Find Lost Files You cannot remember in Windows 10

We all get so messed up in our daily routine jobs. It gets very difficult for us to have a memory of each n every moment of our life. Just like when we save a particular file on our Windows 10 OS. Sometimes we get lost in our memory that we are not being able to find it in the right moment. We go from here to there in search of these files but still can’t even remember where we stored them.

Not to worry, because there are some tricks for the users to help Find Lost Files You cannot remember in Windows 10.  Well, we will provide you with four of them. So you can choose to perform them by yourself and see which one of them works for you. Follow the guide below to start the tutorial:

1. Cortana Search Bar

First thing comes first, you have an amazing search tool in your Windows 10 OS. Yeah! Cortana search bar. This tool works by providing you with most similar things you crave for. To start your operation, click on the search bar placed right next to the windows button. Now, type your desired file name in it.  You will be provided with a number of things, you can choose to select the ones if you are provided with the right ones. Moreover, users can also choose to click on the See all activities button, but it will only work if you have accessed those files in the last few days.

Find Lost Files Windows 10

Users can also choose the filters option to improve their search results. After you click on the Filters button,  click on the right option where you think you might have saved your file.

                                                                          Find Lost Files Windows 10        Find Lost Files Windows 10

2. Date Modified

If you remember the last date when you saved or updated your file, there may be a solution for you to Find Lost Files You cannot remember in Windows 10. There is a tool for you installed by default in the File manager of your OS. You can easily access it with a single click. So Open your Desktop App named as File Explorer. Now, click on the search bar place at the just beside the URL bar. When you click on the search bar, you will start seeing a tab right after the view bar. You need to click on the Search button and then click on the date modifier in order to choose your desired date.

Find Lost Files Windows 10

3. File Extension

Your OS may get sometimes tricky with you. So it would be better for you to search for the files by entering their right extension. Like for image files, you need to enter .jpg or .png. But you must remember what kind of files you saved and what was the nature of your files. In order to proceed. You can choose the Cortana’s search bar as well as the search bar provided in the File Explorer.

Some of the file extensions:

  • .txt
  • .rtf
  • .pdf
  • .odt
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .docx

4. Worst case scenario

Your worst case scenario is that if you cannot even remember the name of your saved file. So there may be a tip/trick for you to Find Lost Files You cannot remember in Windows 10. But for that, you will have to see for your recent documents, which you have come across in the past few days. For that, click on the Quick Access button placed at the left corner in the File Explorer.

Find Lost Files Windows 10

That’s it for how to Find Lost Files You cannot remember in Windows 10. Stay tuned for similar tips/tricks and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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