How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite

Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite

Nowadays, there are lots of insecurities on the internet. Users get so confused while doing their simple tasks on the internet. But what is the meaning of having Google services, if they cannot help us solve lame internet security problems? Well, today we will provide you with a solution on How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite. Follow the guide in order to start the tutorial:

Confidential Mode Or G Suite

Just like an incognito mode, users have a privilege of surfing the internet privately and without having any history of your activities. There is a feature developed for all of the Gmail account holders. This feature allows them to make and send emails which work as a time bomb. All of these kinds of emails are self-destructed and are destroyed after some time period. The users are notified with the expiry date of their sent emails.

With this feature, users can send emails to other Gmail accounts and other emails platforms. Also, the receiver of the emails is not allowed to download, forward or copy your sent files. Now, without any delay let us provide you with the step by step guide to enable this feature.

How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite

It is really simple To Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite. Just a simple click and you are on your way. Follow the guide to how it works:

  • First, you need to click on the Compose button.
  • Provide the portal with the stuff you want to send, like always.
  • Now, hit the time lock button, placed in the email media bar.

Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite

  • A dialogue box will appear, here you need to set the expiry date of your confidential message. Also, you are allowed to make a choice of either you want to set a passcode or not.

Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite

  • If you set a passcode, you will have to provide the receiver’s phone number. Because it will help Google to send the code via text message.

Point to be noted: The newer version Gmail portal provides with the right email. As of the old Gmail platforms, provides with the direct link of the confidential email.

In The End

There may come a situation when Gmail users have sent their confidential emails to the wrong recipient. Not to worry, there is a beneficiary feature to solve this particular problem. They can easily delete the email right after they have sent it. For that, they just need to click on the Remove Access button and the job will be done.

As for the email receivers who do not have a Gmail account. They are going to verify via email. It may get tricky for them but by following the instructions, they overcome easily.

That’s it for How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode G Suite. Stay tuned for further tips/tricks and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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