How To Detect Fake Apps on Google Play

Android users come visit Google Play Store to discover official versions of apps & games. There was a time when millions of users trusted such an official portal with the security of their Android devices. Even the Chinese users get Google Installer APK for Chines Phones. See, how much value Play Store have even on the devices which are not officially made by Google. Sadly, now such a facility requires the real attention of Gmail users. Now they need to protect their own devices by identifying Fake apps on Google Play Store. It’s obvious that one needs to follow a number of steps on How To Detect Fake Apps on Google Play.  I have made a list which will help you overcome such a frustrating situation. Provided below are the helpful methods to Identify Fake Apps on Google Play Store.

How To Detect Fake Apps On Google Play

I have made a list of convenient methods to help you Detect Fake Apps on Google Play. A piece of advice for you, do not try to be smart and follow every method I have provided in the article below:

Method 1 – Identify Apps & Developer Name

 It’s an easy task but many of the beginner users fall into such a trap. In order to identify a Fake app w.r.t developers name, a user must try to install the one which has exactly the same keyword. For instance, I made a search of Super VPN on Play Store and it provided with dozens of apps which contain a similar keyword.

Detect Fake Apps Google Play

See for yourself in the provided screenshot that there are different apps with the same keyword, like SuperVPN & Super VPN. So its always works best if a Gmail user installs the first app provided in the search list. Further, a user can also see for the developer’s name but if he is sure.

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Method 2 – Examine Installs

Once you have opened an app, you must check out its installs value. Most of the users open an app and do not bother to scroll down, which results in falling into a trap. The provided method comes handy when you are trying to install a famous app like Whatsapp. So before installing such a popular app, scroll down a little and see for yourself, what is the number of installs.

Detect Fake Apps Google Play

Method 3 – Read App’s Description

To detect a fake app, look out for its provided description. If you see that the provided description is written poorly, it’s a fake app. Because the official app developers have hired professional writers to write their app’s description. It’s always written in a well-mannered way and even a toddler can understand what the app is about.

Detect Fake Apps Google Play

Method 4 – See App Reviews

As a matter of fact, the app reviews always work best in trust of users to detect fake apps on Google Play. Consider it yourself, if an app is good why would it have any bad ratings or reviews. So it is always to read the provided comments by yourself. Always spend a little moment to see the app ratings and comments before installing it.

Detect Fake Apps Google Play

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Start Contributing For Google Play Community

Every Google Play user is provided with the facility to report a fake app. So if you have enlisted a fake app accidentally, you can always report it to the Google support. To do so, just scroll down to the bottom and tap on Flag as inappropriate. After a user reports a fake app, Google personally checks that app as if it is fake or not.

Detect Fake Apps Google Play


What is a Fake app?

A fake app is something you can call as an app lame developers used only to gain money. There are dozens of fake apps available now, so it’s always good for a Play Store user to identify such apps before installing them.

Can Two Apps Have The Same Name on Google Play?

Fortunately, there is no way two apps can have a similar name. Google services have made it sure that no new app is introduced with a similar name of a previously developed app. Though there are some tricks which lame developers use, they put white space in the name which makes it very difficult for a user to get what they want.

Can a Fake App Defect Your Android Phone?

Most of the fake apps contain malware which can affect your Android device in a bad manner. But users have no guaranty if the app which they are about to install contains a virus or bug. In order to avoid apps which contain malware, try to read the provided ratings and comments provided from other users.

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