How To Hide Your IP Address Online For Free in 2020

Hide IP Address Online For Free

It’s every internet user’s right to know how to change an IP address of his device. Because it allows him to surf the internet securely and privately. There was a time when the ISP didn’t monitor the online activities of its consumers. Sadly, because of the increment in the cybercrime activities, government officials have decided to monitor every single of the internet users. However, sometimes getting monitored also serves the best intrust of users but it can also be a source of the leakage of confidential logs. So to stay protected as well as private, we have drafted a full guide on How To Hide Your IP Address Online For Free. A full guide is provided to you, but you can choose whatever way meets your demands as well.

What is an IP Address?

IP aka internet protocol address is delivered to every internet user. It’s allotted so that your government and ISP agents can trace your location any time they want to. Though, every internet user is delivered with a unique IP each time he gets a successful connection with the internet. Likely, your IP address can be used to see your online activities, what’s save on your device and also to see your past internet surfing history.

How To Hide Your IP Address Online For Free

There are several reasons why you want to hide your IP address. For instance, you don’t like others to know about your online activities, want access to restricted websites, or for online security while using public WiFis. Though, I have drafted my guide for all of the device users. For Android users, iOS users as well as Windows PC users. So feel free to pick up from our guide according to your device:

Hide IP Address on Android

Fortunately, more than 80% of smartphone users own an Android device. It’s because of the facilities and the compatible platforms which are only available for Android users. That’s why hackers always focus on gathering individuals who have an Android mobile. So if you are one of such users, the following guide is drafted for you.

Access VPN Services

First of all, you need to know that VPN apps for Android are the best source to hide online identity. It’s a fact that there are more free VPN apps available in the Google Play Store as compared to the VPN applications for Windows. Its also because of the so many insecurities provided only to an Android phone user. Head below to know about some of the safest VPN apps:

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is the easiest to use app which allows users to become anonymous. It comes with an easy to understand interface through which users can start their connection conveniently. There are several proxy servers available in the app, some of the locations are America, Germany, Japan and so on. Though, it’s a freemium app that also comes with in-app purchases.

Hideman VPN on Android

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is famous for its friendly app interface. Users can start their connection with a single tap on the connect button and stay protected all the time. The reason for its popularity is its services to allow users to remove their online footsteps. This app is delivered for the users who connect their device with public WiFis or like to share their network with other users. Well, this app does provide you with 500MB free bandwidth every month. So if a user exceeds the limit, he will have to pay to get more services from the app.

SurfEasy VPN on Android

Opera VPN

Opera VPN serves well intrust of users who want to access the entire world available on the internet. The amazing part about this is its ability to hide its user’s identity on the internet. Not just that, but users are not bothered by bandwidth restrictions and also it does not slow the speed of the internet. Consumers get to surf the internet privately, without restrictions as well as with fast internet speed.

Opera VPN on Android

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is yet one of the best free VPN facilities you can find in the Play Store. It is loved and trusted by over fifty million internet users. The reason for its popularity is its simple and intuitive app design. Another reason which I found intriguing is the app’s support center, they reply to you frequently whenever you send an email to them. However, it is also a freemium app that users can also access without paying a penny.

Turbo VPN on Android


SuperVPN serves as the best of the best free VPN app available on Android. It provides a user with the facilities which every internet user is desperately in need of. Like avoiding online insecurities and bypassing geo-restrictions. However, there is no chance a hacker can trace the online activities done by a user of this app. Its because this app does not allow you to create your online footsteps. It removes your tracks in a glimpse of seconds. Like, this only VPN app is installed on more than eighty million Android devices.

SuperVPN on Android

Create Custom VPN

If you hesitate to acquire services of third-party VPN apps on Android, then you can always set up a VPN on your device manually. For such a cause, follow the convenient steps provided below:

  • Go To Settings of your Android device and head to the More tab.
  • Now add a VPN profile to start your processing of hiding your online identity. For that, you need to set-up a profile with your desired name and select the VPN protocols which meets your need the best. You may also be asked to enter a password and a username as well.
  • When done, you will be able to access the services of a custom VPN via entering your account credentials.

