First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Android industry has a lot to offer us. Also, this industry is known as the most famous and wide one. Google has made it sure that an Android user should not feel embarrassed or feel any sort of hesitation while buying it. As there are lots of features, most of which are hidden from the users because they do not know if such characteristics exist in reality. So our goal here is to tell about such things which exist for a long time and they do not know about them. Especially, the First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone. Because the things done at first will allow our viewers to extend the lifetime of their Android Phone and also to have a pleasant smartphone experience. So let’s start!

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

We have encountered a number of things for our users. All the things need the attention of an individual after he buys a new Android Phone. Also, we have gathered a number of useful things which a user can do by himself easily. Hopefully, all of the things provided below will help you enjoy your new smartphone. Head below to know about the useful stuff:

What’s Inside The Box?

First thing’s first, after an individual buys a new Android phone. He should try to fully explore the things which are available in his device’s box. Like headphones, charging adapters or cables, sim ejector etc. You know that all of the things are necessary, so try to see all of them as if they are available in the box or not. Another thing which a user should do is to read out all the device guides. They are available in all smartphones, so it’s good for a user to read them out by himself in order to avoid future complications.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

EveryThing’s Ok?

Try to see for things if they are physically not broken. Most of the users buy new smartphones from the online store like Amazon, eBay etc. So for such individuals, they should try to first focus on the physical health of their precious devices. Because if they pay attention to such problems after nine or ten days, they may not get to have reclaim warranty. So check your device properly as if it is not broken or damaged from any side.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Connect Charging

After an individual boot in, he must first try to charge his phone’s battery to full. Because such a thing is good rather than being stopped in the middle of processing. Even the developers suggest it that this act increases the lifetime of a device’s battery and also keeps the intrust of a person intact with his device.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Connecting Wifi

It always works best in trust for the individuals to first connect to wifi on their new smartphone device. In such a way, they get to avoid newly data connections and there are some other parts which cannot be done with a sim newly inserted into an Android device. Users may also feel a need to install a number of apps to help them make their experience good for themselves. So try to install more apps with the help of Wifi. Caution: Do not even try to connect your new device to public wifi, because it may harm your device with viruses and online bugs.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone


Clear Junk

When a device’s UI is developed, a number of things are added to the device which is not compatible with every person’s need. Likewise, a new smartphone consists of a number of account add-ons. An individual only needs one or two. Developers also know that but what they do not know is if what is the demand of a particular user. So they add all of them in the new phone. This way, it becomes the work of a user to remove such sort of add-ons from his device after considering the necessary ones.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Customize Home screen

In the beginning, a user must try to make changes to his device’s home screen. Because without it, it may look a little messier. As we know that when we buy a new phone, our home screen consists of unwanted app shortcuts and widgets. So it’s good for us to remove such unwanted things and make our phone look more pleasant than ever.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone


NoBloat is the process which means remove the unwanted applications from your smartphone. As you have bought a new device, there will be a number of things installed in it which you do not want anymore. So try to first get rid of such things in order to make your phone’s interface more smooth and clear to understand.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Enter Your Google Account

As a matter of fact, an Android device is nothing without a Gmail Account. Because without it, a person will have to root his device just to install a single app and also the device will become vulnerable. So, it’s always good to have a Gmail account because it provides tons of sync features to its users. Also, it allows a user to get official versions of apps and games.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Set Auto Updates

It is always good to set your new device to auto updates. In such a way, a user gets to stay away from online malware. Because once a virus or bug hits an Android version, there comes an update instantly. Fortunately, such updates help a user keep his device safe from the threats of cybercriminal activities. Also, it helps a user stay up to date with the new characteristics of his device transcription.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone


Access CLONEit

Cloneit is an app which needs no introduction. This app helps an individual to backup & restore his old stuff into the new one. Each one of us wishes to find a way to transfer our precious data into a new Android device. So this app works well for every user willing to perform this particular task. The app provides the facility for transferring data with the help of network or wifi. Users get to transfer different sort of data into their new device.

CLONEit for Android

Work With Google Now

It is always good to have a companion tell you what to have and what to do. Google Now is a feature installed in every smartphone which collects the daily activities of an individual on his smartphone. So it’s better if you got the deals which entrust you the most. Like which shopping malls are giving free coupons or what amazing deals are hitting on online stores. Consumers can also search for their desired things y entering the right keywords or by voice commands.

Google Now for Android

Configure Gmail App

After a user has entered a Gmail account is his device, he is provided with the access on Gmail app. This app helps a user manage and do different things with his emails directly from the app. As this app works well from the start. Still, a user is provided with the privilege to configure the app according to his needs. To do that, a user needs to go in the settings of this app and perform any sort of customizations without any restrictions.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Device Security

The security of your device is the most preferable thing to do. For such a cause, a user needs to go into the settings of his device and uncheck the unknown sources button. This way he gets to be away from the approach of malware apps and get to save an enormous amount of network data. If you installed Android Oreo, then you must go into the Install unknown apps section to see if the apps are enabled or disabled.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

USB Debugging

USB Debugging comes in handy for the users when they have to connect their Android device with their PC/Laptop. Rather than transferring data from one device to another, a user can also use the services of such feature in case he forgets his pattern or lock code of his device. So if he enabled such service from the start, it will help him to reset the security settings with the help of his other device (PC/Laptop).

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Install Google Photos

Google Photos is an app which fulfills ones need to have a backup of his pictures and videos. Most of the times, this app is installed by default on a user’s device. He just needs to open this useful app in order to start the sync operation for the photos saved on his device. As this app is the official product of Google, a user gets to have 15GB of free Cloud data.

Google Photos for Android

Configure Google Play Store

Google Play Store comes as a biggest and the safest platform to install Android games/apps on smartphones. But a user must provide it with his Gmail ID or else will be denied to access this portal. However, our point here is that a user new to Android should see for himself what this platform has to offer. See for the things and if needed, go into its settings in order to make further customizations.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is an app on Play store which helps users to get the exact location of their device. In case a user’s device gets lost, this app will help him to control and take the security precautions from a long distance. Our point here is that a user must install this app in order to take precautionary safety steps for future.

Google Find My Device for Android


Go With Apps

Now, its time for users to install their desired necessary apps. Like the VPNs, the podcast apps and so on. Such can be easily downloaded from the Play Store and can be accessed conveniently. Users get to have both free and paid apps from the Google Play Store. When a user gets to be happy, so does the Google.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Adding Useful Widgets

Widgets are something which makes the effort of an individual much lesser. This way one gets to perform his desired operations from the home screen of his device. So when you buy a new smartphone, try to add your most preferable widgets to your home screen. Perform operations directly from your such shortcuts and make yourself feel proud as being a part of Android industry.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Customize the Notification Panel

Another good feature for Android users has a notification panel on their device. This panel comes in handy for the users in many ways. In some devices, there are shortcut buttons provided and some just show the installed app notifications. However, to make some customizations, one needs to go into apps sections and open his desired app settings in order to make changes.

First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone

Final Verdict

All of the above features and operations are provided for the Android Redmonds. They are just a little part of what an Android industry has to offer us nowadays. So try not to think of these operations as the only part of it, there is a lot more waiting for you to explore.

That’s all for First Things To Do After Buying Android Phone. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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