List of 10+ Best Free Legal Music websites to Download Songs

Free Legal Music websites to Download Songs

The internet is the world of entertainment, it offers hundreds of things to enjoy. Among them, music is a popular one. People want to listen and download free music. There are so many websites that provide free music to listen or download. All of them are not legal some are paid and some are not safe to download music because of Malware threat.

To protect your smartphone or a pc from virus and Malware it is important to know which source is best for you. People usually got confused by visiting different sites providing thousands of songs. Here I listed some websites which are free and safe to download your favourite music.

List of 10+ Best Free Legal Music websites to Download Songs:

Following are the best music streaming websites from where you can also download favourite music for free and safely,


SoundCloud is one of the most famous music websites that contains a very good collection of songs for free. This can also be viewed as the Spotify alternative to get online music for free. This music website contains a great collection of remix Hindi songs. These songs can be downloaded for free.

All the music on Sound Cloud is not free you need to pay for it. There is also some content that asked you to like a Facebook page to get a track. Content on Sound Cloud is uploaded by artist and popular musicians. To search songs you need to go through artist tags and bands in a search bar. You can download most of the music by simply hitting Free Download icon right below the track.



Jamendo is another music streaming website. This site is shielded by the Creative Commons license. This will give you the benefit of downloading music securely. If you are looking for independent music Jamendo is the best option for you but for mainstream tracks this site is not favourable either you pay to listen to and download songs or go for any other option.

Jamendo also provides a sonorous collection of music at good prices if you desired to license music for video, film or a commercial. This website can be the best option because it consists of radio stations and well-curated playlists that are updating on regular basis.



Audiomack can be regarded as a good SoundCloud alternative. This is an evolving music platform which has a friendly user interface and where can also share the music. You can ascertain great music collection as a music lover, this is a hub for music artists too. There is a well-managed catalogue consist of sections with name Trending, Top Albums, Top songs etc. you can go through these to discover your favourite one.Audiomack

Trending music section here consists of a collection which quite famous among young generation name Electronic, Reggae listed in real time and hottest Hip Hop. All the collection on Audiomack is not free of cost but music artists provide their famous songs and remix tracks for free downloading. You can stream innumerable songs through App which is free for both iOS and Android, this offer is also for desktop pc through a website.

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ReverbNation is quite famous among users. Many famous bands like Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes and The Civil Wars touch the sky because of this website. This website caught the credit by sharing music for free for users, these band got recognized by people and gathering a great applause.

ReverbNation provides free music for download for almost all types. The most popular collection here is alternative, pop and hip-hop. This site host almost four million artists, users, labels etc. They got a great appreciation from music lovers because of this attractive catalogue. There is a section with name Discover section fetch you a good collection of audio songs to download.



SoundClick is bit different website, here you can download music directly from an artist’s website. There are many music artists providing their music free of cost for music lovers. You can explore drastic collection here with respect to classes. Here licensed songs are available and also you can download free music which is need to sign up to enjoy songs here.soundclick

This website is bit cluttered, its user interface is not friendly but along with this, there are some interesting features you don’t want to ignore. You can custom radio stations, socialising with other listeners and exploring more about your favourite music artists. There is another attractive peculiarity where you can mail customized e-cards with themes like valentine’s day, birthday, any party with special text and background music of your own choice. was actually originated as an internet radio station in 2002, Audioscrobbler adopted this website in 2005. This site is based on a music recommender a system which has a task to collect information from different music websites and media players then this collected data is used to produce a personalised individual profile according to users musical taste and demand.

An important fact about this site which might be not unveiled to many users is its free songs downloading facility. You can download songs for free by using this website.



NoiseTrade is a free and legal website to download your favourite music. It has a fabulous collection of music albums by different artists. As this is a free website so songs are available for free but there is a condition to get full access to the album. You need to insert your email id and postal code to get a complete album.

To explore new songs on NoiseTrade is very easy and simple. You just need to go through the trending section and top downloads. Songs are played partially but to full you just give the required information. You will receive the album as a ZIP file consists of MP3 songs.



It is a Creative Common music platform. Songs on CCTrax are completely free and you can download safely. Its user interface is nicely presented, is divided into different categories according to genre, artist, label and license.

This website allows you to get the entire album at once this is a great option. you can listen to online songs from different categories like Dub, Ambient, Techno, Electronica etc. you are not required to create an account to listen or download the tunes.


Internet Archive:

This website with name Internet Archive is bit different. It is not only providing you with free music but also Podcasts, radio programs, audiobooks and live music. This is a versatile platform. Its audio library hosts more than two million free digital audio files. This website allows you to download music free of cost and reliably different formats like MP3 and OGG.

Although this website is not well categorised and managed you can make it simple by sorting them according to language, creator, year of publishing etc. you can also use a filter for example media type, topics, subjects and most viewed. This seems a bit difficult but you can find good content at last. You can find free music downloads from well-known artists like John Mayer, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran etc.

Internet Archive

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites and all of us are well aware of it. It contains all kind of music and you can stream music here very easily. But the issue with this well-famed website is its some rules. Not all the music content is downloadable here. To get this you need to search for songs by setting ac Creative Common license filter along with the type of music you want.

By using CC license you can get the music, it is free and innocuous to download. Again here its terms come in to play, you may need to pay the artist if you are going to use it your video or somewhere else.



Epitonic was established in 1999, it is one of the oldest websites provide free online MP3. It was created by established, indie-leaning labels and artists. It is curated website comprises of a huge collection of legal and free MP3 offered for streaming and downloading.

Latest songs can be discovered through its web-based audio stream. You can also personalised playlist on a website. You just need to sign up for this. This website is divided into various disciplines according to artists, genres, labels etc. By using these you can explore the best music of your choice.

In The End

That’s it for List of 10+ Best Free Legal Music websites to Download Songs. Stay tuned for further articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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