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Hide IP Address on iOS

To hide an IP address on iOS, users need to acquire the services of the best VPN apps available on apps store. Such apps are freemium because they provide services that are incomparable with free VPNs. Its because the iOS services always focus on the security of their consumers. That’s why a user is provided with the best products available in the market.


NordVPN is known to be the best secure VPN service available in the market. It assures a user’s identity remains hidden from any third-parties who are in search of victims for cybercrime. Likely, the app offers IP address from more than sixty countries and yet is the most favorable by the users who want total privacy on the internet. Though, its availability for every platform is the reason for its popularity.

NordVPN for iOS

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN is yet another secure VPN app available on the app store. It focuses on providing a user with high-speed internet and is specifically delivered for the iOS users who connect their device with a public network. However, most of the services of this app are free but if you want to access all of the proxy locations, you will have to subscribe to a premium version.

SurfEasy VPN for iOS

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access provides a user with a safe pathway to surf the internet. It is one of the best VPN apps which delivers proxy tunnels to its users. Such tunnels work like the subways which allow users to stay private on the internet. This producers of this app have their own proxy servers which are delivered to a user instantly after the successful connection.

Private Internet Access for iOS

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is also a secure VPN facility but it provides a limited bandwidth of 500MB per month. This app makes sure that their users are provided with the service of online security and privacy. Likely, users of this app can bypass WiFi firewalls without a hassle. No one can trace its user’s online tracks, because there are none made. All of the anonymity services of this app are provided to a user with the help of VPN tunneling.

TunnelBear VPN for iOS


ExpressVPN is one of the most favorable VPN service yet available in the market. It comes with proxy servers from 90+ countries and is also available for every famous operating system. If you are willing to trust a VPN to hide your online identity and never get traced, this app will be the best choice for you. The pricing plan of the app is suitable according to the app’s support center and the facilities provided only by the ExpressVPN team.

ExpressVPN for iOS

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Hide IP Address on Windows PC

If you own a computer running Windows OS, you may want to acquire services of a VPN while surfing the internet. Its because most of the users perform online activities on their Computer or Laptop. So they are delivered by the most online restrictions as well as online insecurities. So here, you can know about some the best VPN for Windows OS:

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is also available for every platform but its mostly loved by the Windows users. This program is developed according to the requirements of Windows users.  Such software allows a user to access blocked websites and online portals without getting monitored by the ISP and government agents. The proof of its success is delivered in the shape of its ratings which are 9.4 out of 10.

CyberGhost for Windows


TorVPN is yet the most secure and private VPN facility available for Windows PC. It helps a user to visit the entire world available on the internet without inconvenience. Its basically been used to bypass online censorship but is trusted by millions of users to hide their online identity as well. However, it’s affordable and also there is no comparison of its services with other VPN facilities.

TorVPN for Windows

OkayFreedom VPN

As the name suggests, OkayFreedom VPN is one of the best VPN services to access blocked content available on the internet. It comes with multiple proxy servers which allow users to visit any online portals without getting monitored. However, it gives 2GB of free bandwidth per month. Premium and unlimited services of this program will cost you $29.95.

OkayFreedom VPN for Windows


PD-Proxy is yet another VPN facility for Windows which is affordable. It gives a user 100MB free of internet data on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a VPN just to hide your online identity then this software works well for you. Though, you need to register either you are a free user or a premium one. Its because you cannot get a username & password if you don’t register.

PD-Proxy for Windows

HotSpot Shield Elite

HotSpot Shield Elite is one of the most famous and oldest proxy application available for Windows users. Its free but also comes with online ads. Though, this application does a fine job in hiding your online identity and also allowing you to surf the internet privately. Its also available for the popular platforms like Android, firefox, etc.

HotSpot Shield Elite For Windows

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Hide IP via Web Proxies

Web proxies serve as the most convenient way to hide IP Address any platform. Basically, its just a like through which you perform your private activities. Likely, there are a number of proxies available on the internet which earn through online ads. Users can also buy the ad blocker services to avoid seeing such annoying ads. As a matter of fact, Web proxies are the best source to hide your IP Address Online For Free.


