Top-Rated Hidden iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

iPhone is a piece of a device not preferred by many smartphone users. Many users forget about owning an iPhone, just because they know it’s pretty much expensive and it would cost a fortune to buy such an Apple’s product. But there are many people who say no to using an iOS device just because it is too complicated to handle. Not everyone’s ok with jailbreaking an iOS device and then doing this over-n-over again whenever an iOS update hit the market. Well, for those who think that iOS is complicated to handle, I’ve come up with a guide of Top-Rated Hidden iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks.

The secret codes and hacks I’ve drafted for you, they are gonna change the way you use your iPhone. All you have to do is use them exactly the way I’ve presented them in my article. Else, you may get an error from the iOS servers and may think that the code is wrong. Though, you are going to love the way these codes help you make the most of your iPhone.

To use a specific code, all you have to do is imply them inside the iPhone dialer app. There’s nothing wrong with that and you are not doing anything wrong. Because the reason such codes are hidden is that your toddlers couldn’t access them by mistake. Else, all of them are available for the convenience of the iPhone users. You don’t need to worry about there usage, because they’ll not affect the performance level of your device.

iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

List of iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks

This list contains 19+ iPhone Secret Codes and Hacks. You can use these codes for your help and especially before buying a new iPhone.

*#67#Checks the call forward number while an iPhone is responding busy.
*#06#Shows your iPhone IMEI. It works like an identifies for your iOS device.
*777# (prepaid)Checks account balance.
*646#Displays your left call minutes.
*225#Checks the network's billing.
*3001#12345#*Shows your iPhone's privacy settings (field mode). For instance, the newest network & phone information.
*#33#It allows a user to view call control bars. To help you check if call barring is turned on/off. Same implies to SMS, Fax, Voice, and so on.
*#21#It provides a full perspective on call forwarding. This helps a user know whether if the call forwarding is turned on/off. To let him know about the details on SMS, Knowledge, and so on.
*#76#Examines the situation of line presentation, as if it's enabled or disabled.
*3282#You can know the exact usage info of your iPhone.
*#61#Display's the exact number of missed calls.
*#62#Shows you the number of calls forwarding even there's no network coverage.
*331*Checks your Barring code for outgoing calls to let others contact the network operator before making a call.
*3370#Filters your voice quality by enabling EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode.
*#5005*7672#Examines the real SMS center.
*#43#Shows Call wait rank.
*43#Enables/Disables awaiting.
##002#  > Tap dialerDisables all call forwarding.
*#31#Help you hide your number while making a call.
#31#number + callFor making abroad calls anonymously.
*5005*25371#Checks the status of system alert.
*5005*25370#Turns off the system alert when you are done checking.
*#5005*7672#It helps you examine where your SMS goes.

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