly add to the existing contact. Another interesting thing you can do is just take an Image of URL and visit the website by using Visual Transcription. I really like it.

Search Faster Through Images:

The Bing suggest you search through images. Really interesting! For this type of search, you need to use the advanced search box. You can drag an image of your desired search into an image search box. This image can be either drag from desktop or Bing. When you put a picture in a search box it will directly let you to the exact object or whatever you want.

This Bing Visual search also allows you to paste an image to proceed with your search. You can also use or paste URL directly to the search box. This type of visual search tip can narrow down your search and also save you

Bing Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

Bing Education Carousel:

Bing Education Carousel is another interesting tool related to education as its name suggest. Parents and students always want new ways of learning which are easy and quick too. Bing offers here quick learning through this tip.

Only you need to type ‘Education on Bing’, it will give you notes and helping material related to all topics related to science, maths, language and much more. You can make your concepts better and strong by using this. There is also material available for a particular topic that you can search by topic too. For instance, the Human skeleton, ASL, Elements, Solar System, Periodic Table etc. This is quite informative and time-saving tip for students and parents also,  as every topic is in your range in a very simple and easier way.

A Preview In Bing Video Search:

Bing video Search is developed in such a way that it can give you preview about the video. This again can save your time and give you quality search. Bing Video Search engine gives you the thumbnail images, when you click over it, will give you a small preview about the video. This tip can help you to perceive an idea about the clip that whether it is relevant to your search or not. So without visiting a website, you can guess about the video if it is not related to your desired content then you can skip and proceed for better search.

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Math Solver:

I simply say WOW to this trick from Bingo. This feature is especially for those who are weak in mathematics or don’t like the subject. It will give you an immediate and appropriate solution to the mathematical equations. Microsoft developed this feature with name Math Solver in Bing search engine.

This Math Solver is capable of solving all type of mathematical equations for you. You just take a picture of the equation, click on “Math” button, it will bring a complete solution of the equation in front of you. This step by step solution also consists of the explanation of steps. So now math is in your hand no more worries!

American Sign Language (ASL):

Now here is a very useful feature for people who have a hearing disability. This can be very helpful for students to learn about the language by using signs, videos, numbers etc. By typing “Sign Language” you can get almost 159 videos and 13 phrases in American Sign Language. The deaf community can take the benefit of this useful feature.

Code Sample Answer and Code Compiler:

Code Sample answer & Code compiler, this is an advanced feature related to Bing. There are two parts, let I take first part which is about Code Sample Answer. This is available to solve your programming related questions. In search engine type your Programming query and Bing search engine extract its code from available articles, online documentation or forum discussion. The answer to your search will appear in the search result with a source link.

Another part is Code Compiler, you can use Bing search as a Code Compiler. For example, you want to learn about Arrays in C++ language, type C++ Array in a search box, you will get a result with a code for Arrays. Here you can understand and modify the code, also change the values and compile it on the search page for immediate result.

Get NFL Stats :

This feature is for NFL lovers. There are a detail and comprehensive information on every NFL game. You can type about the game in the Bing search and get the required information. This can provide you with information about the game from the year 2000 to a current date.

Currency Converter:

Currency Converter helps you to convert one currency to other. You can type amount and desired currency in the Bing search bar. You will get the results in the result bar. For example 100 dollars in AED you will get the amount in AED.


For weather details, type weather with your current location, it will bring you with a weather forecast of five days in a search result. This can help you to plan your weekends. You can do it like Weather Abu Dhabi, it will provide you about weather details in Abu Dhabi for five days. It is very easy and simple way.


If you want to know about some word, its meaning and other information now it is very easy for you by using Bing search. Type a word with define or definition in Bing search box it will give you its meaning. For instance: define metabolism, Bing dictionary provide you information about metabolism.

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Find Document (PPT, MP3, PDF, ZIPS, Videos):

This feature of Bing uses the command, filetype: for searching documents. You can use filetype followed by document format and topic name. for example, “filetype: pdf human brain”. This search will provide you with a pdf document on the topic human brain.

