20 Convenient Methods To Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Protect Windows 10 From Virus
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Microsoft has provided many safety precautions for Windows users. Still, it is the job of the users to take such precautions in order to stay safe from unhealthy viruses. As most of us know that internet is the biggest source from which viruses enter our Desktop PCs & MacBooks. Also, when a user installs new software, he forgets to check it properly that either it is from an official platform or from some third-party software providers. To avoid such possibilities we have come up with a guide on Methods To Protect Windows 10 From Virus. So without wasting your time. Let’s Start!

How To Protect Windows 10 From Virus

There are many precautions which need the attention of a Windows user to stay safe from malware and bugs.  We have listed a number of methods which are going to help you take the necessary precautions by yourself. Head below to know about them:

Method 1 – Microsft Security Prerequisite

As a matter of fact, Microsft OS comes with a built-in Antivirus. It’s always good for Windows users to access official products in order to bring security to their device. It’s obvious, users who are willing to trust some third-party free antivirus applications, they should get rid of them and this amazing facility. Because such an application is also free and a user does not have to pay a penny to access its services. Further, time to time updates of built-in antivirus helps one stay safe from the approach of newly added malware.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 2 – Keep Windows Up To Date

If you are a user of Windows 7, 8 & 10, then it is necessary for you to stay up to date. Windows users of such operating systems are always provided with updates which helps them stay away from malware and bugs. Also, a user has the privilege to update his windows version manually or automatically. So it is better for every windows user to set their windows to auto update, this way they do not get spend tons of time while updating windows.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 3 – Update Installed Software

It’s better for every Windows user to update his installed software from time to time. Because old versions of installed software can be the source by which bugs can enter your Computer. Though, if a user does not know how to update his installed software on Windows, there are some dedicated software which makes the job very easy for him. No matter what sort of software you have installed on your Microsoft device, such updating software will help you get the job done in a matter of clicks. A list of such famous software are listed below:

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 4 – First Try New Applications in Virtual Machine

As a matter of fact, when a user installs new software or application from an unofficial platform. He does not know what will be the future effects of this newly installed software on PC. For a user’s own safety, one must try to run new software in the Virtual Machine. Such a way comes handy while testing the new application and also there is no way malware can enter your desktop PC or Laptop. Though, this may affect a little on the processing speed. But it’s worth a while if you are willing to do what it takes to bring security to your device.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 5 – Enable Firewalls

Firewalls always come in handy when a user wants to stay away from online malware and bugs. It’s obvious some of the windows users have installed premium antivirus software on their device but not all of them has turned on firewalls. It’s because firewalls create restrictions while accessing and downloading online stuff. But a user can easily make customizations to overcome such restrictions. However, Microsoft operating systems also come with a built-in firewall. Which people know by the name of Windows firewalls. Such a feature can also be activated in no time.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 6 – Web Browsers

Fortunately, web browsers are the biggest source from where online bugs enter your PC. To avoid such unhealthy activities, a windows user should always try to update his web browsers from time to time. It’s obvious that one should not let suspicious websites save cookies onto your Desktop or Laptop device. He can also set settings on his browser to notify him whenever a suspicious malware is trying to enter his device.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 7 – Never Access Suspicious Emails

Many users get emails from unknown sources. One should try not to open such emails and without accessing them, put them on trash. This affects in a lot of in trust for windows users. Because many of the hackers and cybercriminals use emails as a source to enter another user’s PC. So it is always good for windows users to stay away from emails which they do not know who sent them. This way, they get stay secured from online insecurities.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 8 – Stay Away From Unsecured Websites

Users access different platforms on a daily purpose. Most of the users are not aware that if their favorite websites are the source of unhealthy malware and bugs. As the best way to know if your PC is affected by malware is the processing speed of your device. Though, to know what website is secure to visit. Look out for a tag before the name of website’s URL. If it is HTTPs, then it’s definitely secured for you to visit it but if it’s HTTP, then you may have to think again while accessing it.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 9 – Read Reviews on Windows Software

Before installing a Software, always try to look out for the provided reviews. Because reviews on Software are provided by the users who have tried it. If you are willing to install new software, this will work as a healthy tip for you. Most of the software is only malware and do not provide any services. This way one gets to cure his precious piece of time and keeps to have a healthy environment in his Computer.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 10 – Access Trusted Web Browsers

