Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root (2020)

Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root

Whatsapp is known to be the most beloved platform for sending messages and making free audio & video calls. Now that it also comes with a feature just like SnapChat, which is still known to be the most secure social media portal out there. With Whatsapp status, users can set a photo or a video, that would appear for 24hours and after that, it disappears in the wind. Though, this feature comes with a con that users want to remove desperately. Yes, users want to increase the WhatsApp Status Videos time limit of 30seconds. So if you are looking for the right trick for such a cause, head below to know how it is done.

How To Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root

There are tons for tricks to increase Whatsapp Status Video Length. But not all of them can be done on the stock Android firmware. For them, users need to root their devices, which I do not worthy for this particular task. Fortunately, there are some tips/tricks to help users Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root. Follow the provided guide below to know about them:

Split Videos via WhatsCut Pro

First of all, we all know that if we add a full-length video in Whatsapp, it allows us to only share 30seconds videos from any part. But with apps like WhatsCut Pro, users can easily share videos make smaller videos and then share them in Whatsapp status. For instance, if you have a video of 5mins, you can cut the video into pieces of 30seconds. Now add them one by one sequentially, here you. Likely, there is a default video cutter in WhatsApp but while using it, users forget the time and also it is a little hard to remember where you left & where to start again. That’s why I would recommend you use this third-party app for this specific task.

WhatsCut Pro for Whatsapp

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Use GIF Maker

Another way to Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root is by making a GIF of your favorite videos. Its because Whatsapp has a time limit of 30seconds but there are no restrictions for an image file. So if you do not want multiple videos to set in your Whatsapp status, you can use it for this particular cause. Though, to start processing, download a GIF maker on your Android device. Use it to turn your videos into GIFs. This way, you will not be bothered by the Whatsapp status restrictions.

Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root

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Use Whatsapp Alternatives

If you are willing to stay in contact with your Whatsapp buddies but wish to have another platform. GBWhatsapp is what’s gonna help you achieve such a cause. With it, users can also share lengthy videos without any trouble. However, it may appear as a Whatsapp mod, but the is has to offer for the Whatsapp users, they are not available in the official version. At last, you can use GBWhatsapp to increase the Whatsapp status video time limit.

increase Whatsapp status video time limit

WhatsUp Boss!

Here comes an end to our guide to Extend Whatsapp Status Video Limit Without Root. In case you feel stuck in performing any of the provided steps, feel free to ask for help via the comments box. Do share our post on social media and stay tuned to TechPCApps for further guides. Thanks.

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