Google Assistant Routines : Create & Customize

Google Assistant Routines

 Google always try to make your life smooth by giving shortcuts by technology. It works on features which make you feel relax and comfort. Yeah, I am talking about Google Assistant, now no more worries, just order your google assistant by using few words just for once and stay relax it will do it daily.

Google assistant just demand you to set up the routine for you and get free from all. It will provide you with the comfort of doing daily tasking for you. It will save your time, energy and most importantly it will do many activities for you that might be you forget to do on daily basis.

Google Assistant Routines:

Now firstly, you need to know about Google Assistant Routines. These are the activities you want to do or commands you need to set up to incite different action by throwing a few words. There are few routines are already set for you in setting if you want them as it then leaves them and if want to alter than you can create according to your ease.

How to Customize Pre-Existing Routines:

In order to edit or create your own routine for Google Assistant, you need to do the following steps,

  • Open the Google App on your smartphone.
  • Now tap on the hamburger option at the right bottom.
  • Tap on settings, here are the details to set up the Google Assistant Routines.

In the setting tab, there are various sub-tabs related to Personal info, Services, Assistant, home etc. here select the Assistant tab and swipe it to get the Routines option.

Now in Routines, there are few created for you go through them. If you want to use them go simply but if you want to erase them then tap on the arrow pointing right side you will get a trash option at the top right. Just select it and Google shows you a message as a confirmation of the deletion step.

If you are interested to alter a bit then tap on the arrow which is pointing right. Here you need to tap under the already created word and tap on the x to the right of the word. This can erase the already created actions or routine.

Now its time to add new routine, for doing so you need to tap on the small blue circle to add new trigger words. There is a section with the name My Assistant Should, under this you have an option in blue with words Add Action. You can add action here that you specifically want or you get from a list of popular options.

There is an option Change Order to the side of My Assistant Should, by using this you can change the order also. If you want so, long press the option you want to move and slide it up where you want to place it.

There is an additional option for you to add media after completing the first step. By adding media action, you can add media options such as music, news, radio, sleep sounds, podcasts, and audiobooks etc.

Google Routine also avail you to be specific about your tasks. If you want to add music just tap on the cog wheel and type which kind of music you desired.

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New Google Routine:

In order to create a new Google Routine, tap on the blue circle at the bottom right. Next, all steps are the same as the edit Routine, just add the information to the new Routine.

There is only one difference that you need to enter everything by yourself. To save this new creation, tap on the check mark at the top.

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