Windows has a built-in browser named as Internet Explorer. A huge amount of users are familiar with such browser. As a matter of fact, the cybercriminals are also familiar with the popularity of this web browser. That’s why they try to find their victims using default browsers because they consider they could find an easy target here. So it always works best in trust of windows users to access trust web browsers like Chrome, Opera and others.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 11 – Update Antivirus

If you are using the services of antivirus, you must stay up to date with it. Because most of the users do not know that malware has entered their device because their antivirus is not updated. Such a way comes healthy for windows users who have confidential stuff installed in their device and are not willing to provide that precious stuff into the hands of hackers. Because some bugs are only the gateway of cybercriminals.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 12 – Schedule Malware Scans

For a healthy operating system, a windows user should try to schedule malware scans. To do so, one can set up time and date by going into the settings of installed anti-virus software. A user can set it on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. This way, one gets to avoid being a victim of deadly viruses which may enter his device after a period of time.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 13 – Scan For Viruses

Sometimes, it becomes very hard even for a premium malware scanning software to search for unhealthy bugs. But a user can always take precautions by himself to protect his device. For such a cause, one can manually search for the bugs which are unhealthy for his device. As a matter of fact, many of the users avoid performing this operation and they find themselves in a frustrating situation when their data gets corrupted.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 14 – Perpetually Scan Flash Drives

Users who like to connect Flash drivers, it is mandatory for them to scan flash drives before accessing their data. Because Flash drives are recently connected to different devices, most of us even do not know the exact number of devices on which it was connected to. However, what we can do is scan them before copying or opening them with the help of anti-virus software.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 15 – Use Two Accounts

Every user should be aware of the facility on having two accounts in Windows PC. As a matter of fact, having two different accounts also helps one to stay safe from virus and bugs. It’s because when a user is doing confidential work by running as an administrator, he does not need to access unofficial software and live streaming platform. Though, a guest user is good which qualifies in having fewer abilities to let online stuff get downloaded on its own. So if you are at work, do perform your operation as an admin. While at home, use guest account so that no virus can enter your PC.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 16 – Secure Your Network

It is always mandatory for an internet user to secure his network while surfing the internet. Users who have connected their device with different sort wifi devices, they should try not to broadcast SSID. Because this way may get to become a center of attention of online hackers. However, if you still feel a need to do so, try using the service of a VPN. Further, if you like to access different sides securely, visit 13 Unique Methods To Access Blocked Websites.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 17 – Always Have Strong Passwords

While surfing the internet, users create different email accounts and they set a passcode to access them. Most of the users think that setting a password is a formality. Let me tell, it is not a formality, it is always necessary for you to set a strong password for your private email accounts. Because if others can enter your email account, then they can also enter the data stored on your hard drive. As a matter of fact, a strong password consists of at least 8 alphabets, 2 to 3 digits, and an alphanumeric character (Pakistan@123). If you like so, you can also set the first one as a capital letter.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 18 – Try Not To Connect With Public Wifis

The moment when a user starts to surf the internet with the help of public wifi. Is the right moment he becomes the center of attention for cybercriminals. So try not to connect your device with public wifi routers. Many of us think that what harm it could do to us, but let me tell you that public wifis are the biggest source from where malware enters your device. Still, if you like connecting your device with public wifi, visit Public Wifi usage Security threats & solutions.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Method 19 – Double Check Before Downloading Online Software

While a user feels it very important to download applications and software from the internet. He must try to double check as if such software is not affected by bugs or viruses. To accomplish such a goal, a user can use the services of anti-virus software. As a matter of fact, anti-virus always warns you when you are about to download harmful stuff to your device. So try to listen to them and not let any sort of malware enter your device.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus


Method 20 – Always Have A backup

It is really necessary for a windows user to have a backup of his important files. Things which are saved on your device, you should stay prepared in case a malware hits your device. Because you may never know what mandatory safety precautions you forget to take and a virus enters your device. It may effect your saved data in an unhealthy manner. Well, if you do not know how to do it, you can always use the services of third-party softwares. Visit 15+ Best Free Data Recovery Softwares.

Protect Windows 10 From Virus

Stay Virus Proof

That’s all for 20 Convenient Methods To Protect Windows 10 From Virus. Stay tuned for similar helpful guides and feel free to feedback in the comments box below. If you feel like our article was helpful to you, do not forget to share it with others on social media. Thanks.

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