How To Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group

Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp has started to deliver its users with new features via updates. Recently a feature was introduced which would allow users to Send Private Messages on Whatsapp Group. However, this facility helped a lot of consumers of WA. Its because there are millions of users who added with others in a single group and do not know how to have some privacy in the group. As privacy is everybody’s right by birth, so today I will tell you How To Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group. Let’s Begin!

How To Reply In Whatsapp Group?

The first thing evert Whatsapp user needs to be aware of is how to reply in Whatsapp Group. In order to perform such an operation, a user will have to first open the chat in which he can find the other one. Once there, look out for the messages which you want to replay. Now, tap and hold on it, Hit the replay icon and start typing your message. When you are there, type the message and tap on the send button.


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Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group

Now that you have learned to reply to a specific person, its time for you to learn to Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group. This will help you to send messages to the people who you find trustworthy and can chat with them while staying in the group. Also, if you imply such features, it will also allow you to make private chats while staying in a Whatsapp group. Head below to know the easy steps provided below:

Whatsapp Private Group Messages

  • Tap and hold on the person’s message in the WA group with whom you would like to chat privately.
  • Once selected, go to the above right placed hamburger ni.
  • Now select, private message and you are good to go.

Privacy is our Right

That is all on how to Send a Private Message on Whatsapp Group. Stay tuned with TechPCApps and do not forget to share our posts on social media. Feel free to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.

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