How To Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10+ For Free

Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10+

Willing to learn How To Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10 Plus? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today, we will be discussing the convenient of enabling & disabling call recording on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. As we all know, Samsung has decided to provide us with an intriguing product known as Note 10 not long after introducing Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+. So before we lead you to a way of recording calls on your devices, let’s talk about some benefits of having such a fascinating facility.

Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10+

Call Recording on Note 10 & Note 10+

Call recording is a service known by many. With this facility, users can easily keep a record of their desired phone calls without any hassle. However, many smartphone users don’t even know that their phone is provided with a facility. Especially, it is the only thing which is common in Huawei & Samsung devices.

As in Huawei phones, users are provided with a built-in application which they can use for free. But in the Samsung devices, individuals are allowed to enable call recording by heading to the settings of their smartphones. That’s why the UI of Samsung devices are more favorable because they seem to lessen the human effort in performing any smartphone task.

But you may need to consider acknowledging the fact that, call recording is not available for all countries. It’s because of the privacy concerns, where there are two many threats of cybercriminal activities. Luckily, in Asian countries like India, the call recording facility is available and is legal for Samsung users.

Enabling Call Recording on Note 10 & Note 10+

Enabling Call Recording on Note 10 & Note 10+

Following steps will allow you to learn How To Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10+:

  • Navigate to Phone dialer on your Note 10 or Note 10+ device.
  • Tap once on the three-dotted icon available on the top-right corner of the app.
  • Now locate the Call Recording tab inside the Phone dialer settings.
  • Enable Auto Call Recording facility by clicking on its available button.
  • It’s time you dial a number and start call recording on Note 10 or Note 10+.
  • The recorded call files will be saved in the internal storage.
  • You can locate them by opening the recorded calls folder from the file manager.

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Final Words: Here comes an end to our guide of How To Record Calls on Note 10 & Note 10+ For Free. If you are facing any trouble in performing the above-provided tasks, feel free to ask for help via comments box. Keep visiting TechPCApps for further guides. Thanks.

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