11 Free Quit Smoking Apps for Android

Quit Smoking Apps for Android

Despite the fact, smoking is injurious to health. Still, many among us hesitate to leave such addiction to nicotine. As it is all about the bad habits which such addicts have. Android industry has come forward to help such addicts. These apps are provided with the help of famous doctors and physicians. Its recommended for Android users to do follow these apps if they are an addict of nicotine or if not, help others who are addicted to smoking. I have made up a list of 11 Free Quit Smoking Apps for Android. So without any further delay, Let’s Start!

List of 11 Free Quit Smoking Apps for Android

Smoking causes unhealthy problems. People who smoke cigarettes, they know that they are destroying their own health. We all know that smoking takes you a step forward to your own death. Mostly, smokers like to quit such cravings but cannot find the right direction to head onto. For such addicts, now smartphones can act like their physicians. To claim such a reward, users can install quit smoking apps for Android. I have listed 11 best promising Android apps to quit smoking. Head below to know about such apps:

Quit Now

Quit Now facilitates you with the most services as a quit smoking app. With it, a user is even allowed to communicate with others like himself. It comes with a simple interface, making it very easy for a user to acquire all of the app’s services. Though, consumers can also tag others in their comments, make other people feel like they are important. It also provides you with a detail of your current situation. As what steps you need to take and what mandatory precautions need your most attention.

Quit Now for Android

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Smoke Free

If you really like to have a detailed prescription to quit smoking, Smoke Free is the right app for you. Basically, it offers you a lot more than the other Quit Smoking Apps for Android. It delivers you with motivated GIFs of your daily tasks to be done. Further, you also get to know about your health details & your days as being a part of Anti-smoking community. The basic service provided to users is of letting them know as they are doing well or not.

Smoke Free for Android

Stop Smoking – Easy Quit

Stop smoking – Easy Quit is an app which delivers beginner level prescriptions to quit smoking. A person who finds it really hard to avoid such addiction, he is provided with daily tasks like a toddler. Anyone who found himself in a situation that makes him feel like death is the only solution left for him to quit smoking, he should give this app a try. Moreover, this app also provides you with details on your health and stamina.

Stop smoking Easy Quit for Android

Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

Quit Tracker is made for smokers to keep their focus intact with the app. It comes with services like games which addicts can play while they craving. Daily tasks are provided for users to help them become a member of a smoke-free community. Likely, users can trust this app to help them quit smoking because it provides them with details on their health and money wage. Such an app comes with a free and paid version as well. However, the main difference in the paid version is of ad-blocker.

Quit Tracker for Android

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Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter comes as a convenient app to avoid every sort of addiction. In spite of the fact, every person is addicted to something. If we are one of such persons who find it really hard to avoid your craving for things like smoking or things you do not want in your life anymore. I would personally suggest this app. The easy part about the app is that it provides you with a straight forward solution to your problems. There are not many features added to the app, making it really easy for a user to acquire its services.

Sobriety Counter for Android

Drop It! Quit Smoking

Drop It! Quit Smoking is a simply designed straight to the point app. It’s basically made for the mature age people who wish to have a straight forward solution to their problems. Though, this app also works fine if you do not wish to be bothered with things which do not matter to you at all. But this app does keep the job well done. It keeps you posted with your health condition, the cigarettes you have saved yourself from, amount of money procured so far etc.

Drop It Quit Smoking for Android

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

Not every Quit Smoking app for Android has the ability to challenge one to become smoke-free. But only Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer assure you that you are going to quit smoking in twenty-one days. It provides with tricks and tasks on a daily purpose. You just need to follow the instructions provided by the app and definitely, you will become an Anti-smoker. It also provides you with mini-games and some relaxing apps to help you not become an addict again. Though, there are some annoying ads in the app which you can avoid by subscribing for the paid version.

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer for Android

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Flamy provides you with the way you like the most to quit smoking. As for smokers who think they can except challenges, they can head to the fourteen-day challenge. For the addicts who know they cannot give up on the cravings for nicotine easily, a lesson is provided to them on a daily purpose. Though a free version works fine, if you head to a paid version, there are lots of game & relaxation bits of advice are waiting for you.

Flamy for Android

Craving To Quit

If you want an app which is powered by physicians and experts, Craving To Quit serves as the right for you. Users of such app are provided with daily video & audio guides. Such guides are made of meditation, relaxing themed sounds, and many more. Users who want a full guide to help them say no to smoking, this app works best for them. However, there are some limited facilities provided to its free users. But its worth it if you are going to pay a couple of pennies to avoid your craving and become an anti-addict of smoking.

Craving To Quit for Android

Smoke Money

As the name suggests, Smoke Money helps you monitor your spending habits on smoking. It helps by delivering you a detailed graph on the money you spend on smoking. To start working with this astounding app, a user has to provide with his details on how much his cigarettes cost him a day or monthly, the exact day when you quit smoking etc. Though, if you want to put saving as a motivation to quit smoking, this app is the right selection for you.

Smoke Money for Android

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Last but not least, SmokeBeat heals you by collecting your detailed data via smartwatches. It helps you to monitor the amount of smoke which you have inhaled in the past few days. All of this happens with the help of the synchronization process. But a wearable device is mandatory to acquire the services of this app. A user has to always keep intact with his smartwatch in order to stay up to date with the details on his health.

SmokeBeat for Android

In The End

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