How To Fix Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Fix Error 0xc00007b

Mircosoft Inc. has the most number of users as compared to other OS industries. PC or Laptop users love to have a Windows operating system because they know it can be handled easily. From optimizing Windows to securing it for a better and safer experience, a user always gets to have what he demands for. Even most of the programs like download managers are free to use. But there are some tiny problems which may annoy users. For instance, Error 0xc00007b on Windows. So if you want to avoid having this error, use our guide of How To Fix Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/8/8.1/7. Let’s Begin!

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What is Error 0xc00007b?

There are some barriers which are never meant to be crossed even by a Windows user. That’s just the main concept of Error 0xc00007b. Because this error is caused when a user having 64-bit Windows OS tries to run an application of 32-bit or vice versa. So it’s before downloading an application or game on Windows, it is the duty of a Windows user to ensure his installed OS version. To do so, he only needs to right-click on my computer icon from the desktop. Select properties and here he can see what sort of operating system he is using currently.

In normal cases, most of the Windows bases applications are available in 64-bit. Even most of the survival games for PC are available specifically for that version. But to be sure, it’s always to good to first check your Windows OS version and then start downloading new files with or without download managers. Moreover, all the popular software provider websites do allow you to choose an operating system of your choice before downloading.

Fix Error 0xc00007b

How To Fix Error 0xc00007b?

Now that you know the main reason which causes Error 0xc00007b to occur. It is time we help you Fix Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/8/8.1 & 7.

  1. Installing Application Again
    There is a chance that the downloaded application file is fine but the application was unable to process properly. Taking consideration of this fact, you need to first uninstall the app and restart your computer. Now install the app again and see if it has started to work or not.
  2. Installing or Updating Dot Net Framework
    We know the dot net framework produces an important role in running applications on Windows. But if your .net framework is not up-to-date, you might be unable to install & run new applications. So if you have an old version of Dot Net Framework installed on your Windows PC or Laptop, you must update it and restart your computer. Afterward, check if the problem is solved.
  3. Run Applications As Administrator
    Account privileges can also be one cause of Error 0xc00007b. So every time you run an application, try to always run as administrator.
  4. Updating Your Computer
    It’s a chance that your computer or operating system is not fully up-to-date. So if that’s the case, you need to go to the computer settings and see if any updates are pending. If there are any pending Windows updates, you must update your OS and then reinstall the app.
  5. Downloading Visual C++
    There are times when Visual C++ can be the only cure for Error 0xc00007b. Because most of the applications run through C++ so you may need to install it and then try to run the app.
  6. Installing Directx
    Installing Directx can also help you overcome this particular issue. But before you install a new version, you are required to delete the older version. For that, go to file path c:\windows\system32 and del all the files which start with xinput1_*.dll. After deleting all files, start installing Directx latest version on Windows.
  7. Fixing Compatibility Issues
    If nothing seems to work, it’s time you start fixing the file compatibility issues. To do so, right-click on the raw file or .exe application file. Click on properties and go to compatibility option. Check the box named as Run this program in compatibility mode for. Here make a selection of Windows XP (service pack 3). When done, just click once on the OK button and you are good to go.

Wrap Up: Here comes an end to our guide of How To Fix Error 0xc00007b on Windows 10/8/8.1/7. Feel free to ask for suggestions according to our topic here. Please don’t forget to share our articles on social media with friends & family members. Keep visiting TechPCApps for future guides. Thanks.

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