Best Free Google Chrome Substitutes in 2020 | Secure & Private

Best Free Google Chrome Substitutes

Google chrome is one of the most well-known internet browsers which can be used in multiple devices. There are many reasons to use Google chrome like its layout is very easy and simple and one can go through this without any special direction. Another special feature is speed, yeah its speed is very good. As some of the pages are sophisticated because of their difficult programming but chrome response to such websites are very efficient and always save your time by its efficiency and responsive behavior. But these Pros demand you some cost for using Google Chrome as a personal web browser.

Firstly, I want to discuss memory consumption taken by Google Chrome. This factor, in my opinion, is of great interest to those users who use multiple programs simultaneously. Your system may crash or slow down because of its negative impact on computer memory. Also, some new browsers offer customized layout which is quite comfortable for users but chromes layout is fixed you couldn’t make changes on it. Another issue with Chrome is its privacy concern, and you people agreed here with me, nobody appreciates interference to privacy. Privacy advocate groups have raised this serious concern. Chrome can have access to your searches and other browser information and they can use it for marketing purposes. This is a seriously condemned factor from my side!

List of Best Free Google Chrome Substitutes in 2020 | Secure & Private :

Here I am going to state some internet browsers which can be used in place of google chrome successfully. Follow the guide to start the list :


Here I am placing Firefox at the top of the list because it is one of the best replacement to Chrome because of its speed and privacy concern. As I stated earlier about privacy issues related to Chrome. In the case of Firefox, it offers you to control the sharing of data. There is a feature named “Tracking Protection”, this can protect you from tracking by different websites.

Recently, Mozilla offered another useful feature with the name “Firefox Monitor” which efficiently gives you information alert about tracking your password or email ID. Firefox doesn’t hang your system as its memory consumption on Ram is low as compared to Chrome. Mozilla has many Chrome-like features which make you comfort if you are a new user to it. It also hosts a good cluster of extensions etc. you can use a large number of tabs at a time because of its low memory consumption. Furthermore, you can avail of it for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, MacOS, etc.

Firefox for PC


Opera is a trending web browser for so long and you can take it as one of the best Chrome alternatives. It is best because it provides you not only speedy web browsing but also offers built-in features like VPN, Turbo Mode, AD Blocker, Battery saver, etc. It introduces smart features of speed dial and tabbed browsing. This browser is chromium-based and seems like chrome in some of its features.

Its built-in blocker is a great feature that makes internet stuff without advertisement which is a blessed thing. Is feature with name Turbo Mode is also a useful feature, it works in a way that speeds up the browsing by compressing data. There is a VPN tool in Opera, it is a built-in tool and is unlimited. It enhances the privacy of the user and also eliminated the restriction on content due to some country regulations. Here you can also save your battery to work anywhere which is, in fact, a good feature. You can use Opera to enjoy these attractive features. Opera is available for Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, etc.

Opera for PC


Vivaldi was launched in 2015 to satisfy users with a customized user interface. They use chromium engine code for browsing which is user-friendly and safe too. If you need a customized browser than Vivaldi is the best option for you. If I share information about privacy by using Vivaldi it is not wrong to say that it is completely safe and they never use user data or passwords. Here your data is protected by an end to end encryption it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Another interesting feature regarding this browser is its adaptive interface. If you are browsing this feature accentuates the color of your browse website. You can also customize tabs and make a sidebar. This offer of a sidebar is interesting i.e. you can edit your sidebar and place it anywhere you want. It may contain quick access to a website, your social networks, mostly used the website or anything you want.

Vivaldi also offers you different themes, containing different colors. You can also schedule themes than they change throughout the day and it seems very interesting. Vivaldi offer tab hibernation feature. This is also an interesting feature. It can save your memory when your tab is not activated. Hence your system is not burdened by multiple tabs. You can also use mouse gestures in this browser.

Vivaldi for PC

Tor Browser:

Tor Browser is a wonderful application at this time. If you want to personalize your web surfing or you want to hibernate from your organization in using certain websites and also if you don’t want others to look inside your privacy than Tor Browser is the best option for you.

It keeps you safe and you can hide your web surfing from others. Tor Browser was called “The Onion Browser” because of this complex structure. Complex structure from inside its programming. It consists of nested layers like onion layers that are responsible for the encryption of data several times and at the end, the last layer decrypts the innermost layer before it passing through the destination. So your IP address and geographical location are not revealed hence you are not visible to anyone. The Tor browser is available for Windows, Android, Linux, and macOS.

