How To Record WhatsApp & Facebook Video Calls

Record WhatsApp Facebook Video Calls

There was a time when Whatsapp users started using other social media apps like Kik, Jio4voice, Google Duo etc. As now thanks to Facebook, after they owned Whatsapp, a huge amount of facilities were added to it. Like the Whatsapp sticker apps which are known and used by many nowadays. People are now starting to love every part about Whatsapp. The Whatsapp status sharing and then downloading it with apps like Vidmate. As a matter of fact, after the development of Whatsapp, when users were allowed to make video calls. Many of them still are looking to find a way to Record WhatsApp & Facebook Video Calls. As it is sometimes necessary to Record WhatsApp & Facebook Video Calls. Most of the times you are having a meeting with your boss or you may wish to record a video chat of your loved ones. So we will provide a guide on this subject, Let’s Start!

How To Record WhatsApp & Facebook Video Calls

In order to Record WhatsApp & Facebook Video Calls, a user has to acquire the services of third-party apps. Unfortunately, there is no official way to perform this specific task. That’s why we have come up with two astounding video recorder apps which will help you get the job done conveniently.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is something which you can consider as the best tool to Record Video Calls on Facebook & WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, this app also allows you to edit your recorded videos conveniently. Users can also set the requirements w.r.t video quality. Though in order to record a video, there is a DU widget available on the interface of your smartphone. As users just need to tap on it and hit the record button in order to start recording videos. Once done, tap on the stop button and that’s it. Now, access your recorded videos either from the app or from your device’s gallery.

Record WhatsApp Facebook Video Calls

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AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is another fascinating tool to Record Video Calls on Facebook & WhatsApp. It processing phenomenon is similar to DU Recorder but there are no customization options in it. But there is a benefit of using this app, you can record both the video and audio in a single frame of file. There is no need to worry about installing another app for recording audio. Fortunately, users can access this app to recorder every single on-going activities on their devices. This feature is helpful when you are willing to teach something to your buddy or colleague. Though, in order to record a video, just tap on the AZ widget and hit the record button. When done, stop it and start watching the saved file.

Record Facebook WhatsApp Video Calls


Can WhatsApp & Facebook Record Video Calls?

Sadly, there is no official way to record video calls on Whatsapp & Facebook. But anyone who desires to perform this particular task, he can acquire the services of third-party apps like DU Recorder and AZ screen Recorder to get the job done.

Can Video Calls Be Recorded?

As a matter of fact, screen recorder apps works best intrust of people who like to record video calls. To do so, download any screen recorder app from the Google Play Store and you are on the go. Further, the amazing part is that when a user acquires the services of such apps to record a video, the other participant will not be acknowledged as if the video call is being recorded.

Can I Get WhatsApp Call History?

Fortunately, yes everyone can now see their Whatsapp call history. To do so, just go to the Calls section and see for yourself with whom have connected in the past few days. It’s obvious that a user can also delete his WhatsApp call history as well.

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