How To Configure Windows 10 For Elderly Person

We all think that development does not have enough to offer an ordinary person. But here we are wrong because there are lots of amazing things which development has to offer all of us. Let us take an example of our most wanted OS, yes Windows 10, this Microsoft official Operating system has lots of features for every age users. Most of them are not known by the users. So we are here to let users know what amazing things this modern era of development has to offer them.

Today our topic is: How To configure Windows 10 For Elderly Person. We all have parents, uncles, and aunts. Some of them may find it very difficult to run a modern OS, just like Windows 10. As this operating system is designed accordingly to the modern era. It also comes with its features for some old citizens.  With these features, it becomes very easy for the elder personas to use a computer. So without any delay, let us take you to the tutorial:

1. Calibrate Display Color

Windows 10 OS comes with a default tool to set the contrast level of your display. To start your process, you first need to Type Calibrate Display Color is the search bar, placed right next to your window button. Once opened, you will be provided with lots of display and texture options. But you do not need to set all of them To configure Windows 10 For Elderly Person. Just keep hitting the next button till the contrast menu appears on the screen of your PC/Laptop. Set your contrast level to the highest level.

2. Desktop Icons

In order to make a PC accessible for elder citizens, you must change the size of the icons placed on the desktop. Because it will become impossible for them to run the operating system if they cannot see how to start. If their eyesight is still good, then you may not have to perform this operation. Well, to start the operation, right click on your desktop with the help of your mouse. Now, choose to take your mouse cursor on the view button. Select the option “Large icons“.

configure Windows 10 For Elderly

3. Alter Font Size & Screen Resolution

Font Size & Screen Resolution matters a lot when you are willing To configure Windows 10 For Elderly Person. Because without it how they are gonna see the icons and read things by themselves. So in order to start operation, Click on the Windows button, now open Settings. Go to the System menu, Here your first menu will be of Display. Now, you can set your desired Font size and just beneath it, you will find the Screen Resolution option. You need to set the screen resolution to the lowest possible option.

configure Windows 10 For Elderly

Point to be noted: After you are done with all these operations, reboot your PC/Laptop in order to have all the things work properly.

That’s it for How To Configure Windows 10 For Elderly Person. Stay tuned for further tips/tricks and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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