The Bing search operator will provide you URLs contains pdf file on a mentioned topic. The same command can be used for other file types. There is a “Web View” option near to URL on a result page, by clicking it will open the corresponding file or a document on the browser.

Find Web Pages of Site that contains Specific file:

If you want to search all web pages that contain online documents, multimedia files etc you need to use the operator The contains: For example, you want to download ebook PDFs from website Bookboon. Then you need to type “site:Bookboon.comcontains: PDF”

This will give you PDFs file of all types from mentioned website. Similarly, if you want to have books on a specific topic then you can make your search more precise by using the command for instance PDFs on engineering books only then type “engineering contains: PDF” this will provide you PDFs from Bookboon on mentioned engineering only.

Bing Search Symbol:

All search engines contain search symbols to refine search results. Following are symbols used in Bing search engine,

” ” symbol:

If you are using quotes over particular sentences or words, it will provide you specific web page about those quoted words or sentences. This is helpful in finding an exact source about some text.

OR symbol:

OR symbol let you find web pages that contain either of the terms. You should write OR in the uppercase letter between the two words. Like torrent OR Beta Torrent.


This symbol is used between two words to search both words simultaneously. For example, you want to search for articles related to Fitness apps on TechPCApps you need to type Fitness apps+TechPCApps and you will get all the articles related to it on our website.


This symbol is used for the concept of elimination. If you want to eliminate something from text then use this symbol. For example, Tiger – truck will show you results for tiger only. By using -minus symbol Bing eliminate truck from searching.

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Filter Search Results by title, URL, Body or Anchor:

Following two bing search operators are important and useful if you host a website or blog,

Intitle: It used to find pages consisting of distinct keywords only in the title.

Example: intitle: Pakistan Hockey team

Inurl: This is used to find for web pages that contain a particular keyword in the URL.

Likewise, inbody or inanchor seems for keywords in body or anchor of the web page.

Limit the Size of Pictures in Image Search:

This Bing search tip is quite useful for searching for a perfect image. You can search for an image of specific pixel quality by using this command,


For instance, you want to have a picture for the panda in medium pixels then your command will be,

Panda imagesize: medium

Small medium and large picture qualities contain following pixels,

  • Small: width and height are less than 200 pixels.
  • Medium: width and height are between 200 to 500 pixels.
  • Large: width and height are greater than 200 pixels.

Find Content based on Meta Tags:

meta: this leads a filter stuff based on special tags in HTML.

For instance: meta: Search.os(“Windows 10 Pro”)

This lets you show all pages containing Windows 10 pro in the meta tag.

Find Location Particular results on Bing:

If you want to find the location for a specific country or region use the following command,

loc: or location:

you need to mention country, region or state name like this,

loc: Pakistan

Focus on a Specific Search Term:

To be focused on a search using the Bing search engine. You are advised to use this operator,


This will bring a focused result on your required topic. For example,

cricket Prefer:history

this operator fetches all the articles concerned with cricket history.

Find Language Particular Results:

This useful command helps you to have information in a specific language. This operator is used


for searching some topic related to cricket in French you need to type like this,

cricket language:fr

Limit Your Search to a given Root Domain:

If you want to limit your search to a specific root domain like .org, .edu, .gov etc then you can use this operator,


For example, science site/.edu

It will fetch websites relevant to science with root domain .edu

Find Terms within a Fixed Distance:

for fixing distance between two search terms command


can be used. For Example,

mango near:4 colour

This will search for the keyword “mango” within 4 words away from keyword “colour”

Find Specific RSS Feed:

This specific RSS feed helps you to make news reading convenient. The command for this purpose is,


For instance, you like to read political news, you can search a list of RSS feeds in Bing search by using the operator,


similarly, you can find RSS feed for other topics like technology, sports, fiction etc.

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Final Verdict

Thanks for your time spent on List of 20+ Bing Advanced Search Tips and Tricks. Stay tuned for similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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