Showbox for Android – APK Download (2020)

Showbox is considered an evergreen app to live stream movies & tv shows for free. No other movie apps have the stamina to compete with Showbox. The variety which every user gets is humungous and if you are a movie lover, you may never want to miss an opportunity like this one. You can always download Showbox APK 2020 for your mobile device and install it manually. I have provided Showbox APK v5.24 & v5.34 in my article. The reason why I have provided you with these particular versions is that they do not contain any online malware and you can access all their features without much hassle.

Showbox Description

Consider spending a holiday in a cozy place where you do not have lots of friends with you. There are some places which you like to visit. Even at a place far from home, you would never want to miss your favorite TV shows. Especially the ones like Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Vampir diaries, Narcos, and many others. So here Showbox comes handy, the only thing you need to do is get the Showbox APK download file. After that, access your recently released favorite shows without any inconvenience. Further, if you are a movie lover, there is a huge variety of movies that you would never want to ignore as well. Movies like Aquaman, Avengers, Robin Hood, Creed 2, etc. Just open it and start watching it online. Though, there are different categories which are listed below.

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Showbox Movies & TV Shows Categories

Every user comes to visit the internet to get his desired stuff. Let’s take an example of users who access the internet to live stream movies & tv shows. Different people come with different perspectives, some want action genre and some like horror ones. Still, the goal remains the same, not a single user likes to try different live streaming websites or apps. Everyone wants a convenient way to claim their desired reward. For instance, Showbox has made it easy for users to access any genre movie or tv show in a very short time. If a user is not happy with the results provided on the home interface, just step into your favorite genre and get what you want without any waste of time. All of the famous categories of movies and tv shows are available for users.

Showbox: Media News vs Sports Section

Millions of users wish to stay up to date with their favorite box office events. They lookout for the articles and videos posted by anonymous users, which even the publishers are not sure of. The gossips which makes you feel like a media lunatic. So with Showbox APK 2020, you can always stay up to date with the recent events of the box office. See for yourself, what movies are about to release and which has hit the market recently. If needed, watch the trailer of unreleased movies and tv shows.

As in the sports section, users can access their favorite sports channels. Watch live tennis or cricket matches or just get the schedule of your favorite football leagues. See the news on your favorite football stars, watch their activity videos on Showbox. Even if you want, watch the highlights of your beloved matches. Tell your friends what match moments you like the most and give your reviews on every single match as you like to.

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Showbox: Downloads vs Favorites

Not every user has an available internet connection all the time. Tons of users have the internet for a short period and wish to download their beloved stuff to watch it offline. So with Showbox, it has become really easy for a user to download his desired movie or tv episode. Just tap your desired media file and hit the download button. But its always good to download media files while your device is connected with Wifi but not on mobile data. Though, there is a possibility that a user does not have enough time to watch a full-length movie consecutively. In such situations, a user can add his beloved movie or tv episode to the favorites lists. After that, access them directly from the favorites tab.

Showbox Resolution Quality

It does not matter what network quality your device has while you are watching media files on it. Showbox will allow you to set a video resolution of your own choice. Either you want the ideal video resolution, which is 480p or you wish to watch your favorite media files in a high-resolution of 1080p. You just make a wish and the app will provide you with such facilities.

Showbox Outline

Showbox has made it easy and simple for internet users to live stream media files. All of this comes for free but still there some online ads provided in the app. The good part about those ads is that they do not annoy you while watching videos. They just come up in the startup or when you are heading to another category. Meaning, online ads are not annoying. Though, there is not a single app that can compete with Showbox for Android. As this app comes with a single motto, a user should be able to access the best online media available.

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Showbox APK 2020 Details:

Product Name Showbox
Current Version v5.34
Older Version (Without Lime Player) v5.24
Developer Showbox incorporations
Key Facility Free Movies & Tv shows
Category Entertainment
Requirements Android 4.0+
Google Play Store Not available

How To Download & Install Showbox on Android

As you are about to download & install Showbox on Android through APK download. Several steps require your attention to achieve such a goal. For instance, you are going to install Showbox APK 2020 manually but happily without any root process. So to proceed, head below the necessary steps to install Showbox for Android:

  • Download Showbox APK file from the button I have enlisted at the beginning of the article.
  • When downloaded, tap on it. A box will appear telling you to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Head right into the settings and allow your device to install Showbox APK file.
  • After enabling installation from unknown sources, your device will start to install Showbox for Android.
  • Wait and let the app complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, just open Showbox on Android and start live streaming your beloved media files. There is no need for you to subscribe or pay a penny.


Is there a new version of Showbox?

Yes, there are many versions of Showbox in the market. But if you ask me, Showbox v5.24 is the best and does not contain any bugs. Also, in this particular version, users can access their favorite media files without any trouble. So if you love your device and time, get Showbox v5.24 for Android without lime player.

Can you download Showbox on Smart TV?

Fortunately, users can download Showbox for Android, iOS and smart TV devices. It obvious different devices come with different processing phenomena. So it will work best if you first download Showbox APK file on your desired device and follow the instructions which are provided to you.

How do you get Showbox on Kindle?

It is a little different to install Showbox on Kindle. To do so, firstly download the Showbox APK 2020 file and then head right into the security settings of your Kindle device. Navigate to applications and enable apps from unknown sources button.

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