Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing (Android & iOS)

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing

Pokemon Go fans are now cheered up with a new AR game known as Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Such a game comes is presented for players who love to enjoy their beloved Harry Potter stars in their surroundings. So what if you want to enjoy your AR gameplay in a different location? Would you try to find a way to fake a location in Harry Potter Wizards Unite? Would it be awesome, if you have to get gameplay according to your own laws? If you are trying to set the desired location manually, then our guide is made for you. Because here, we will tell you about Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location spoofing. This facility will allow you to get a fake location as well as set any location by faking out your GPS services.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing

How To Fake Location on Harry Potter Wizards Unite (Android & iOS)

As everybody is familiar with the storyline of Harry Potter. So the gameplay is just according to it but the only difference is that you get to enjoy it near your surroundings. All of the famous characters of professors, students, villains, everything from the Harry Potter story is available inside the game. Even the magic wands and potions are the same. However, for players who don’t a limited experience in an AR game like Harry Potter Wizards Unite, they can use our guide for location spoofing. But before that, you need to consider that it’s not legal and it can also become a cause of temporarily blocking of your in-game account. So do try it at your own risk and to be more cautious, try following the ways to hide your online identity before implying the provided steps below:

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing on Android

  • First of all download & install Fake GPS Go app on your Android device. (Download Link)
  • After its successful installation, navigate to the Settings of your smartphone.
  • Now Go To About phone -> Software information -> tap 7 times on Build number to enable developer options.
  • In Developer options, scroll down a little and open Mock Location app.
  • Here, select Fake GPS Go to start Location Spoofing on Harry Potter Wizards Unite.
  • Now turn on the GPS services from the notification bar and visit the Fake GPS Go app.
  • Select your desired location and to start playing the game with your desired location.
  • After selecting your favorite location, open the game to start playing it with a fake location.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing on iOS (Without Jailbreaking)

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the safari browser.
  • Here visit the Appinject.co website and in it, locate and open Harry Potter Wizards Unite.
  • Crack the app if needed or just follow the next step.
  • Now tap on the Get Started button and let the online portal install two apps on your device.
  • Tweak Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.
  • Here, location spoofer & joystick will be enabled at your device.
  • Open Harry Potter Wizards Unite game and tap & hold on the screen to turn on the joystick facility.
  • Hurry! now you have enabled Harry Potter Wizards Unite location spoofing on iOS devices.


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Is Harry Potter Wizards Unite Free?

Yes, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is free to play. But there are some in-app purchases for players who want to buy in-game products with the help of real money. Most of the buyable products are gold coins, potions, magic wands, and some other items.

Is Hogwarts Castle Real?

There is a castle named as Alnwick castle which is placed in the Northumberland. Such a mansion is used in variant series of Harry Potter. It is a very old-time castle which still has managed to stay alive because of the local government establishments.

Is Harry Potter a True Story?

Harry Potter is a fantasy world story written by the famous book writer Melissa Anelli. It was written in 2008 and was considered to be a very unique magical story because of the stars and characters introduced only in it.

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