How To Get a Repay From iTunes Or App Store

Repay iTunes App Store

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you buy some products accidentally from the iTunes or App Store. So there is an excellent feature just available for the Apple account holders, by following a number of steps they can easily get a payback for their purchases. But there’s a catch, the payback feature only lasts for 90 days. So after that, users will not be allowed to get their money back.

There also comes situations when you buy products which do not work properly. Like some multimedia apps, there may be some problem is finding your favorite music tracks or you are not being provided by your favorite movies. Also, some apps are developed wrongly and users do not get what they paid for. So let us take you to the tutorial:

1. Apply For a Repay From iTunes through PC/Laptop

Repay iTunes App Store

There are a number of steps which you need to perform in order to complete your desired task. Follow the guide below to start operating:

  • Open with the help of your working internet browser.
  • Search for Apple account management or open the given link. (Link)
  • Provide the portal with your active Apple ID and Password.
  • Hit See All place beneath your purchased history.
  • Once opened, hit the More button of your desired app.
  • Go to Report Problem menu.
  • Click on the Report a Problem.
  • A dialogue box will appear in front of you, type the nature of your problem in it.
  • The last thing you do is click on the submit button.

2. Apply For a Repay From iPhone/iPad

Repay iTunes App Store

You may not get the direct link to report for a Repay From iPhone/iPad. So you must have to follow a number of steps to report your problem. Proceed to the guide below in order to start your operation:

  • Open the Mail app from your smartphone.
  • Now search for the receipts of the payments you paid for.
  • Once you have found it, open it.
  • Hit Report a Problem button.
  • Provide it with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Hit Choose Problem and select your problem’s nature.
  • Provide the portal with the details.
  • When done, tap the Submit button.

3. Apply For a Repay Through Web

You may find it a little bit complicated To Get a Repay From iTunes Or App Store from the Mail app. So here comes another way for you to perform this specific task. Follow the guide below:

  • Type or open the given link. (Link)
  • Now, enter your Apple account and provide a passcode.
  • Choose the App menu.
  • Tap Report a Problem to proceed.
  • Go to Choose a Problem and set what problem you are having.
  • Provide the portal with the details and hit the Submit button.

Point to be noted: Users will get repay within a time period of 24 to 48 hours. So they will have wait for a while.

That’s it for How To Get a Repay From iTunes Or App Store. Stay tuned for further guides and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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