Top 7 Free Android Apps For Netflix Users

Android Apps for Netflix Users

Netflix is known to be the most beloved platform to access movies, TV shows, and other sorts of media files. The reason why it is loved by many is the availability of humongous variety. But sometimes a huge variety can also become a curse for you. Recently, we discussed Netflix Secret Codes which helped a lot of users to get their desired stuff frequently and without any hassle. For further convenience, we have drafted a list of Top 7 Free Android Apps for Netflix Users. Such apps are going to help Netflix user make the most out of it. So without any delay, let’s start!

List of Top 7 Free Android Apps for Netflix Users

There are a number of cinematic apps available on Play store that would help you enhance your live streaming experience. For instance, if you are an Android user, you can also use Showbox for Android to watch free movies & tv shows. However, we have drafted a number of cinematic apps specifically for Netflix users. Do get such apps if you really wish to make your time worth it while acquiring Netflix services.


JustWatch is an entertainment app which helps you stay tuned with the new updates on movies and tv shows. For Netflix, you can know whenever new contents are added. To do so, you need to select your location and then choose Netflix as the priority service. Though, you can also check it by yourself from time to time as well. For further convenience, you can also customize your search results.

JustWatch Android App For Netflix Users


Flutter is an app made only for Netflix users. Its main purpose is to help users get the ratings on movies & tv shows before watching them. Fortunately, this app delivers you with the data available on IMDB. For sure, such a platform is trusted by many to get the right ratings and reviews on new released movies & tv shows. Though, it makes a lot easier for a user to work with this app and it also delivers you with the right results even when you are using Netflix app.

Flutter Android App For Netflix Users

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Rave made it easy for two individuals to enjoy their favorite movies & tv shows together. Basically, it mirrors one user’s live streaming screen to another user’s device. After that you have chosen to share your online media with others, you only need to provide them with a share link assigned by this app. However, both of the users need to be a subscriber of Netflix to acquire the full services of this app.

Rave Android App For Netflix Users


As the name suggests, VidAngel comes handy in filtering the movies & tv shows. Things you do not to watch while you are with your family, they are totally removed from your remmondation list. Even if you want to watch a movie, you can filter see what is the percentage of adult content and can see if its ok to start live streaming it. However, to acquire this Android app’s services, you must connect your Netflix account with it.

VidAngel Android App For Netflix Users

Turbo VPN

You may consider why use a VPN while watching shows on Netflix. Its because Netflix provides you with the search results which are trending in your region. So in order to enhance your experience, you must try to download Turbo VPN on Android. With it, you can change your IP address and see for yourself, what amazing things Netflix has to offer you. Though, you will have to close Netflix app and then connect with VPN via different location. Then again open Netflix app and the recommended results will amaze you.

Turbo VPN Android App For Netflix Users

Simkl Lists

Simkl Lists helps one stay tuned with their favorite Netflix tv shows. Basically, it notifies you every time a new episode or movie is released in the market. Beside that, you can also stick with this app to get IDMB ratings and watch trailers of media content who are not even released yet. However, this app is also helpful for Amazon Video, Hule and many other live streaming portals.

Simkl Lists Android App For Netflix Users

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Secret Movie Categories

Secret Movie Categories is an app which delivers you with the hidden sections of Netflix movies and tv shows. Just like Netflix secrets codes, it provides you with a list of codes which you can imply them by yourself in the Netflix official app. Though, there is no need for you to connect this app with your Netflix account. You can just perform such operation without any hassle.

Secret Movie Categories For Netflix Users

Final Verdict

Here comes the end to our list of Free Android Apps for Netflix Users. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below and do not forget to share our posts via social media. Stay tuned with TechPCApps for similar guides as well. Thanks.

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