How To Find Hidden Files on Android

Find Hidden Files on Android

There are a number of hidden in every Android firmware. Mostly, such files are system files which are not delivered for the end-users but only for the developers of the device. But there are some reasons why a user would like to locate hidden files on his Android phone. For instance, he has transferred some files from his computer which were hidden. Also, sometimes a user needs to access the hidden files/folders for custom Android firmware. Well, the point being here is that if you can’t explore your own device, what’s the point of owning a smartphone. That’s why I will tell you How To Find Hidden Files on Android. Let’s Start!

3 Ways To Find Hidden Files on Android

In order to access hidden files on Android, we are going to follow three easy ways. All of the provided methods are easy to understand and you can imply them without a hassle. However, we also going to acquire the services of third-party apps for this specific task. Such apps are not harm-full, but users need to download them from trusted sources or from the link I provided to you. So without any further delay, let’s take you to the guide to Find Hidden Files on Android.

Built-in File Explorer

The first and most easy way to Find Hidden Files on Android is through the built-in file explorer. Nowadays, most of the smartphones are delivered with such a feature by default. So if you can find this feature in your Android device, you don’t need to follow the other two ways. Furtherly, head below to know the easy steps to view Hidden Files via default file explorer:

  • Open the built-in file explorer and tap on the hamburger icon.

Find Hidden Files on Android

  • Navigate to settings and here you need to locate the catalog of “Show hidden files”.

Find Hidden Files on Android

  • Once there, tap once on Show hidden files to enable it.

Find Hidden Files on Android

There you go, now all the hidden files are available at the doorstep of your device. Now you can access them according to your desire.

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Es File Explorer

There are some of the Chinese firmware phones who do not allow users to show hidden files via built-in file manager. If that’s the case, follow the convenient steps provided below:

Es File Explorer on Android

  • Firstly, install Es File Explorer on Android.
  • After the successful installation of the app, open it.
  • Now tap once on the three-lined menu button provided at the top-left corner.
  • Go To tools and enable “Show Hidden Files“.

Point To Be Noted: If you are willing to view system files on Android. Just near the show hidden files button, enable “Root Explorer”.

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is another app to deliver a user with numerous services. It’s also a good alternative to the Es file explorer. Likely, users can easily view hidden file with the help of this file manager. To know how it’s done, follow the steps provided below:

Astro File Manager on Android

  • Install Astro File Manager on Android and run it on your device.
  • From the home interface of the app, tap on the three-dotted icon placed at the top right corner.
  • Select view settings.
  • Go to Advanced and enable “Show hidden files”.

Now, you are good to find/recover hidden files on your android phone/tablet.

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