Recover damaged SD Card Without Formatting – How To

We all have stored tons of our personal data on SD cards. Most of them are the photos and videos which we made in the past. There are some important documents saved in it and some are private files which we never wish to lose at any cost. But there may come a frustrating situation where our MicroSD card gets corrupted and we start to find the right means to recover the saved files from it. Though, I have personally found a solution to Recover Damaged SD Card Without Formatting. This method will help one get the lost files from a corrupted SD card without data loss. Hopefully, the provided below guide will help you overcome such a frustrating situation.

How To Recover Damaged SD Card Without Formatting

There are many of the mobile devices which come with SD card Slots. As there are tons of reasons why an SD card would become corrupted. Remember, every problem has a solution, you just need to look in the right direction. So I have come up with a number of fixes to Recover Damaged SD Card Without Data Loss. Viewers are allowed to stop their tutorial when they know their corrupted SD card is fixed or repaired.

Fix 1 – Use CHKDSK To Recover Damaged SD Card

CHKDSK is a Windows command which allows one to Recover Damaged SD Card. There are basic requirements to run this fix, one if of having a Command Prompt and the second one is of having a Card Reader. Though, there are some Desktop & Laptop devices which have a Card slot in them. Head below to know the steps to perform this fix:

  • Connect your SD card with PC or Laptop via card reader or card slot.
  • From Cortana search bar, open Command prompt as an administrator.

Recover damaged SD Card Without Formatting

  • In the cmd window, type CHKDSK /X /f  (SD Card drive name): or CHKDSK (SD Card drive name): /f. For example, if your SD card shows with a drive name of G, then it will be like CHKDSK /X /f G: or CHKDSK G: /f.

Recover damaged SD Card Without Formatting

Now, the command prompt will start to look out for the errors and their fixes on your corrupted SD card. Depending on the storage size of your SD card, it will take a little time to complete the process. After a while, you will see a notification from cmd saying ‘Windows has made corrections to the file system‘. Now, your Damaged SD Card is recovered, enjoy.

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Fix 2 – Data Recovery Tool To Fix Damaged SD Card

There is a possibility that the CHKDSK method may not work as expected. For such situations, you can always use the services of a thrid-party software know as Data Recovery Tools. As there are many of them in the market, you can choose to acquire the service of an official data recovery software like Recuva. Such an application will help you Recover damaged SD Card Without Formatting. Some of these applications also allow you to first recover your data and format your SD card. So you know what’s more important to you, the data saved in your SD card.

Final Verdict

That is all for How To Recover damaged SD Card Without Formatting. If you find our guide helpful in fixing corrupted SD card without data loss, feel free to feedback in the comments box below. Further, do not forget to share our posts with your friends on social media. Thanks.

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