List Of Top-Rated OK Google Commands in 2020

OK Google Commands 2018

Command “OK Google” was designed for android phones to perform different tasks for their users by using a verbal conversation method. It is just like the way humans conversate with each other. They may ask something or address someone for any task, likewise, you can talk to ‘google ok’. In the very initial stage of ‘OK Google’, it has to face very strong competition with competitors like Siri and Cortana. As they not only capable of performing basic tasks they can also do chat with their users. So here it is very important to upgrade Ok Google. These opponents have their specific names and users address them by using their name.

 Here google needs to do some advancement with Ok Google. So in 2016, it had been changed to Google Assistant. Google’s assistant has so many useful features that can make your life more comfortable and well managed.

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Top-Rated Ok Google Commands In 2020

Here I want to share some interesting and useful Ok Google commands and I hope this article goes useful for you,

Get Greetings and weather details:

With the Good Morning Routine, your assistant can turn on lights on you. It also briefs your day. You just need to say “Good Morning” or “tell me about my day” what is weather forecast? etc. it will tell you briefly about weather and all other necessary routine elements. This can also apply for afternoon and evening routine.


Clock in Google Assistant is a very useful feature. You can set alarm for waking up by just saying it too google and alarm will be set automatically. Along with this, you can also manage timers for medicine, meeting, laundry, games, cooking or any other activity. And I can assure you, you never be late or forget anything by using this Google Assistant.

Ask your assistant to remember things for you:

Being a human, we can forget anything in our busy daily routines. Google Assistant is very helpful in this case and you can easily rely on it without any hesitation. You can ask Google Assistant to remember your essential documents files or keys etc. for example, you asked your Assistant to remember where your spare keys are, and when you asked back this question your assistant will tell you about the exact location.

Music tools:

Google assistant help you to tune your music instruments like a guitar or violin. You can play your desired note with this assistant. This tool has some limitations till now, notes are only able to play between single octaves. Assistant does not support audio length more than two minutes.

How To Fix Google play services has stopped 2018Flip a coin or roll a die:

If you stuck in a condition where you are unable to find a right way then don’t worry you Google Assistant can help out you by rolling a die for you. Also if you want to flip a coin than speak similarly. You can use a different variation of words like you can either say “roll a die” or “roll dice” and it will be done for you.

Change your Nickname:

Simply wow! If you want your own nick and here you go. You just ask your Assistant that call you by a nickname. It is very simple just sat google ok! “Call me (your desired nick)

For instance “call me Prince”, and next time your assistant while addresses you by calling “Good morning Prince”.

Toggle commands:

Primarily Google Assistant is developed to Andriod users to make their tasks easy and quick. They do their daily routine tasks in a different way.

Add items in shopping list:

It is very difficult to prepare a shopping list for all of us and here Google Assistant is quite helpful. This command is very useful and easy to use. Just ask Google Assistant to add items in the shopping list and keep it by google. Furthermore, if you remember something later you can add it by asking your assistant to add this item to the shopping list. I think it is a very quick and handsome way actually!

Ask your Assistant to brief about day:

As you can play a lot with your Assistant. You can develop a brief description of the day to your assistant. It could be about a schedule of the day, meetings, reminders or anything important you want as a reminder, your assistant assist you with all along with greeting for your good day.

Game commands:

You can play different games with Google Assistant by just giving commands.

You just need to say “Hey Google” and give following commands:

  • Play Lucky Tivia
  • Play Freeze Dance
  • Let’s Play Musical Chairs
  • Play Tic-tac-toe
  • Let’s Play Movie Trivia
  • Let’s Play song pop
  • Talk to Rogue’s Choice
  • Mad Libs
  • Let’s Play Jungle Adventure
  • “Play the name game with the ‘Tony’
  • Crystal balls

Get nostalgic with your old Pictures:

If you are using Google Photos you are blessed with another cool feature. There are thousands of pictures in our gallery. During some leisure time, one wants to recall some beautiful memories by enjoying photos but it seems very tedious to go for a specific event by scrolling down to the whole album. Here Google Assistant can help you. You just need to say, “Show me old pictures of January” and assistant will do the same.

Health and Fitness commands:

Google Assistant can also take care of your health. If you are feeling stressed, you want a medical advice or beauty tips following commands are helpful for you,

  • Talk to Breathing Exercises
  • I want to talk to WebMD
  • Talk to calorie Tracker
  • Ask Relax Guru to help me Relax
  • Talk to Beauty Companion
  • Talk to Fitness Tips
  • Talk to Life Meter
  • Talk to Nike Coach
  • Ask Fitbit coach for exercises
  • Talk to virtual Nurse

Get suggested about vacation spots:

If you want some ideas to plan a vacation than your Google Assistant can assist you very awesomely. It tells you about great vacation ideas, best places to visit according to weather conditions. You can also ask your assistant about a place for a specific month. It will quite helpful for you.

Get your sports score:

If you are busy in the office or somewhere else and missed your favourite match than don’t worry now you can get your favorite game updates by your Google Assistant. It can tell you about a winner of the game by just asking, who won the match yesterday? etc.

Recite a “Poem”:

It sounds very pleasurable that if someone read a poem for you. Although you can read it easily if you are relaxing somewhere and someone read for you it is literally a very nice feeling. This can be done by Google Assistant just by saying, “Recite a poem” and you will enjoy classic poetry by popular authors.

Singing by Google Assistant:

Really a great job! You are getting bored, don’t worry your Assistant is here for you. Just asked him what you want to listen it will sing according to your mood. It can make its lyrics and also puts in them.

Get motivated:

If your moral is getting low or you are disappointed and want to boost yourself with some motivational words your assistant is here for you. Just say “ok Google, get me motivational quote” and you get the stuff. This is very useful to level up your self-esteem.

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In The End

That’s it for the List Of Top-Rated OK Google Commands in 2018. Stunned tuned for further lists and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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