How To Remove Audio From a Video on Any Device

Remove Audio From Video

People love to snap videos of themselves on different occasions. Because videos are the best source to save memories of a particular session spent with some special ones. It’s not like anybody would ever hate to listen to the voice of his/her companion. As a matter of fact, sometimes users feel a need to remove the audio from the beloved videos. Most of all, people do it for their privacy purpose and also to not let others know what they said while making a video. Fortunately, a good video can be ruined just because you have said something or else if the audio is not good enough for others to listen to. That’s why I will tell you How To Remove Audio From a Video on Any Device. I have tried to be simple, so you just need to follow my lead and in the end, this job will be well done.

Guide To Remove Audio From a Video on Any Device

First of all, let me tell you that I have drafted my guide for every device users. As for iOS users, they can use separate apps or use the similar for their Mac or iPhone devices. Likely, there are other third-party apps which will help you claim such a reward. Users can also acquire the online editor’s services if they are unable to find the right app for their device. So without further delay, let’s take you to the guide to Remove Audio From a Video on Any Device.

Android Devices

On Android, it’s very easy to remove Audio from a Video. For such a cause, a user needs to acquire the services of a third-party app known as Timbre. After the installation of the app, a user needs to select the Mute button and then navigate to the gallery to select a video. After that, the app will let you decide the part which you like to mute. Select it and then tap on the mute button, now you are good to go. The newly edited video you will find in your gallery, it will be fully muted and will be without audio.

Remove Audio From a Video on Android

iPhone & iPad

Users can Remove Audio From a Video on iPhone via Quik app. This app is not just about deleting audio from a video but it has a lot to offer to its users. Though, to remove audio, a user needs to play a video inside the app and while playing tap on the pencil icon. Now select the speaker off button and when it’s enabled, you will see OFF text written on your videos temporarily. Furtherly, if you are willing to add other music effects to your videos, Quik will also let you do that.

Remove Audio From a Video on iPhone

Computer (Windows & Mac)

Removing audio from a Video on a computer is simple as cake. Users can install the most favorable video editor known as Wondershare filmora and start performing their desired editing activities. After that, you have downloaded and installed the filmora application on your Windows PC or MacBook. You need to follow a number of easy steps and you are good to go. For starters, open the application and upload the desired video file which you like to edit. Now right-click on the video file and select Audio Detuch. After that, choose the video length from which you like to remove audio. Select the video format of the newly edited video and you are good to go.

Remove Audio From a Video on Computer

Online Editors

In case you don’t like to access the services of third-party software. If that’s the case, you can always head to the online video editors. They work just fine for you to edit and remove audio from a video file on any device. The only difference is that now you are using a website, so you always need to connect your device with the internet while editing videos from these online portals.

Audio Remover

Audio Remover is one of the best online video editors for any device. Users can use this website to remove audio from a video without a hassle. As it is a website, it can be used by Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS users. Though, to start processing on removing audio, users need to upload their video in it and click once on the Remove Audio button.

Remove Audio From a Video on Any Device

Editor’s Choice:

Apowersoft Video Converter

As the name suggests, Apowersoft Video Converter is usually acquired by users who want to convert their videos into different formats. Though, this online editor also allows you to remove/delete sound from a video on any device. For that, you will have to visit the online portal and upload a video inside the portal. Now here comes a tricky part, you need to edit a video and adjust 0% volume to fully mute it.

delete sound from a video on any device

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