8 Top-Rated Password Manager Apps for iPhone

Password Manager Apps for iPhone

The technology sounds awesome when you are enjoying different Apps and gestures with your electronic device. When times come where you need to protect your device data and password from hackers then problems initiates. To shield your cell phone or any other electronic device privacy is a big headache nowadays. There are several Apps are working on a single cell phone and each App is protected by some special characters called as passwords. So to keep all these passwords safe and remember is not an easy task. When I am talking about iOS technology specifically, there are so many upgraded builtin software and foolproof enclosed system which protect the user from the third party.  But leaking password can be possible anytime by any means.

There are many websites and Apps, claimed to protect your system from these issues. Apple itself claimed and upgrade the system to protect passwords and data but it may lack the security. As we are using different Apps with different devices with the same password and here the problem start, the third party comes into play. These are some issues related to the security of the password. But for every problem, there is a solution so here I selected some Apps which are best to retain your password and save your iPhone, iPad from data or information lacking. Just go for these Apps and protect your device password.

8 Top-Rated Password Manager Apps for iPhone:

Here I am going to discuss some Apps which are most beneficial to your search for the best Password manager,

Keeper Password Manager:

Keeper Password Manager App is a great App containing many versatile features of storing Passwords, Photos, documents, files etc. This App is encrypted with AES 256 and PBKDF2 for the safety of your passwords but along with this it also provides you with a certification of SOC-2, TRUSTe which enhances its surety is about secured features. It has many other features which make it one of the famous Password manager App.

Keeper Password Manager for iPhone

Furthermore, it offers you with two-step authentication procedure its security system is integrated with well-known two-step verification providers like Google Authenticator, RSA SecurID, Duo Security. Another interesting feature it can store passwords in different folders so you can approach easily. It can help you to create strong and protected passwords and can store unlimited passwords.

For this Application, you need to register to App rather than to create Pins. They do so because of thought that pins are not saved. So you need to register through your iPhones TochID or you are required to insert your real password for every login. It is not convenient but it is safe!

Key features for this Application are, you can customize your logout timer, there is an option of sharing a stored password with your family or colleagues person you may trust, By using this App you can access your password from different devices. This App is one of the best Password generators.


This App is a free Password manager App for iPhone basically. Also, you can purchase a premium version for 29.99$ for a one-year subscription. It offers you the benefit of syncing across different devices.

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Dashlane Password Manager:

Dashlane is also a Password Manager App for iPhone. It can store a password and can autofill it where needed. Interesting and individual feature for this App is ‘Password Changer’ feature i.e you can update your password with another safe and unbreakable password. It allows you to protect your digital purchases with built-in digital Wallet. There is also AES 256 encryption for your Passwords safety and protection. This App provides Touch ID authentication for Passwords.

Dashlane for iPhone

Feature for this App is, it provides you with a clean and easy user interface to approach different traits, you can sync different devices by using this App but this is only available with premium version, If your password for some specific website is no safer then it will inform you about protection of your Password or account, Its premium version offers you cloud backup, unlimited sharing of passwords and much more. Dashline is one of the best password manager App for iPhone and iPad.


A free version is available but for limited features to unlock all features, you should purchase it for 40$.

1Password Manager:

1Password is a well-known password manager App for a long time. It is powered by Amazon Web Services. This iPhone password manager App benefit you to save and retain several passwords, addresses, credit card pins, and other important information. An important part of it is that this App does all these acts in a well-mannered way. This can help you to create unique and safe passwords for your device. 1password is encrypted with AES 256 to make it one of most safe and protected App. This App provided you best features to make your passwords and other info safe.

1Password for iPhone

Important features regarding this App are, there is a category for saving information about credit cards, logins, bank account details, notes, driver license etc., you can also sync password on different devices, Different categories make this simple and easy to use, you can set different passphrases to access your accounts etc, another interesting feature it has is you can share your passwords, documents and other information with family members or colleagues etc.