Hidester is a well-known proxy among users who want their internet surfing to stay secure all the time. It’s a free proxy service which offers variant IP locations. It’s safer because it uses SSL proxy protocols through third-parties are unable to monitor you. Moreover, there are three basic services provided by Hidester. The facilities are safe, simple and fast internet experience.

Hide IP Address Online For Free is a proxy website which needs no introduction. It comes with a facility which is beneficial for every internet user out there. Users can hide their IP Adress Online For Free as well as access the blocked websites. The amazing about such a proxy portal is that it comes with tons of proxy locations. Users are allowed to select a server from a continent around the globe.

Hide IP Address Online For Free


If you want the most convenient portal to hide your IP address, VPNBook will be the best choice for you. This website comes with a simple and easy to use homepage. Users can visit their beloved websites by entering the URL in the portal and clicking once on the Go button. Nevertheless, consumers are also provided with a choice either they want a Random proxy or like to select it by themselves.

Hide IP Address Online For Free


HMA! alias Hide My Ass is a Dutch-based proxy website. It also comes with plenty of proxy locations that are provided according to the needs of every internet user. It does come in handy in faking your IP address but is also supportive for users who like to surf the internet with freedom. Furthermore, this facility serves good for students, workers, and also businessmen. All of these are because of the strong encryption process of 256-bit.

Hide IP Address Online For Free


If you want fast working proxy servers, KProxy is the right choice for you. It delivers you with multiple IPs of locations. Allowing a user to perform online activities without inconvenience. It’s a fact that most of the internet users are unaware of such a helpful website to hide their IP address. But I would suggest you if you like to be bothered by any sort of online restriction, their web portal serves best for you.

Hide IP Address Online For Free

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Hide IP via Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are worthy of trust. Users can trust these apps because most of them are provided by the tech giants. Also, they provide their services for free. But as there are a lot of them in the chrome store, we are only going to talk about the best five of them:


ZenMate changes the lP address of its users and delivers them with a fake one. Depending on the proxy server they choose to surf through. There are a lot of famous proxy locations available like the USA, UK, Canada and so on. All of the locations work well intrust of users whole like to stay private and also access the blocked online content.

ZenMate for Chrome


DotVPN is the best choice for internet users who like to avoid have complications while accessing their desirable online content. It comes with a built-in ad blocker services which remove all the online ads. Also, there are fully prepared proxy servers that are introduced only for the sake of internet users.

DotVPN For Chrome


If you are on the go and want to connect with public WiFis securely, Breakwall will help you claim such a reward. It’s fully trusted and tested by us. Though, it does offer a free trial which is amazing by the way. So you have to enter your email account credentials to register for free. Thus, the services are good for individuals who want to hide their IP address. So if you are one of such users who are willing to pay for their privacy, this VPN software will be a good choice for you.

Breakwall for Chrome


Looking for an unlimited free VPN? If yes, then Hola serves best for you. It is the most favorable Chrome extension which lots of users like to download. The services are amazing for both bypassing firewalls as well as to hide your IP address. The main thing about the app is its variety of IP locations. There are numerous locations providing variant IP addresses for the users.

Hola for Chrome


A VPN service that lasts forever for Chrome users, Browsec is the right name of the extension which provides such services. It comes with a simple interface that users can use according to their needs. After the installation of this extension, a user is provided with a recommended connection and a button that’s waiting for the approval to connect you. After you have enabled this Chrome extension, you can surf privately and securely without a hassle.

Browsec for Chrome

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Stay Private!

Here comes an end to our guide on How To Hide Your IP Address Online For Free. We have delivered you with the most compatible ways according to the installed operating systems. We hope that our guide was beneficial enough that you will able to make the best selection for your online privacy. We also recommend you share our article with your friends & foes via social media buttons provided below. Want an add-up in the article? Do tell us by commenting in the comments box beneath the social media icons. Stay tuned to TechPCApps for further helpful guides. Thanks.

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