We all love entertainment and if entertainment is available at doorstep absolutely free than we love it even more. When you start our search with Google, it provides you with a huge list of free movies download websites. These websites may take you to the gateway of torrent malware. Even google recommend you these illegal websites with your favorite stuff. You can also grab your favorite stuff by searching for free online movies on torrent sites. By using these illegal websites you might be getting into trouble because of notorious viruses. Here Google can help you by giving you an option by deleting the pirate’s link from searched links so one can go ahead safely.

Alternatively, you can fix this trouble of pirated content by using legal websites. There are many legal websites where you can go safely and grab the content of your choice. These websites are protected from malicious malware. Although these sources have a limited amount of content but with the passage of time day by day they increase their collection.

Here I am telling you about a list of some free movie download sources from where you can grab quality content without sending money. These websites are safe to use and provide you with good stuff. Here I am stating a few top free movies download website for the year 2018, I am also going to highlight the main features of these websites and surely you will never feel regret to read this article.


The Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive

I place Internet Archive at the top of the free movie download websites list. There is a special for doing so. Actually, Internet Archive is a great website contains a very good high rated content for free download. Along with this, this legal website also free from malware and viruses. So you can go ahead safely.

Another attractive feature of the Internet Archive is a free virtual library card. It allows you to bookmark your favorite content, you can upload your videos and also you have access to public forums. This is really great!

If you do remember, a few years back Internet Archive just provided direct links to download movies for free. It was not favorable because most movies were failed to download because of its large size. But here torrents links become useful, and you can easily download any of content free of cost. Collection on this website is continuously growing day by day.


We all are well familiar with youtube. As youtube provide us a huge collection of all kind of videos. Millions of us are users of youtube. There are multiple channels through which you can enjoy stuff free of cost. A lot of content on youtube is in the public domain. They also provide youtube original TV shows and movies originally.

There are some well-known channels such as Maverick Movies, Popconflix, Paramount Vault etc. you can find a huge collection of movies, classic feature films and much more. It seems not simply to search for free movies on youtube but this is highly recommended because of its good streaming ability and also advertisement rate is low.

Open Culture:

Open Culture was founded in 2006. It is a multi-programmed platform. Its catalog consists of multiple sections i.e. Movies, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks, Online courses, and Language section. It offers high-quality content from all over the world. It is just an amazing collection of all sort of interests.

If I take its one section, i.e. movies, it contains superb collection in fact. Currently, it provides you more than a thousand movies online and this collection consists of Charlie Chaplin and Oscar Winning Movies.


Retrovision is a free online download website. It is very easy to search a content on Retrovision. Catalog on this website consists of different sections like Comedy, Adventure, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime, Drama, War and much more.

When you get into a goldmine of this website, you enjoy a huge collection of free TV shows and classic content. This is actually a source of classic collection and corresponds to Android App with name Classic UHF also. You can use this app to gather more stuff.

Although this website is easy to use, it is a collection of different categories. If you want all the stuff at one place, you need to hit all button at the top of the menu bar, for other assistance you can go to left sidebar too. If you want to make yourself updated about the recent content post you can also signup for the newsletter.

 The Roku:

The Rokuk

The Roku recently launched its free streaming channel and its completely in public domain you can use it even you don’t have a Roku hardware. This channel is well organized in different categories so you can go with your favorite stuff easily. Some of most rated content is Last Knights, Matrix Trilogy, Gravity and much more.

The only limitation occurs in this channel is that you need to sign up to grab entertainment.

Once you sign up you can enjoy all kind of content of your choice. This is a legal free streaming channel now it’s important from Roku that they update their channel for viewers regularly.

As Roku is only available in the United States. But don’t worry you can avail this opportunity by using VPN. VPN is quite a safe way to get into these sites. You can entertain yourself by using this. Roku hosts many of high rated TV shows movies etc.

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MoviesfoundOnline provides TV shows, independent films, Movies, stand-up comedy videos and more. This source provides free stuff related to comedy short films, documentaries

This website has public domain access to good content. You can enjoy movies and other stuff here. MoviesFoundOnline curious about their content. If they come to know about some copyright violation than they immediately remove the content.


Crackle is an inline free legal website. This is owned by Sony. This website host a lot of good content which can be a very good source of entertainment for you. If you want to go into this goldmine than you need to sign up first. According to your own preferences, you can create your own watch list.

As Crackle is a good source of intellectual content which is not available on other websites for free but you need to bear some advertising content on this site. Which is not a big deal I think!

You can also enjoy crackle by using their App for Android and iOS as well. Crackle host some popular content like Firefly, Sports Jeopardy and much more, you might be suffering from blocking of some stuff in your country but no worries you can go ahead by using VPN simply.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is somehow different from other channels. It works like traditional TV. You can watch different channels online from all over the world. They offer more than seventy-five channels from different sections. Pluto TV split into different categories like News, Movies, TV drama serials, Sports, Tech and you can explore much more.

Pluto TV provides you online free movies and other stuff so you can enjoy it free of cost. Other than different channels Pluto TV also introduced its own movie channel. If this channel is not available in your country you can avail VPN access.


PopcornFlix is owned by Screen Media Ventures. This is a free movie streaming website. You can avail original stuff here. The content on this website is under the public domain. So you can use any of content free from legacy risk.

You can entertain by this website on any device. Stuff is free and you have numerous collection of movies and TV shows. You can explore Action, Drama, comedy, Horror and much more. Along with this, you can also grab entertainment by full National Geographic series.


Hulu is a streaming website, but it is subscription type. You can try its free trial account but it contains limited content. To have full access you need to sign up to grab entertainment of your own choice.

Plus point of this channel is that you can stream more than a hundred movies without downloading. You can also avail free TV shows here. Hulu has an App for Android or iOS users so you can avail this on the app too. Here again, VPN is recommended for countries where it is restricted.

Classic Cinema Online:

If you are a follower of Classic Cinema Online than you are not going to be alone anytime. This can be your good buddy. This is a free movie download website. They host classic content like Mobey Dick, Lone Ranger and much more.

You can also avail their catalog to grab the stuff of your own choice. Here what you need is just a bowl of popcorns with this website.

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Vimeo is just like youtube. Likewise, it also has a very good collection of movies and other entertainment content. It is a good source to enjoy free online independent movies and documentaries. Along with this, there is a good collection of short movies too. Another interesting feature of Vimeo is not well known so far i.e. they also offer a section where you can demand the content of your choice on payment.



 Kanopy is a different kind of source of entertainment or either access to this site is different. This website has very good content of movies. You can access this site if you have a library card. Variety of library cards have access to Kanopy website. They also have Andriod or iOS App. they have a vast framework of more than four thousand campuses and libraries all over the world. Amount of content you can watch depends upon a library.


Yahoo-view is also a good option for free content. The content on this site is powered by Hulu or other websites. They provide a free content related with TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, and trailers etc. here videos are offered for a specific time period so below each video there is a message about time period left for it expires.

Again if there is a restriction in your country for this website then go to avail the option of VPN. You can grab the content of your choice from website very easily.

In The End:

That’s it for the List OF 14 TOP-RATED FREE LEGAL MOVIE DOWNLOAD WEBSITES. Stay tuned for further articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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