How To Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS Version

Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS

No doubt! iPhone has the most number of restrictions one can encounter in a smartphone. But they all are made for the security of the very own iOS users. Sometimes a user gets frustrated by such complications and start to jailbreak iOS device without thinking about the futuristic inhabitants. It’s a fact, that you get to have several facilities in a jailbroken iPhone than before. Well, there is a tiny problem when you consider updating your iOS version. For that, we have drafted a convenient guide of How To Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS Version. Let’s start!

How To Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS Version

There is no need to follow any sort of complicated steps to update the Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS version. It’s because we will tell you the most convenient method to get the job done. But before leading to such a process, we want you to take consideration of following some steps provided below:

Creating a Backup on iPhone

The first thing you need to do is create a whole backup of data saved on your iOS device. Because there is a chance of data loss in updating jailbroken iPhones. Though, you are allowed to access the services of backup apps. But if you don’t have such applications installed on your iPhone or iPad, then you should stick with the iCloud services.

To create a backup via iCloud, you are required to follow some steps. First of all, open the iPhone’s settings. Now navigate to iCloud tab. Here you need to go Storage & Backup > iCloud Backup > Back up now. Afterward, it will start to backup files & data and you will be notified when the process is done.

Backup on iPhone

Installing Latest iOS on Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

The first thing you need to consider is that it’s not safe to update jailbroken iPhone without computer. That’s why we are going to use some convenient steps to solve the issue safely and soundly. So here, we are going to update jailbroken iPhone to latest iOS version via iTunes. Head below to know how it is performed easily:

Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS

  1. Update your iTunes version on PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to computer or iMac.
  3. After connecting iPhone to PC, you will be asked to download the iOS update. Click on the Download and Update button.
  4. In case, you are not notified by any iOS update pop-ups. You can click once on the connected device’s icon available on the left-top corner. Now, hit the Check for Update button.
  5. It’s time you start following the onscreen instruction for complete upgrading jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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Final Words: Here comes an end to our guide of How To Update Jailbroken iPhone to Latest iOS Version. For a head’s up, you will need to jailbreak your iOS again after performing this process. But in our opinion in TechPCApps, you may wanna consider sticking with the official iOS version for some time. That’s all, thanks.

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