3 ways to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device

Smartphones were considered as only a part of amusement. But the current era of smartphones comes with a variant story. People now consider their phones as a very important part of their life. Its because our phones are the only best friends we have, that’s why no matter the cost, no one likes to lose their best buddy. Fortunately, there are some Android developers who are aware of such a situation. So today we going to discuss 3 ways to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device. I hope that provided guide will help you perform the tasks on your own. Let’s Start!

List of 3 ways to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device

We all know that its a very frustrating situation when your Android devices get stolen or by mistake you lost it. It’s obvious that your first priority is always of getting the data stored in it. After this, get the device and not anyone else even touches your phone. That’s why we have come up with 3 ways to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device. The provided methods are a little time taking but its always worth it if you really do not want your favorite Android device end up in the hands of thieves. So without any further delay, let’s start our guide:

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Way 1 – Turn On Find My Device

Before heading to any other facility to locate lost or stolen Android device. One must enable Find My Device feature by heading into the settings of his device. It can be done easily and if properly guided, a toddler can do it.

  • Open Settings of Android device and navigate to the Lock screen & security menu.

Locate Lost Stolen Android Device

  • Once there, head to Find my device. If you have a Samsung device, you will see two options there. One will be of Samsung services to find Galaxy smartphones and the other one will be of Google Find My Device. If you are a Samsung user and have a Samsung account, then enable both of them. If not just turn on the Google service.
  • Now head back to the settings of your smartphone and open Connections menu.

Locate Lost Stolen Android Device

  • Here navigate to the Location tab and turn it on. If you want, you can also see the history of the locations which your device has been on lately.

Way 2 – Locate Lost Phone Through a Desktop

Now that you have enabled Find My Device service, you can locate Lost or Stolen Android Device From PC or Laptop. To do so, you only need to acquire the services of a portal named as Find My Device. This is service provided by Google itself and users can access it in any case either they lost their phone or somebody stole it from them. To do so a user has to access Google’s official portal of Find My Device (Link). The facilities provided in such portal are listed below:

  • Play Sound: Such a service helps one to ring his/her smartphone for about 5 minutes. It does not matter if you have set your Android device on silent. Google allows you to ring your Android phone with full ring volume directly from the portal.
  • Secure Device: This facility allows you to lock your Android phone and log out from your Google account as well. Fortunately, Google also provides you with a feature to send a text message which will display on the interface of your smartphone. In case, anyone founds it, he/she can return it to you by reading your sent notice.
  • Erase Device: If a user thinks now he is not getting back his Android phone. Then he can give permissions to Google to erase all of the data saved in the internet storage of the device. The only problem is that such a facility will not delete the data stored in SD cards.

Locate Lost Stolen Android Device

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Way 3 – Use Google Maps To Locate Lost or Stolen Phone

For a convenient way to locate lost or stolen Android device, you can always acquire the services of Google Maps. To do so, you only need to open the Google Maps official portal (Link), then head right to the three-lined menu button. Now, click on Timeline and you are on the go. Here a user is provided with a number of places which he has visited in the past days. Though, this facility will only work if you have enabled Find My Device service from your smartphone.

Locate Lost Stolen Android Device

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Bonus Tip: To Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device

As a matter of fact, Android users can always use the service of third-party apps to locate lost or stolen Android device. There are dozens of apps available on Google Play Store which you can install on your Android devices. All of them are pretty straight forward and experiencing their services will not be irritating for you as well. Some of such category apps are listed below:

Cerberus Anti-Diebstahl
Cerberus Anti-Diebstahl
Developer: LSDroid
Price: Free+

Wheres My Droid
Wheres My Droid
Price: Free+


That’s all for 3 ways to Locate Lost or Stolen Android Device. Stay tuned for similar guides and do not forget to share our articles with you friends on social media. Thanks.

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