List of New Google Pixel 3 camera Features

Google Pixel 3 camera Features

Google has officially launched the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones at its hardware event in New York City. The device introduced with a number of improvements in different aspects but the most important node which is of great interest for users is its camera.

No doubt, a prominent selling point of Google Pixel devices is its camera.  In phone photography, it continuously ranked at the top because of its features and characteristics. Google pixel devices also maintain their standard especially its camera has always ever best output.

We all heard a lot about this upcoming device, regarding its size, display, camera, cost etc. and now Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are in our hand. The device comes up with new AI-based camera characteristics, including Night Sight, Photo Booth, Top Shot and much more.

List of New Google Pixel 3 camera Features:

Let’s have a look at best Google Pixel 3 camera features,

Top Shot:

Top Shot is literally a most attractive aspect of Google Pixel 3 XL. It is working on a concept of artificial intelligence termed as AI. AI is quite active or intelligent as it takes some beautiful clicks without your command. These clicks might be taken by AI either before or after you click for a photo. Top Shot is actually working on AI principal as stated earlier. So it is built up with many human expressions, actions images and a lot. In this feature your camera has an information about smiling, laughing, sneezing etc. this will give you multiple clicks for a single picture so you can get the best one.

High Res Zoom:

High-Resolution Zoom is again a very good option for those who want a close-up click but with high-quality pixels. It is basically digital zoon without any of its ill effects. Google claims that this feature will definitely retain its clarity and sharpness when you zoomed in a photo. It will use a software which enables extra resolution to zoomed shots. This feature makes you comfort to use Google Pixel camera zoom. In this way, it captures a burst of pictures every picture focus on your movement and then it will merge all the pictures and end up with zoomed in a shot with high resolution.

Night Sight:

 Google Pixel devices are famous for dim light photography. Night Sight is an HDR on Steroids feature. This feature offers to capture pictures in dim light situations without using a flashlight. Experience with flash is often wired as it may wash out images, overexposing dark scenes etc. Night sight machine learning chooses the correct color and also select an appropriate exposure level depends on the content of the image. It brings you with the best click in low light shots.

Google Pixel 3 camera Features

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Improved HDR+ and Portrait mode:

This is the signature Google Pixel camera feature. Pixel 3’s camera is introduced with HDR+. In this feature, it can click up to eight frames and then merge them together to produce the best quality picture with zero shutter lag. Google also make improvement in Portrait mode. Now you can play with the picture by making background blur or you can focus on the background. Furthermore, you can also turn the background to monochrome by using ‘colour Pop’ effect.

Group selfie Camera:

In google Pixel devices, smartphones are introduced with dual camera. In this device, they eliminate an issue of capturing large size for a group selfie. This problem can be eliminated by placing a new wide lens in Pixel 3. In this feature, by using the front camera for selfie it will provide you an option to customize area in the frame. By clicking selfie camera you got a frame where you can put an area of your choice by swiping from far left to far right.

Google PlayGround:

Google Playground is an AR feature that can fill a picture or a video with life. This can be done by adding animated stickers, fun captions to photos and videos. Playemoji characters have a tendency to interact with each other and also with real living objects. They can also react to the user’s facial expression. You can also avail 3D stickers to pictures directly without going to the AR section.

Google Lens:

In this feature, google lens has been improved. With this new and improved lens in Google Pixel 3, you can now get real-time with business cards, QR codes, URLs and contact info. Here three-step procedure is minimized to a single step. You just need to point your camera without mode switching or gestures requirement. The processing is done on the device by using Pixel Visual Core so internet connection is not required.

Final Verdict

That’s it for List of New Google Pixel 3 camera Features. See what amazing things this astounding device has to offer you. Stay tuned for more similar articles and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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