How To Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error

Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working

No doubt, Whatsapp is the most beloved communication portal favorable by many. Users love because its totally free and even they are not annoyed by the online ads. Though, it was basically made to work with smartphones and users wanted to have a Whatsapp PC version. For that, Whatsapp web was introduced, which allowed users to connect their Whatsapp accounts with PC via web browsers. Though, Android emulators were still the best choice in accessing Whatsapp on PC. Because the web version can be a little buggy sometimes. So today, we are going to discuss How To Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error. Let’s Begin!

How To Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error

There are a number of solution which requires the attention of a user to Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error. We will discuss all of them. However, if you feel like your problem is solved, you can stop performing other steps. Likely, the provided can is helpful to Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error on every famous operating system. So if you are an Android, iOS, or Windows user, this guide is made for you. Head below to start the guide:

Check Whatsapp via Downdetector

Before we head to the other length steps, we need to consider what if there is nothing wrong with your device. What if Whatsapp servers are down for now and they are gonna be ok after a couple of minutes. To remove such misconception, you can visit Downdetector where you will be allowed to know about there server down/ up status. Just visit this website on your device and search for your desired online portal to see what’s its processing status.

Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working

Browser Compatibility

Whatsapp web is designed to work with all of the famous browsers. Like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and some others. But sometimes a user has installed an unfamous free browser on his device which is on which Whatsapp is not compatible. So it always works best intrust of users to access web version of whatsapp on a secured and popular browser.

Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working

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Update the Compatible Browser

Now that you are sure that Whatsapp web is compatible with the web browser installed on your device. Its time you check out as if such a browser is fully up to date or not. Because this can be a major problem that’s causing Whatsapp Web Not Working error. So if you are using a Chrome browser, visit chrome://settings/help. Here check if your browser is fully updated, if not, update it manually.

Whatsapp Web Not Working error

Wipe Cache & Cookies

Still facing the same problem? it’s time you wipe browsing cache & cookies. Because the expired cookies & the cache or your browser can be a cause of this particular problem. So if you like to wipe cache & cookies data on chrome browser, navigate to its settings. Swipe down a little and locate Advanced. In the Advanced menu, see for Clear browsing data. Here, pick out the time range and clear the cache & cookies data of Chrome browser.

Whatsapp Web Not Working error

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Update Whatsapp

In case you have disabled the automatic updates on their smartphone. It’s a possibility that your Whatsapp is not up-to-date. So if it’s not, it can be the reason why you are facing the Whatsapp Web Not Working error. So for that, you will have to update it manually by opening the Play store and open WhatsApp in it. Here tap on the update and you are good to go.

Whatsapp Web Not Working error

Check Internet Availability

The last case scenario to fix Whatsapp Web Not Working error is by checking as if your devices are properly connected with the internet. In some cases, a user’s device is not connected with the internet and he does not know what to do. Though, it would work well for you to have both of your mobile device & PC connected with the same network. Likely, if you are still facing troubles, you can always refresh your browser, restart both of your devices one by one and reboot the connected router as well.

Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working

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WhatsApp Worldwide!

There you go, our guide to Fix Whatsapp Web Not Working Error has come to an end. In case you feel stuck in performing any of the above-provided fixes, feel free to ask. Stay tuned to TechPCApps for further guides & do not forget to share our articles on social media. Thank you.

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