2020’s Top 10 Download Managers For Windows

Download Managers For Windows

We all do like to surf the internet to perform our desired online tasks. Even most of us like to hide our IP address while we are doing our private activities. Likely, at some point, every internet user feels a need to download a file from the internet. If we are direct downloading it from our web browser, we may get interrupted while performing this specific task. Also, there is a good chance we do not get fast downloading speed and end-up in falling asleep while downloading a file. To avoid becoming a victim of such frustrating situations, download managers are delivered in the market. With the help of such software, users can easily download variant files without a hassle. So in our guide, we are going to talk about 2020’s Top 10 Download Managers For Windows. Let’s Begin!

List of Top 10 Download Managers For Windows in 2020

Several programs are developed with a solemn purpose, to deliver malware to an end user’s device. Most of the time even users find themselves as becoming a victim of some cybercrime because of such lame software. That’s why we are going to talk about the Top 10 Download Managers For Windows in 2020. All of the provided programs are trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, but you will download them from a trusted source or the links provided by us. So without any further delay, let’s take you to the main guide:

NDM – Ninja Download Manager

NDM comes with a pleasant interface that allows users to download files from the internet. The unique facility of this software is to let users view files that are under the downloading process. Users can also use this program to schedule a download and even pause or start downloading whenever they want to. Likely, all the necessary tools are available in the interface and users can access them conveniently. Moreover, this program works well for users who like to download huge space files from the internet.

NDM For Windows

FDM – Free Download Manager

FDM is a fascinating download manager program available for Windows PC. It helps an individual to download multiple files with fast downloading speed. It delivers the bandwidth speed equally to files that are under the downloading process. This way, users get the same speed for every file they are about to save on their device. Not just that but also you can download torrents via free download manager. Furtherly, downloading torrents via torrent clients decrease your internet speed but FDM will not put you in such a frustrating situation.

FDM For Windows


EagleGet provides a secure and fast speed download manager for Windows. Just like FDM, it’s free but it does contain online ads. Though, users are provided with the choice either to see ads or share their network with other users just like users do while downloading torrents. Likely, the unique ability of this software is to notify users as if the file they are about to download is safe or not. Furtherly, consumers can get auto links of the online files that they open in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and some other famous browsers. But you need to make sure that URL protocols are supported by this software or not.

EagleGet For Windows


uGet is yet another amazing download manager for Windows PC. It comes with an interactive interface that most users found helpful. All the important tools are available on the home interface of this application. Also, it is really easy and simple to download files with uGet because of its ability to auto-detect files from the web browsers. Nevertheless, this program is free to access as well as there are no online ads.

uGet For Windows


JDownloader comes as a fully-featured download manager for a Windows computer. It supports all of the famous live streaming portals and asks you every time you are watching videos. Apart from the ordinary download manager features, users are provided with plenty of plug-ins that are available for free. Well, this software is free and users do not even have to buys ad-blockers to remove online ads because there are none delivered to them by JDownloader. Furthermore, it is a very fast processing downloader so it is considered to be one of the best download managers.

JDownloader For Windows

IDM – Internet Download Manager

IDM is one of a kind of download manager which needs no introduction. Its because it is one of the popular download managers for Windows. The reason behind the success of IDM is it’s easy to use processing phenomenon. Users with no knowledge of using such programs, they can easily acquire the services of this software to gain their perspective goals from the internet. Well, about the software, it allows you to download files from the internet conveniently. It supports all of the famous browsers out there, so it detects the online file by itself which are available for download. Nonetheless, this software is loved among users who like to download tons of videos. This astounding application does also allows you to download files while you are using proxies or some other ways to unblock the foreign websites.

IDM For Windows

iDownload Manager

If you are looking for a fully-featured but easy to access download manager, iDownload Manager for Windows is the right choice for you. Every piece of tool which you can imagine to help you download file conveniently, they are available in this application. All the files which you are about to download, you can manage them from the app’s interface easily. There are no complications delivered to the user of this beneficial software as well and also it’s free.

iDownload Manager for Windows

Xtreme Download Manager

Now, you can download whole playlists from Youtube with the help of Xtreme Download Manager. It is one of the best and the oldest download managers available for Windows PC. As the name suggests, its abilities are limitless, users can download videos as well as other extension files. Another thing that is liked about it is its service to help users download videos even when their IP address is faked out. Likely, it supports all of the famous browsers and live streaming portals such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, and many others.

Xtreme Download Manager For Windows

FRD – Free Rapid Downloader

FRD is yet another beneficial download manager for Windows. The unique ability of this software is to allow users to download files from cloud storage services without a hassle. All of the famous cloud services are supported by this program and users are provided with a download link each time they open a file online. Also, this software automatically detects videos you live stream on variant websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on. All of its services are free and also there are no online ads provided to a user.

Free Rapid Downloader For Windows



BitComet is basically a torrent download manager. But users can also access it to download short files with the help URLs. Though, there is no need for users to copy the links and past them in the software interface. Because this downlaod mananger can detect all of the downloadable links from every single of the webpage you visit. It is supported by most of the browsers and users can also use it to download videos while using a proxy.

BitComet For Windows

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