How To Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without Losing Data

Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without Losing Data

No doubt! clearing cache can help users overcome many smartphone problems. But where there are tons of pros of such a facility, there are also some drawbacks while clearing cache on Samsung Note 10/10+ devices. For instance, there is no assurance of either your important data gets deleted or not. So if you are trying to stay safe while deleting cache on Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Please allow us to help you Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without losing Data. To be honest, you may have to perform more steps than normal cache deleting process but it’s worth it because you will not lose any beloved data.

Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without Losing Data

Benefits of Clearing Cache on Note 10/10+

There are tons of benefits of clearing cache on Note 10 and Note 10+ devices. But all of them are related to helping with the smartphone’s firmware, they will not ever help you in removing any hardware’s problem. But one cannot neglect using Cache memory, because it is made to help users increase the processing speed of their smartphone.

Each time you open an app or perform a particular task, your phone’s undivided attention is on saving the present activity inside the cache memory. It’s because, when a specific task is saved inside the cache, users can get their desired results in a lot less time. Well, if you are feeling annoyed by the present processing speed of your smartphone, your money should be always on clearing its cache memory. Because in a cache, when lots of processes are saved, they may cause your device to process slow or in a laggy manner.

How To Delete Cache on Note 10/10+ Without Losing Data

Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without Losing Data

If you are willing to clear cache without losing data, you will have to follow several steps provided below:

Deleting Cache on Note 10/10+ aka Wipe Cache Partition

  • Step#1: Press & Hold the power button for 4 to 5 seconds. Tap on Power off button and wait until shut down’s completely.
  • Step#2: Now press power & volume up key together for 5 to 10 seconds. When your mobile turns on, you can release the keys and only then, you will be directed to the Recovery mode on Note 10 or Note 10 plus.
  • Step#3: Use volume keys to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and press the power button to select it.
  • Step#4: It’s time you let the device know about your intention of wiping cache partition by selecting Yes option.
  • Step#5: After your device is deleted cache, you will be directed to the main interface of recovery mode.
  • Step#6: It’s time you select reboot into the system and use the power button to execute it.

Clearing App Cache on Note 10/10+

There is a good chance that some app’s cache is harming your phone’s performance speed. So if you want to get the job done conveniently and want to stay safe while doing the job, you may wanna consider clearing app cache manually. There is not much to do for performing this particular task, you don’t even need to shut down your mobile device as well.

So for clearing app cache, see what app you have used most recently. You can also see it as of which application’s cache you would like to remove. After you are done in choosing one app, open the phone’s settings. Here you will find lots of tabs, you are required to locate & visit the Apps tab. Now inside the Apps tab, select all and start seeing for the apps of which you want to clear cache. When you are inside an app’s menu, tap once on Storage. A simple UI will start to appear in front of you, first select clear data and then clear cache. When done, restart your Galaxy Note 10/10+ device.

Emptying Browser Cache on Note 10/10+

  • Open the web browser which you are using currently.
  • Tap once on the three-dotted menu button available on the top-right corner of the browser.
  • Open settings and navigate to privacy settings.
  • Tap on Clear browsing data.
  • Select the right columns of data storage and then tap on clear data.
  • Restart your web browser and you are good to go.

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Final Verdict: Here comes an end to our guide on How To Clear Cache on Note 10/10+ without Losing Data. We at TechPCApps would like to recommend you to perform all of the above-provided steps one by one. If you are facing any trouble, feel free to ask for suggestions through the comments box provided below. Thanks.

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