The mechanism of this browser is quite complex but itself at the user side is easy to use. It works like Mozilla Firefox, although its speed is relatively slow and the reason is its complex mechanism of encryption and decryption of data. But if want to be on the safe side than this is not a big deal!

Tor Browser for PC

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is built in multimedia-based features. It is also a good alternative to Google Chrome. Torch Brower is a built-in Media downloader and it allows you to download videos and music easily. It has a built-in torrent client that makes downloading efficient and easy. You can also play videos before they finished their downloading by using Torch player.

There is another interesting feature for music lovers i.e. “Torch Music”. This is a music extension in the browser and you can play music for free by using this. Furthermore, there are some other entertainment extensions like gaming extension with the name “Torch Games”. By using this feature you can avail of a huge collection of games for free. If you are interested in downloading media this browser is the best alternative for you. This browser supports only windows.

Torch Browser for PC

Brave Browser:

Brave Browser is a standard browser that let a user get to websites, display or play online stuff. You can download content free of cost. Here interesting feature offered i.e. its ad-blocking facility. You can block online ads appearing on different web pages. This website also eliminates trackers that poke your privacy and slow down your web surfing. Here I want to discuss an interesting feature called “Brave Payments” that allows you to reward sites that you browse mostly. They regularly offer tokens from web browsers that you can utilize to get the advantage of ad blocking during web surfing.

Brave Browser offers you different tabs by which you can manage your interests easily. It includes Tab previews, Tab pages, and session Tabs. Tab preview is quite useful as it gives you a preview about what you are going to browse. Similarly, other tabs like Tab pages tell you how many tabs per page and you have the option to pin tabs whenever you want them. Session Tabs are used to manage multiple social accounts. This feature is interesting too. The only cons that occur here are the lack of extensions. This is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Brave Browser for PC

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge is another web browser you can use alternatively. If you have not tried this I will recommend you to discover this browser too, if you feel scared to this about internet explorer than no need to worry it is quite different and provide you with speedy browsing and also attractive features. Not even these features are available on Google Chrome.

You can enjoy voice assistance with Cortana. You can create a list of articles you want to read somehow later. Without installing extensions or plugins you can draw, write and highlight on web pages I like this feature most. Microsoft Edge also allows you to read eBooks and PDF files. This browser is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Edge for PC

Safari Browser:

If you are using iOS or macOS technologies you are well aware of Safari. It is the best alternative to Chrome for users. It is safe to use and also speed is fast. The privacy features of Safari are quite attractive. It can secure you from trackers and block automatically such actions. This browser provides you clean interface in reading mode. You can save articles offline and read it later.

If you are concerned about speed than it is obvious that it performs well and protected too. This website prohibits videos from auto-playing. Also, it avoids you from distraction during reading. Safari is available for iOS and macOS.

Safari Browser for PC


Yandex is a chromium-based browser that gives a tough time to Google Chrome in all aspects. This comes from Russian search corporation Yandex. They use the Blink web browser engine. Its security feature is of great interest. They use DNScrypt technology for the security instantly encrypts communication on connecting to an open WiFi network.

This web Browser also checks web page security with the Yandex security system and downloads content with anti-virus named Kaspersky anti-virus. On slow connections to overcome speed issued they use Opera Turbo Technology.  Along with this it also benefits you to install extensions from Chrome Web Store and Opera Add-ons too. This is a customized user interface. Yandex is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac.

Yandex for PC

Epic Browser:

Epic Browser is also a good alternative to Chrome. They also focus on user privacy. This browser provides a very strong security setup. It is not as complex as Tor but they can protect you from tracking methods. Epic is built-in protection for Malware, crypto mining, tracking, Tracking, etc.

Another important feature regarding security is its encryption too which can hibernate your IP address and encrypt your traffic. Epic Browser doesn’t save any of the content as history or you can fetch back nothing. It also includes cookies and autofill information on different web pages. Once you close the tab all information about web surfing instantly delete by the browser. Epic is available for Mac and Windows only.

Epic Browser for PC

In The End

That’s it for the List of Best Free Google Chrome Substitutes in 2020 | Secure & Private. Stay tuned for further lists and do not forget to feedback in the comment box below. Thanks.

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