Steps To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android in 2020

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

Our mobile devices come handy in accessing the whole world of the internet. Fortunately, the internet is filled with stuff that is not appropriate for every age user. There is some adultery stuff that you may not want your toddlers to access while they have your phone. Though, if you care for their wellness and want them to watch what they are supposed to. I have enlisted several Steps To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android. Let’s begin!

List of Steps To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android in 2020

Not every website is like Tumblr which provides the service of disabling safe mode. Also, Youtube serves as a trustworthy portal to live stream videos. Sadly, there are tons of online portals that do not facilitate its users with such services. So a user will have to take such mandatory precautions by himself to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phone. So, I have drafted four convenient Steps To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android. Such steps will help you overcome such a frustrating situation. Head below to know more on the subject:

Enable SafeSearch filter

The easiest way to block obligational online content is by enabling the SafeSearch filter. Such a feature is available in Google Play Store and its purpose is to allow one set parental controls on Android. However, its an easy task which users can perform without any hassle. To do so, head to the settings of the Play Store. Navigate to Parental controls and set a pin code only for your own Gmail account. Now, you will be allowed to enable such a feature. The great news is that users can also turn-on the SafeSearch filter in Chrome on Android by following the same steps.

Block Inappropriate Content on Android

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Norton Family parental control

Norton Family parental control is a third-party app that allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s online activities. This app delivers one with the services of setting restrictions for inappropriate content. Users can also acquire their services to monitor their toddler’s online activities as well. Though, if you register with the app, you can get notifications whenever your children are trying to break an obligation.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

Use DNS Changer

DNS Changer on Android also helps one set rules for online activities. This app comes as a healthy tool for every internet user. Apart from the fact that it allows one to set parental controls, it also facilitates a user with the services of surfing the internet safely. No lame websites are allowed to open through your phone. However, after installing this app, a user has to make customizations according to his preferences. Like if you are willing to block inappropriate websites, you need to select the OpenDNS option.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

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CleanBrowsing on Android

CleanBrowsing is another fascinating app to block adultery content. However, this app offers a user with two basic services accordingly to our subject here. One if of enabling parental controls in which all the adultery content, as well as all the proxies, get blocked. The other one is Free Adult Filter which only disables access to adultery online content. Nevertheless, users can also set a customized Filer for further convenience.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

Final Words

Here comes the end to our guide on Steps To Block Inappropriate Websites on Android. Do not forget to share our posts with others via social media. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below and stay tuned with for similar guides. Thanks.

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