1Password is available for free for less than a month to experience its features. Premium version can be purchased for 3.99$ for an individual account and 6.99$ for five members as a family account.

mSecure Password Manager:

mSecure is also the best option for iPhone as a Password manager. You can customize it and its different and easy user interface make it different App then others. mSecure can store infinite Passwords and also credit cards pin. It provides you with strong password options which benefit you definitely! To secure your data and password it uses AES 256 encryption. This Application offers you tagging option and also you can strain stored password when you want. This is a big difference! mSecure App concentrates on simple and streamlines interface.

mSecure for iPhone

Key features for mSecure are, Passwords can be filtered, tagged and even grouped, you can sync passwords across different devices on a single subscription, there is 20 builtin template to save a password.


mSecure is one of few those Password managers for iOS devices who cost you only once. Yeah! You need to pay 29.99$ for a one-time subscription instead of monthly or annual cost. For purchasing this App you can avail offers of customized templates password storing option, password backup, syncing facility etc.

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EnPass Password Manager:

An Enpass Password manager is a great Application for iOS and Mac. It has a strong capability to save passwords, notes, license, credit cards number etc. An interesting feature in this App is its built-in browser which helps you to keep your passwords and other details for safari so you are in comfort zone, no need to copy paste to password and other details. Enpass is SQLCIPHER’s AES 256 encrypted to make your password safe and protected. You can approach your data by using your Touch ID and passcode. This App is simple to use where you can store passwords easily.

Enpass Password manager for iPhone

Important key features related to this App are,  App locks instantly when left idle, the desktop version is available which can facilitate you in importing data from a device, vast range built-in templates are available for password storage and login options, also you can sync your passwords by selecting the cloud storage of your own choice.


Enpass is a free password manager App. There is no subscription cost for this App. Although free version is restricted to store 20 Passwords premium version offers you to store unlimited passwords. You can purchase premium version for 9.99$. which is not much to avail offers by Enpass.

LastPass Password Manager:

LastPass password manager app is used for iPhone and its security and abilities are trusted by users in many ways. It can store your IDs, software keys, multiple passwords, memberships and much more. Also, this app can use touch ID or Face ID to fill in up your information to different websites and Apps. LastPass have strong tendency to help you to create strong and individual passwords after creating it can save them automatically.

LastPass password manager for iPhone

This App is secured one and can assure you about its functionality. This App is secured with AES 256-encryption. It means your password is completely safe and no one can approach you ID or password without your Face ID or Touch ID. It is a really awesome feature in my opinion. Another useful feature for this App is its multifactor authentication procedure, so you are sure about the security of your password. Last but not least is its syncing feature. It can sync your login accounts and passwords across different devices.


It provides you 30 days trial version for free so you can experience all the features of App before purchasing. If you are satisfied then can avail this by paying 2$ only a monthly to unlock many premium features. This bill is to be paid annually.

Password Manager Vault Safe:

Password Manager Vault Safe is used to protect passwords for Apple devices. It is secured by AES 256 encryption so your information and passwords can be kept safe. There are folders and subfolders for storing passwords. This feature can make its use convenient and well organized to users. This App has an auto-fill feature to make your digital life a bit convenient. Password Manager secure App offers you password generation help which is strong and reliable.

Password Manager Vault Safe for iPhone

Key features for this Application are, there are different categories, folders, subfolders make its use more convenient and well arranged, backup of data can be restored from icloud, Dropbox, iTunes, WiFi etc, it can auto clear the clipboard, passwords and notes can be arranged in more than 235 icons for rapid and immediate identification.


For free version it allows you to get the limited number of password storage options. For purchasing premium version it will remove this restriction and open other facilities too. Premium version cost 4.99$.

SafeInCloud Password Manager:

SafeIncloud is simple user interface as compared to other Apps for iOS. As this is bit simple Application but it is developed with well-off features. All passwords are stored in an encrypted database for your protection and safety. A free desktop is available for Windows and Mac. This App offers and helps you to generate an unbreakable password. Synchronization facility is available within different cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV etc.

SafeIncloud for iPhone

Prominent features for SafeIncloud are, you can interpret the strength of a password, built in browser allow auto-fill functionality, cross-platform support is also a key feature. This App can benefit you if you need a simple App having necessary features.


SafeIncloud is completely free App for iOS but for limited features. To avail all the features you need to get the premium version. You can purchase it for  4.99$. this purchased premium version offers you unlimited card storage, backup, restore option, image attachment, cloud synchronization etc.

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Final Verdict

That’s it for 8 Top-Rated Password Manager Apps for iPhone. Stay tuned for similar articles and feel free to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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