Guide To Erase Android Device Data Without Internet

Erase Android Device Data Without Internet

In the past few years, Google has provided well accordingly to the needs of Android users. For instance, Google’s Find my lost device service which allowed users to track down lost/ stolen Android device. Though, such a service only works when your device is connected with the internet. So, today I am going to provide you with a guide to Erase Android Device Data Without Internet. This way you can easily erase the data of your Android device even if your device is not connected with the internet. Let’s Start!

How To Erase Android Device Data Without Internet

Before we start our guide on how to Erase Android Device Data Without Internet. Let me tell you that we are going to you the service of a third-party app known as Eradoo which is known to be the best alternative to Find My Device app. However, such an app can help you achieve your goal of deleting data from the Android device without a hassle. So without further delay, let’s start our guide:

Erase Android Device Data Without Internet Using Eradoo

The reason why I have mentioned Eradoo as the best Find My Device alternative is that this only app got the guts to compete with Google services. It provides you with the services which you may not find in any Tracker app for Android. Though, the astonishing facility which I find amazing is of letting a user get the number of the SIM which is inserted in their  Android device. Likely, it does allow its users to erase whole data saved on their Android device.

Erase Android Device Data Without Internet

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Delete Android Device Data Without Internet

It’s a little trickier to work with Eradoo app for Android. Its because this app comes with fully featured and comes with tons of services. So if you are here to use Eradoo to delete Android device data, follow the easy steps provided below:

  • Firstly, Download & install Eradoo for Android.
  • Now, tap once on the connect button to trigger it.
  • Allow Eradoo app with the permissions it asks from you.
  • See if the connect button turns to red color because it is the only way to know if the app has started processing.
  • Go To settings of Eradoo app.
  • Here, see for the triggers section if you only want to delete SMS or want to send a message on your lost Android device.
  • If you want a total wipeout action, you can head to the Actions menu erase phone data or choose other options, as you prefer.

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Safety Comes First

That is all for the guide to Erase Android Device Data Without Internet. In case you feel trouble in completing the process by yourself, feel free to ask questions via comments box provided below. Stay tuned with TechPCApps for further guides. Thanks.

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